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Space Ship

One from my training artworks. It is something between concept art and design scene. Done in photoshop. I was little inspired by Mead´s Sulaco, but only in my mind, no reference :)
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Interesting combination! Kind of all business and bustling with armament in front, but elegance and "aero" dynamic in the rear.
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Hello! I'm an author currently writing my 4th book "The Box." It's about a man who gets trapped 329 years into the future. Throughout all my books I include photos to give the reader more of a visualization of what I'm writing about. This photo would be perfect to use! I was wondering if I could use your photo in my worldwide published novel! Of course, I'd give you proper credit in my introduction, and your photo would be used in a positive way. 

Do I have permission to use this exact photo?

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I've been looking for this everywhere!
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I really like the ambiance. 
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Is the B-52 on the side intentional (b-52 super fortress)?
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This is a good Ship
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Pretty damn Sweet Ship ^_^
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I love this. The shading using hard brushes was a good choice since it seems to give it a nice texture. Definitely an inspiring work, I love concept work like this. :D
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i need more reference pics, i want to recreate this in 3d but i cant see the rear of it...
love the pic though
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care if i attempt to make a 3d model of this? I doubt I'd ever finish it, but I'd like your consent.
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No problem, but this concept is very poor, I would like to do a remake.
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I look forward to it if it ever comes to be.
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Do you mind if I used this and any other pictures you have for a Custom Yu-gi-oh! card? All credit will be given to you for the Art.
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hodne dobra prace :) miluju space art a lode :) cg
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Díky, ale zrovna tahle je dost slabá, už jsem to chtěl před časem smazat, ale nějak jsem se k tomu nedostal :)
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slaba? :D ja sme na tohle cumel asi hodinu mel sme to jako jeden z nahledu pro model moji "space ship" ktere suckuje jak svina :)
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