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Hector in Action
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Published: May 4, 2008
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So, I originally wasn't gonna upload this one (since I used a magazine reference- even though I tweaked it enough =P), but since Hector-boy here is getting a growing cult following (he's already in one of my friends Bishie Closet! o.0 ), I decided to after all. Grr, I'm a little mad since I made his eyes kinda feminine.. ^^; Didn'tmeantodothat. >.< I like how I drew his mouth, though. :3

I just needed to get him some exercise, and I wanted to draw human fight poses. So I chose Hector to experiment with. :3 I'd be scared though if this were real. o_o Hector with a sharp object? He STILL won't tell me if he can use a sword. o.o But he sure as cheese looks good with one! :D

As for the weapon... It's my own design. =P I was trying to be original. ^^; I don't usually do weapons- but when I do, I like to invent my own. ^^;

For those of you who don't know him, Hector is a character of mine. He's sorta the antagonist in a story I'm working on, but his heart is in the right place. <3 He has a very archaic way of speech (sometimes almost Shakespearian)- and only breaks it when angered (which. is. SCARY!). He's usually easy-going but has zero tolerance for ANY wrong-doing, and is a modern-day fantasy hero on the quest for a quest. :3 Favorite book: Canterbury Tales

Hector, would you like to say a few words?

Hector: Certainly, Lady Lislis!
Me: Hector, I told you not to call me that- you make me sound conceited. o.o
Hector: Nay, m'Lady! I speak honorably of most folk- especially my creator! But, I digress! Sires and Fair Maidens! Herein lieth the truth, such as depicted is what awaits the calloused cad who dares to take mine bagel without permit.
Me: In a nutshell, ladies and gents, don't steal his bagel. =P
Hector: Aye, thou need not but translate. ...'Tis but a rarity when Lady Lislis will allow a character to speak in an upload of her craft. o.o
Me: And there's a reason for that. >.>

...Anyway, there ya go. A sketch of Hector in action. :3

Hector copyright me. :D
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Aw, I think his expression looks cool! :D I really like the way the eyes and eyebrows turned out, feminine or not. And also, as a random thought- his hairstyle seems to match his speech style quite well; for some reason, they kinda seem like they're from the same 'era', even though I have no idea if people wore their hair like that back then or not? Anyway, I like it.

Also, it's good fun to be practicing action poses- and it turned out well! There's definitely action present. :> I really, really like how his upper leg/pant turned out; there's just something about the curves, anatomy, and detail in the cloth itself that turned out great. :heart:
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ShalieHobbyist General Artist
YEEEE TWIN! Looks awesome, I think the eyes are okay, but what strike me feminine is the eyebrows. :p Other then that, tiz awesome! I want's your ref! =D
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Sydney-ChanHobbyist General Artist
I don't think his eyes look feminine, but that's my opinion ^^; looks pretty good though. I haven't been doing art much myself because of my epic quest of cleaning.
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