Pandora's Box

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A few months of silence, and now this. As of today, I am going to be starting a new project:

The Pandora's Box Series

This is a tame BDSM-oriented story. When I say it is tame, I mean that you can expect it to contain nothing more racy or sexually explicit than you would expect in a Harlequin romance novel. When I say BDSM-oriented, I mean that it deals with slavery, both voluntary and forced. I also do not mean to exclude other kinks and fetishes, as these may be explored as the story finds them appropriate. However, this is not a sex story. It is, instead, a drama which might contain passing depictions of sex.

And how will this story be told? Mostly in text. But I intend to accompany it with a comic that tells the same story, just at a comic's pace. Which is to say, slower than the chapters of the story.

My current plan is to publish chapters of the series in text format on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday of each week. (due to poor scheduling, I am late on Chapter 1 for DeviantArt). Comic pages are planned for Friday evening (Eastern Daylight/Standard time). I am writing this story with the help of my master, Darkon, and my mate Nekosune, who are helping to give voice to Pandora, Innu, and some of the other major characters in the setting. In addition to publishing plain-text chapters three times a week, I would like to publish ebooks (in ePub, mobi, and PDF formats) roughly every 15,000 to 20,000 words, if the story allows for it.

Today, I am starting by posting the first chapter of book one, which has a working title of "Finding Pandora's Box." On Friday, I plan to make the first page of the comic version available as well.

Each chapter will have navigation links for the first, previous, and next chapter in the story. Once I reach book two, I will decide if it seems fitting to include similar links to the first, previous, and next books.

Also, I might take a month off (or, possibly a special month of daily story posts) in November for National Novel Writers' Month -- if I do, it will be a special story, perhaps a prequel or side story that I haven't started before November 1. But I'll talk more about that as the starting point gets closer.

For now, enjoy the first chapter of Finding Pandora's Box, hopefully the first of many in an ongoing project.
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