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One week, time for a new journal entry.

I HAVE A SITE! If you want to be able to see the latest updates to this series as they get published, without waiting for me to get the gallery-site versions uploaded, please visit pandora.newgaeaentertainment.c… and follow the story there. That is the official home of the Pandora's Box series, and it will always update at 12:00 GMT on scheduled days -- even if the update is an apology for not having a new chapter.

First Comment: Schedule. I am going to adjust my chapter publishing schedule to Monday/Thursday/Saturday. This basically means that, barring a US holiday, the story will go up on days that I work at my currently paying job. Related to the schedule, the comic is still in the works, and I hope to at least have some more art related to it up this week.

Second Comment: Feedback. I am hungry for feedback on this. Favorites and watches are nice, but I would love to have comments and discussions about it. Feedback helps to keep me motivated, and lets me know people are actually reading my story, not just glancing at it.

Third Comment: Progression. While I like the current pace of the story, not every day will receive as much detail as this first day. At present (as of Chapter 4), Hannah has been awake less than two hours on her first day, but the story as a whole will not always show a full day, or as much detail as the current chapters.

Final Comment: It is a goal of mine to use this project, and future stories, art, and other creative work, to earn money. This means that in the near future I will be doing several things. The first is that my main site will have advertisements on it. They aren't there right now, but they will be added in the near future.

The second is that I will be running a Patreon campaign. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to bring in enough income that I can quit my current (paying) job, as well as publish print versions of my stories and comics.

The third is that I plan to open myself up for commissions beginning on January 1, 2015. Each category of commission will be carefully planned and opened only when I trust my ability to produce output. Right now, I would like to offer scheduled furry and fetish RP sessions, and stories. Eventually, I would like to generate more -- but one step at a time is my current motto.

Finally, thank you to everybody who has viewed or commented on my work, and to those who have faved or watched me, whether for Pandora's Box or something else.
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