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Sketch #39: Court Trial

This picture was created for an art contest with a 2 hour time limit, with no alterations made to it after it was submitted.

I wasn't sure what to draw so I took Shaddy's hard gritty brushes and derped around, and this came out.
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You raped her! You murdered her! You keeeeeled her children!
lol i also thought about the Red viper vs The Mountain fight.
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Not necessarily in that order :P
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I'm enjoying the painterly qualities.
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I'm very glad that you do! :)
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Oh wow this is amazing. Great expression and strokes illustrate movement, attitude and more. Well done /)
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Thank you! In some ways it turned out better than expected.
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Please make a Detailed version of this! 
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I don't think it would look better if it was more detailed. I don't really like the composition either, so it would be almost the same as drawing a new picture from scratch.
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that looks hella cool :D

time to set new Wallpaper
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Glad you like it :)
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