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Ponk On A Wall

Hope this brings a smile to my fellow commuters' faces when they look out the train window.

Based on CircusTent's super adorable comic style:…
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that's so rad fam
BoosLittleMiracle's avatar
Yes! I wanna see this everyday.
DeppressedUnicorn's avatar
It's just another ponk in the wall.

...please get the reference .-.
Hunternif's avatar
All in all it's just another ponk.
Why you so depressed, unicorn?
DeppressedUnicorn's avatar
I have been doing better with my depression. It's something you learn to live with after you've had for years. but there are those days were you can barely do anything. Especially in the winter months. winter sucks. gloomy as heck, makes you feel hopeless.
Hunternif's avatar
Hope it gets only better! May the horse be with you.
Golesh's avatar
CircusTent's avatar
Omggg this is so rad!!
Thank you for liking my comic style enough to do this!! ;U;;;
Hunternif's avatar
Thank you for making art adorable enough to make us do this C:
Seriously, your style is glorious. Pls teach me your ways senpai~
Though I'm kind of resigned to the thought that I'll never be able to fully grasp cartoony style, because painterly stuff constantly distracts me.
CircusTent's avatar
Thank you so much!! ;O;
4as's avatar
This is amazing :D
I know I would smile, for sure :)
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idreamofgenie's avatar
I would love it if I saw this out of a train window!  ^_^
Hunternif's avatar
You know what to do :^)
BauziBauz's avatar
master of all arts
Hunternif's avatar
Lel. One does not become a master until after 10000 hours of work though.
codshin's avatar
Definitely one way to "ponk up your life" on your way to work! XD
MaxBeaagle7's avatar
Yay, it's the best pony, Pinkie Pie.
Norawind's avatar
Я бы точно улыбнулся, увидев это из окна :).
RainbowSplashMAP's avatar
Shouda shouda tsu cheeki breeki ve damke
Norawind's avatar
Popalsya fraer!
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