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Tezcatlipoca - aztec god of Moon and death. But this illustration is little fusion between mayan An Puch god - (god of decay and death, without eyes) and aztec god Tezcatlipoca.


Thanks for watching!
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Feels more like Xipe Totec, the Flayed one to me.

But eitherway, this is awesome! 8D
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Ah yes, the macabre but beautifully intricate chiselings of smoothened limestone of the Meso-Americas.
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As an aside, Drag0n-Princess down in the 2014 comments is right, Tezcatlipoca is in no way associated with death as an aspect, beyond all Aztec gods being related to blood sacrifice due to their creation myth and worship practice. He is related to chaos and is, in general, a petty prick though, but is more often related to the earth, war, storms and jaguars. If you want an Aztec god that will mesh better with the Mayan death gods, consider Mictlantecuhtli.
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I know someone's already mentioned it at least once, but hunterkiller, you should look into the manga "6000", a horror story about an underwater research lab. In it, the artist has not put much effort into hiding the fact that their depiction of one of the aztec gods to appear as directly inspired by this image, and I feel you should be familiar that others are, to some extent, profiting off of your work.
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Hello, thank you for warning, please, can you send me some links, direct links to parts with mentioned artworks?
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Upon closer examination, it appears the artist has put some effort into differentiating the depiction of Tezcatlipoca in his personal work from your Tezcatlipoca, emphasizing fleshy facial design over the bone-like facial design of yours, but your art is quite clearly an inspiration on how he chose to design the god as it appears in 6000's story.
Here are all the instances I could find of his Tezcatlipoca's appearance.

First instance:
from this page…
to this page…

Second Instance:
This page…
and its following page…

Side Instance:
The page confirming the dark god of the story is in fact Tezcatlipoca…

Third Instance:
Single page one-panel appearance…

Fourth Instance:
More apparent in its draw from your work, one page…

Fifth Instance:
A collection of one-panel appearances spanning from this page…
to this page…

Sixth Instance:
Major appearance, soon after last, starting on this page…
and continuing to this page…

Seventh Instance:
A Climactic fight between Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl's pointy pointy feet, beginning on this page…
and ending on this page…

Eighth Instance:
Another single panel appearance, on this page…

Final Instance:
Single panel appearance of its teeth and gums on this page…

That's all of them, I hope this has been useful to you.
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Wth. Cool and original art from the manga writer. with such logic, you might as well can go help hypocritic company bureaucrats copy strike other artists for a drop of ink or a 5 second drum beat, you nerd!

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It looks like something Giger made out, awesome! :O :D
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this is fucking awesome
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This is crazy amazing!
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ever read the 6000 - The Deep Sea of Madness manga? still gives me the hee-bee-jee-bis
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i'm seeing part of the head-guard that holds the queen alien in place on AVP. the aztec feel feeds into this idea :P

super work though.

great detail in adding the blood as it was the life-force of the ancient society in this part of the world.

no blood, no sunrise :D
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Acojonante! Stunning!
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This is awesome.
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Hi man! My name is Marcos De la O and I'm from México City... as a mexican I really loved your art, speccially this one of Tezcatlipoca, I'm studying comunications and I'm about to direct my first short film for my thesis so I can get the degree, it's an adaptation of one of Horacio Quiroga's short storys with a little pieces of Lovecraft and I am actually using Tezcatlipoca as the main antagonist, never seen, just mencioned. So... I really would like to use your draw with the name of the short film, if it's ok for you to add it, obviously as you said in your statement I'm willing to pay for your service and time, If we get to an agreement... Just the digital version, never to be printed, I just want it for the cover of the digital pre production carpet I'm making right now... Here's my email, send me a mail if you're interested, how much and how method is good for you to pay you, paypal, bank account, etc, etc. Greetings from México and keep on drawing, excellent work!

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Un film avec Tezcatlipoca? Si tu ne reçoit pas un 18/20 c'est qu'il y un problème.
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Beautiful; and due to the contrast and composition, almost hypnotic.
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