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^_^ Friends call me Lislis!
United States
Current Residence: So Cal!
Favourite genre of music: Celtic, celtic rock, Christian rock, Dr. Demento, J-Pop, musicals, oldies, rock in general, ska...
Favourite photographer: Mary Brice and my brother ^_^
Favourite style of art: Anime?
Operating System: My brain?!
MP3 player of choice: Whatever Works O.o
Shell of choice: Turtle?
Wallpaper of choice: The one in my Kitchen? o.O
Skin of choice: The one on my back? XD
Favourite cartoon character: Kenshin, Sirius Black, Jean Valjean, Capt. Jack Sparrow, Chichiri, Ryoga, Kyo, and Darkwing Duck :D
Personal Quote: "When I grow up, I wanna be a kid!"
  • Listening to: My stomach growl. o.O
  • Reading: The Return of the King - JRR Tolkien :3
  • Drinking: water
First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^___^

Yeah, two weeks late, but who cares?!

This is the first time I've really felt like it was a new year. The year transition is always a weird time for me. It just seems to come so quickly, now! It's the end of most of the festivities and I usually find January to be the bleakest month of the year. 8/ Anyone else feel this way? We take down all the beautiful Christmas stuff, and then it really IS the dead of winter. We don't get a spark of YAY until Valentines Day. o_. Which is part of why the end of the year is so weird for me- everything just starts all over again before you can really think about it. Am I making sense?

...Anyway. So, I made a new year resolution for 2K9: To be more outgoing. I've been mostly hiding away in the little box my school career has imprisoned me in, and I've become rather shy, believe it or not. Well, it's shown in my art habits- I had become a lot more introverted in my art, too.

So my new year res here is for that to change. Sure it's easy to say that NOW when I'm NOT in school, but, we'll see, I guess. I feel confident this year because I kept my resolution for 2K8: To read 12 or more books. Might sound easy, but if you had no free time like me, you'd know how hard it is to find time to sit down with a book. Which I rarely got to- and then I discovered the audiobook. :D Now I can enjoy all those books I've wanted to AND do my art homework. Two birds with one stone! Haha. So with the help of audiobooks, I enjoyed up to 21 books! David and Leigh Eddings' Belgariad, and Malloreon series was among them. :3 If you're looking for an unappreciated book series, THAT would be it. HIGHLY recommended!

Moving on. So, I uploaded something. Next on my to-do list is to put up stuff I've done in school. Part of why I haven't yet is because we have a small scanner- and I have big projects. That keep me up. 24/7. And- I have been introverted about my art. So, if I haven't been too busy to find a big scanner, I've been too shy. Well, that's gonna change, too. I have a LOT of art to put up, but I don't plan to do it all at once. o.O I have other plans on my to-do list, but I won't put it all here. O.o

So, one topic that's been on my mind that's hard to explain to people is my character Guya. She's officially been living in my head for almost 14 years. O_O That's.... insane. One thing that REALLY bugs me is that everything I come up with on my own either has already been done, is being done, or will be done 3-5 years after I think of it. o.O It's a curse, I tells you! Well, Guya is and is NOT a prime example of this. Contrary to popular belief, it's not pronounced "Goo-ya". It's closer to "Gaia". I was 10 when a little lioness cub popped into my head- and after weeks of trying to think of a name, "Guya" just hit me, out of nowhere! It wasn't until high school that I learned about the Greek mythological figure Gaia. I shrugged it off- the ancient Greeks thought of everything. :P But there was more. Guya just hung out in my head on her own for 2 1/2 years or so before Oryan came into the picture. Oryan is actually pronounced "Orion", but, unlike Guya, he WAS deliberately named after the constellation- which I learned of when I watched Men in Black. :3 It just sounded like a cool name to me. Oryan first formed when I tried to practice drawing how a cat's body twists when it falls- I was using a cat care book for reference. Only, I tried drawing a lion cub instead of a cat. One really neat pose stood out to me, but then I was about to trash it before I felt Guya in the recesses of my mind say "Don't!" One of the first times one of my original characters ever spoke to me. So I asked her "Why not? It's just a drawing. And a bad one, too." She responded "He's my friend!" ---Now THAT was weird. "He? Who is he?" ---So she told me more about this mysterious lion cub that showed up on paper to me. Together, we discussed how they met and literally shaped their story on THAT sketch. Why was he falling? Did he live...? One thing lead to another and their story took off in my head. It was winter when this happened. Later that week I was watching Men in Black. Orion just stuck when I heard it. And the constellation was out. So, we (me and Guya) just went with it. It just sounded like an awesome name for a lion. He liked it, too! Oryan, my fallen star. Only I spelled his name differently, to make him unique. So yes, it's "Orion", not "Or-yen". o.O It just sounded so good: Guya and Oryan. Gaia and Orion. Union between Earth and Sky. Such a pair!

Fast forward some- high school, I read about Gaia. In early college, I learned that Orion, the hunter, had upset the goddess Gaia by over-hunting. So, she siced a giant scorpion, Scorpio, after him. Zeus decided to protect Orion by having him set before Scorpio ever came out, so they can never be seen in the night sky together. The milky way is supposed to be the poison from the tip of Scorpio's tail, still stretching across the heavens in search of Orion to this day. So, little fun fact- in mythology, they were enemies. In my head, they're best friends. o.O

But- is Guya purely original? I mean, I did come up with it on my own. Well, I just realized something. A little trick. What separates Guya from Gaia is the "y" sound. It's not "Goo-ya", but it's not really "Gaia", either. I ALWAYS pronounced it with a "y". So, if anything, it's more like "Gai-ya". Gai- and ya. Not "Gai-ah"; it's "Gai-YA". :3 So- that's original enough for me. :D There's Gaia, and then there's Guya. There IS a difference. :3

Guya's World ~>
SheezyArt ~>
Platitudinous Ponderosities (live journal) ~>…
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Last Movie Watched: I think it was Marley and Me- the previews for that movie are misleading! >.<
CD that Rocks my Socks: iPod Forever! *does the cheezy silhouette dance* :P
Currently Reading: The Return of the King. :D
Random Factoid of the Month: They don't sell Lucky Charms in Ireland!

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