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Anyone home? Third time my work expired without any notice.
Between Red and Blue - Captain Delia by Euderion

Yes, I'm sorry. I admit i'm not active much on the site and my mods seem to have disappeared as well. I wanted to make it so submissions could be automatically approved but I can't figure out how to do that. This new website layout is super confusing to me.

I'M BACK!! So sorry for my absence. Hope everyone is well. If you have any suggestions making the group better please leave a comment. If you would like to see more art from a series or character let me know.
Thought you folks might enjoy these;

nehw lla fo ruoy sehsiw era detnarg... by CEZacherl     USCG Bombshells: Harley Quinn by CEZacherl  
Thanks so much for all the adds! It really means a lot!!
No Worries I love seeing new up and coming talent
Hi can I submit here my piece?…

in any case thanks for the attention! have a good day bye;)