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Chapter 5 Delay

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Due to my paying job, Chapter 5 of Finding Pandora's Box will be posted here on Friday morning. A special opportunity for extra hours came up and is preventing me from posting the chapter here today. In my time of inability to post the story though, ask me questions! It is, however, scheduled for posting at today.
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One week, time for a new journal entry.

I HAVE A SITE! If you want to be able to see the latest updates to this series as they get published, without waiting for me to get the gallery-site versions uploaded, please visit pandora.newgaeaentertainment.c… and follow the story there. That is the official home of the Pandora's Box series, and it will always update at 12:00 GMT on scheduled days -- even if the update is an apology for not having a new chapter.

First Comment: Schedule. I am going to adjust my chapter publishing schedule to Monday/Thursday/Saturday. This basically means that, barring a US holiday, the story will go up on days that I work at my currently paying job. Related to the schedule, the comic is still in the works, and I hope to at least have some more art related to it up this week.

Second Comment: Feedback. I am hungry for feedback on this. Favorites and watches are nice, but I would love to have comments and discussions about it. Feedback helps to keep me motivated, and lets me know people are actually reading my story, not just glancing at it.

Third Comment: Progression. While I like the current pace of the story, not every day will receive as much detail as this first day. At present (as of Chapter 4), Hannah has been awake less than two hours on her first day, but the story as a whole will not always show a full day, or as much detail as the current chapters.

Final Comment: It is a goal of mine to use this project, and future stories, art, and other creative work, to earn money. This means that in the near future I will be doing several things. The first is that my main site will have advertisements on it. They aren't there right now, but they will be added in the near future.

The second is that I will be running a Patreon campaign. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to bring in enough income that I can quit my current (paying) job, as well as publish print versions of my stories and comics.

The third is that I plan to open myself up for commissions beginning on January 1, 2015. Each category of commission will be carefully planned and opened only when I trust my ability to produce output. Right now, I would like to offer scheduled furry and fetish RP sessions, and stories. Eventually, I would like to generate more -- but one step at a time is my current motto.

Finally, thank you to everybody who has viewed or commented on my work, and to those who have faved or watched me, whether for Pandora's Box or something else.
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Pandora's Box

3 min read

A few months of silence, and now this. As of today, I am going to be starting a new project:

The Pandora's Box Series

This is a tame BDSM-oriented story. When I say it is tame, I mean that you can expect it to contain nothing more racy or sexually explicit than you would expect in a Harlequin romance novel. When I say BDSM-oriented, I mean that it deals with slavery, both voluntary and forced. I also do not mean to exclude other kinks and fetishes, as these may be explored as the story finds them appropriate. However, this is not a sex story. It is, instead, a drama which might contain passing depictions of sex.

And how will this story be told? Mostly in text. But I intend to accompany it with a comic that tells the same story, just at a comic's pace. Which is to say, slower than the chapters of the story.

My current plan is to publish chapters of the series in text format on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday of each week. (due to poor scheduling, I am late on Chapter 1 for DeviantArt). Comic pages are planned for Friday evening (Eastern Daylight/Standard time). I am writing this story with the help of my master, Darkon, and my mate Nekosune, who are helping to give voice to Pandora, Innu, and some of the other major characters in the setting. In addition to publishing plain-text chapters three times a week, I would like to publish ebooks (in ePub, mobi, and PDF formats) roughly every 15,000 to 20,000 words, if the story allows for it.

Today, I am starting by posting the first chapter of book one, which has a working title of "Finding Pandora's Box." On Friday, I plan to make the first page of the comic version available as well.

Each chapter will have navigation links for the first, previous, and next chapter in the story. Once I reach book two, I will decide if it seems fitting to include similar links to the first, previous, and next books.

Also, I might take a month off (or, possibly a special month of daily story posts) in November for National Novel Writers' Month -- if I do, it will be a special story, perhaps a prequel or side story that I haven't started before November 1. But I'll talk more about that as the starting point gets closer.

For now, enjoy the first chapter of Finding Pandora's Box, hopefully the first of many in an ongoing project.
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I am going to talk technical stuff here for a bit. I hope you'll forgive me.

I love animated images. I composed a few animated images back in the earlier days of the internet. Not many, mostly because I found it a bit too time consuming, but I did assemble several. When I learned of the differences of PNG over GIF, I essentially swore off using GIF for anything -- except animations. PNG is, by far, a superior image format due to the capability of using indexed or RGB colors, and having full support for transparency on each pixel. With PNG, you can have smooth transparency around the edges of an anti-aliased image, while GIF requires you to spend one of your 256 colors as an alpha mask. This means every edge is pixel sharp -- sometimes desirable, but not always ideal.

Then, a while back, I learned of the APNG specification -- an unofficial extension to the PNG format which had, it seemed, been declined simply because it competed with the PNG Group's MNG specification. I decided to test the waters with this and hunted down the tools I would need to build an APNG. My first animation or two were tiny conversion of animated GIFs, just to see the format in action. Satisfied with its performance, I proceeded to take a fan-made Sally Acorn spritesheet and compose this image from it. And it is a shame that APNG was turned down, too. I recently got a comment that PNG images aren't animated -- which is technically true. In Firefox and Iceweasel it should display automatically, but every other browser requires a plugin (and not all browsers have on available) to display animated PNG images.

So there are four relatively easy ways today to make an animated image -- and please note that I only mean animated. These formats do not require support for sound. The first is the old standby, Animated GIF. Thanks to its age, and the expiration of patents on GIF, it's all over the place, now more than ever. Unfortunately, it's used in a LOT of circumstances where it is an inferior file format due to its limitation to 256 indexed colors. In particular, I mean animated video clips. Take stills from a video and stitch them together as a GIF and... well, I wouldn't put a GIF up on a website to illustrate a movie, let alone to portray part of it, whether said movie was live action or animated (though some animation styles are fair to be represented in GIF, not all are). GIF is so widespread that it is a standard in all modern internet browsers -- no plugin required.

Second is MNG -- this has limited browser support, since Mozilla dropped support for it in 2003. This is the PNG Group's alternative to animated GIF, and has a more cumbersome implementation than PNG, but does offer a large number of features. If you wanted to make an animated movie, MNG would be your best bet next to our next format -- and possibly the best choice of all if you plan to use raster, or bitmap, graphics. However, unless you use Konqueror, MNG will not display in your browser without a plugin. It is supported in a number of free or open-source, or free and open-source, image editors, 

Third up is perennial animation tool: Adobe (née Macromedia) Flash. This is actually a highly impressive choice that has come quite a long way over the years. The catch? Like MNG, you generally need a plugin. However, the plugin is easily available due to the persistent prevalence of this presentational prodigy. Some sites are built entirely on Flash, so you generally can't experience the whole of the Internet without the Flash plugin in some form or another. If you want sharp, crisp animation or any sort of interaction with your animations, SWF is the way to go. Also if you want to make a TV show, Flash is becoming a powerful component in the 2D animator's arsenal of awesomeness -- Shows such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are made almost entirely in Flash (MLP, specifically, is made in Flash 8, i.e. the version before Flash CS). Of course, Flash was being used professionally before that: series as diverse as Clone High, Metalocalypse, and Danny Phantom have all been made using Flash. However, Flash has one drawback: It's not just for images.

Finally, there's Animated PNG. This fairly lightweight extension to the PNG standard will gracefully fall back to a still image in any viewer without APNG support, allows per-frame timing, and unfortunately requires a plugin unless you use Firefox or Iceweasel. This requirement of a plugin is a serious problem -- but one that will remain unless the PNG Group can be convinced that APNG either occupies a unique niche in lightweight animated imagery, or that MNG is not a viable platform for animated imagery.

There are other ways to get animations up online, like Animated SVG (I'll pass until there's a toolkit as easy to use for making an Animated SVG as Flash is), or CSS Spritesheets, or even JS hacking to load and switch images either through a spritesheet or image sequence method... These are cumbersome replacements still in the early stages of development, or altogether lacking for a simple, lightweight animated image solution. So I'll keep throwing my support with Animated PNG and Flash for my animation work -- or using a full-fledged video format buil through Premiere.

So please note, any animations I post from today onward will either be SWF or Animated PNG -- I strongly believe that we need a lightweight animated image format (MNG is not lightweight) that supports proper transparency (Animated GIF supports only index transparency, which is 1 bit of transparency data). And you can expect to see a few animations from me over the coming year, both in pixel art (APNG) and Flash animations. Any animations not in one of these formats will be featured on my YouTube page, as those will be in the form of a pure video file, most likely an h.264 MP4 video.
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I am opening myself up for some commissions (yes, I should've posted a journal about it when I posted my Commission Details) to help make ends meet. I posted the guidelines a few weeks back, and am working on my first commission right now. It's all paid up and should be ready by day's end for me on Tuesday, however this particular commission will require you to check out my FurAffinity page, due to deviantArt's content restrictions (this is an explicitly sexy work that dA could take down if they desired it).

In honor of Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season (whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Festivus or even just the Winter Gift Festival, I wish you well during this period), I am offering sale prices for any commissions made through 31 December 2012 -- 25% off for hypnosis content and 50% off for everything else -- though all of these prices are rounded up to the next dollar. I am also doubling my open commission slots, during this sale, from 5 slots to 10 slots, and guaranteeing 10 upcoming commission slots past that if you can get a commission idea in to me before the end of December. On top of this, I plan a special Christmas present for anybody who does commission me, but I'll give more details on that around 15 December.

Lastly, I'd like to give a shout out to my best friend, Whyte-Shadow-Neko who is doing some nice pony drawings as well as original content.
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