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Deviant for 10 years and only just realised what the 'featured' gallery is. 
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I've decided to give Concept Art a try - the redesign looks very swish. If you're a part of that community too - come say hi! 
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Down the rabbit hole: Rabbit hole
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For Pencil Sketches and Inks see the commissions tab above. For everything else read on!

Basic Colour Illustration with Simple Background£45 / $68

Fully Shaded Illustration with Simple Background £65 / $99

Fully Shaded Illustration with Complex Background£80 / $122

All commissions are for individuals only, for business rates contact me via

All profits go toward The Great Deposit Challenge
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When it comes to the most important tools a graphic designer has at their disposal, a good portfolio is pretty high on the list. It's an absolute must have for anyone wanting to get ahead in this industry and quite frankly there really isn't any excuse for not having one. As I've said before, you portfolio really needs to be available online and ideally be on your own website at your own domian name. Directing potential clients you is the very best setup to have and should be what all designers ultimately want to achieve.

The Free Portfolio

From time to time, I get emails sent to Hunting Town from other designers and illustrators looking for work, with a link to thier portfolios. I make a point of always look through the portfolio of every designer that contacts me and I'm astounded with how many of them direct me to free portfolio sites! I've heard designers give countless excuses for not having a domain name portfolio, like "I don't know how to build a website" or "I can't afford the hosting", and they're all rubbish. There are loads of tutorials out there on how to set up a quick portfolio website (you could even redirect the URL to one of your free portfolios!). As far as cost goes, I know for a fact you can get hosting for just £4.37 ($6.95) a month, because that's what I get charged for this website through Bluehost, and that's with a free domain name! If you're not covering £4.37 a month through your graphic design business, then I'm sorry to say that you don't really have a graphic design business.

So with that all said and done, am I totally against the idea of a free online portfolio? Hell no, they're a great idea.


I have set up countless free online portfolios for Hunting Town throughout the internet, simply because every single one makes my chance of being found a little bit better. Think about your online presence as a shop window. If you have a huge, awesome display in your shop window, then that's great, but only the people who wander by will ever see it. Now if you have lots of posters out there... Read the rest of the article here ...
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