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Wonderful gallery! I really love your style :D

thank you so much!

Thanks very much for responding to my comment/inquiry on your page for Einherjar:Batman!

In answer to your question of if I have scripts written,I'm currently writing out the plots/story-lines/scripts for the comic books that I have planned and the ones in particular that I think would be a great fit for working with a great artist like yourself!

What I had in mind was to do a two(or maybe even three)-part series of graphic novels for the Norse God Of Thunder,Thor,called ''Ride The Lightning''. I thought that it would be interesting to do a mini-series for Thor titled that and the classic Metallica album of the same name seemed as fitting a title as any,as I don't want to have the name ''Thor'' used anywhere in the title,or to even have Thor on any of the covers,as I really want to surprise the readers with my take on Thor(and I'm using a similar tactic with some Hercules comics that are adaptations of the public domain Hercules movies with Steve Reeves from the 1950s that I want to do with another artist).The Marvel Comics version of Thor casts a pretty long shadow and I think that a lot of people who would like to use Thor(even though as a mythological character,he's completely in the public domain and thusly, free for anyone to use however they see fit to)generally prefer not to use him because of that long shadow.

My version of Thor and the rest of the Norse Gods/the tribes of The Vanir and The Aesir will be Gods who look much more like Viking barbarians(only ones with super powers and magic weapons)and there won't be any of the marrying of the supernatural/magic and science/technology that there is with the Marvel version of the Norse Gods(and while this take on Thor will also still be a Super Hero in the modern day and will be part of a larger universe of Super Heroes,the stories for the solo Thor comics will all take place in the past in ancient and medieval times).

My version of Thor,as he exists in the present day, will be aware of technology and science but he'll never be riding in a spaceship or firing a laser-blaster or fighting on an alien world as a gladiator or anything of that sort. He'll be a towering and big,burly fellow but he won't look like a blond-haired male model,so Chris Hemsworth,he won't be(as much as I like the Marvel Comics and MCU version of Thor) and he'll be very different from DC's version,too(who isn't anything like the Marvel Comics version).

For my interpretation of Thor,he'll have the metal gloves,the power belt,the long red bushy beard and matching red hair and the flying chariot pulled by goats from mythology(I want to give him this crazy-looking helmet with rune markings all over it and curving ram horns and a wild,flared-out mohawk) .

And I also want to give him Nordic arm sleeve tattoos,

earrings and a mohawk with a braid like the character Ragnar Lothbrok from the TV show ''Vikings'' and his famed hammer,Mjolnir, will look much more like Orgrim Doomhammer's hammer,''The Doomhammer'' from ''World Of Warcraft'' and he'll also have his magic staff,Gridavolr that he uses along with Mjolnir(many people aren't even aware that in Norse mythology and legend, Thor actually had a magic staff along with his enchanted hammer but he just didn't use the staff nearly quite as much as he did Mjolnir-and in Norse myth,

Mjolnir could also change size-which my version of it will be able to do,too).

As I told another member on here,my version of Thor will be more like a member of an outlaw biker gang,a viking barbarian with super powers and the character ''The Mountain''from HBO's Game Of Thrones all wrapped up into one and there will be a lot of influence from Frank Frazetta's sword and sorcery paintings(if you're familiar with the artist Frank Frazetta),the TV show,''Vikings'',World Of Warcraft,God Of War and Conan The Barbarian and it will take plenty of influence from the old Norse myths like Neil

Gaiman's book and comics from Dark Horse Comics of the same name,''Norse Mythology'' have done!

And I definitely want to include the crazy story(along with some of the other truly nutty stories) from Norse myth of how Thor once cross-dressed in drag in a wedding dress and veil to kill some giants in order to recover his hammer that said giants stole! Along with Loki giving birth to a horse,Thor cross-dressing in a wedding dress is probably something we'll never see Thor doing in a MCU movie! Ha! Ha!

For all of the comics that I want to do,I always have pages of notes,reference photos and reference drawings of what I want characters,weapons,locations,costumes,artifacts,structures,technology(if the story requires it) and so on to look like and for what I want the feel and tone of the comic to be that I'll share with the artists,so it's a very fully fleshed out concept and at whatever point in the future that I'm done writing out the script for the Thor comics,I'll be more than happy to send uploaded scans of my notes to you so you can see what my vision for a Thor mini-series would be like!

I'll also contact you on Instagram,too whenever I'm done writing out the scripts for Thor!

You've definitely made a fan out of me with your art and I look forward to viewing the rest of your gallery here on Deviantart.com!

Great stuff and chunky Super Heroes are definitely up my alley! For what I have in mind for Thor,that kind of style of artwork will work perfectly!

I ALSO have a script that I'm writing out for a comic book(that will be an One-Shot) for a Conan The Barbarian-like character from the public domain named ''Konar The Macedonian'' and he was actually the first barbarian character in American comic books(but the comic book certainly wouldn't be called ''Konar The Barbarian'' as it sounds too similar to ''Conan The Barbarian'')and that's another comic along with the Thor mini-series of comics that I would like to be able to work with you on at some point in the future,as I think that that cool and unique style of chunky Super Heroes would also fittingly work well for that kind of barbarian sword and sorcery-epic!

I'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of the writing of the scripts!

Have A Great Day!


First of all, let me tell you that I absolutely love the Thor idea. and RIDE THE LIGHTNING? are you kidding me? I love that album! Before I get too excited, yeah, I'd like to work on your Thor. I really don't like how they butchered him in the movies. I love the comic book though. As a matter of fact, it's the first thing I remember reading. Anyway, Just let me know if you want me to start designing Thor for you. Barbarians and medieval warrior are my favorite subjects and this will be a fun project. Thanks for letting me know.


Hey, plz check your correspondence inbox

I’m trying to submit some of your pics to my group :)

Amazing art gallery your artwork looks great!👍🔥