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One very quick digital sketch on theme"War". I take part in small competition between the two public forums - we drew on concrete theme during the time of only two hours. Nobody know theme before starting.

Createdin photoshop, two hours... it is only quick sketch.

Thanks for watching!
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For being "only [a] quick sketch", this is truly amazing.  The lighting is perfect, and the feel you get from it is exactly as it should be.  Awesome work!
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Hello :iconhunterkiller: I was wondering if my group Writers-Challenge could use this picture to base a few of our stories off of? writers-challenge.deviantart.c…
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I used ur image as background , i will like to learn from you if u can teach , i cant draw background i m new to digital painting
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It looks stunning, I love it!
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I really love this drawing,good job. =D
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Hi I was wondering if I could please post this artwork on my tumblr blog as a creative writing prompt? I would credit you and post a link to your deviantart.

Can I use this wonderful art as a background in a lyric video I'm  going to do? I'll of course put a link to your in the description.
Please answear fast :D
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I love the environment you've created with this piece! It reminds me somewhat of the Fallout series.
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Wow! I love your colors... or lack there of. Really great job with the perspective and buildings.
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bloody brilliant man I is this yours
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Something about this is so eerie and...tranquil? cant find the right word. Good stuff :D Love it!  
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i hope you don't mind i used it here:… :)
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Very dramatic...
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Only a quick sketch? wow.
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such a sad thought...death on the streets...
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ah, there are honestly no words to describe this. it conveys a lot of emotion, and is a beautiful piece of art.
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You have don an awesome work within two hours! *-* The picked colors are great for the theme, the perspective is really good and its very detailed for a sketch.
Keep up the great work! ^_^
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Thank you very much - it's very old and rough work for me - but from unknown reason people likes it :) Many details arise randomly during the painting process.
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Awesome, great art!
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