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Hesken Defends



This is a scene from my D&D campaign. There was an argument between two of the players after an enemy they had defeated surrendered. The group struck a deal where they would spare his life, but he'd have to give up information on what was further along the path. However after the conversation Bog (the Halfling Rogue) wanted to kill the enemy to make sure he didn't double cross them later. Hesken (the Dragonborn Paladin) however was appalled by this and after an argument, actually stood between himself and the surrendered enemy threatening to attack Bog if he hurt him.

There was a genuine chance that these players could have legitimately died fighting each other and as a DM it was really cool to watch it unfurl. 

In the end, Bog agreed to tie the enemy up if you're wondering.
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I like it when DM's go with the flexible approach to paladins: The player must declare his paladin's code at the beginning of the game. As long as he can explain how his actions keeps with that code, when the DM challenges him, he get's to keep his holy abilities. It makes it really fun for me.