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Man on Fire

By HunterKharon
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Much like the Bubble Man I did earlier, this is Heat Man using the same principle. Mega Man 2 portrait, Rockman & Forte palette, 64x64. Another preliminary one, I really think I'm going to just do all the preliminary versions and then work on making the perfect final forms.

The final forms will try to capture some personality as well as reflecting the original portrait, so they may not be so close to revamps as these -- though bear in mind, these preliminary forms are more like "closely followed copies of the MM2 references", not exactly revamps, but only about half a step removed.

This one is titled after The Megas' Heat Man song, "Man on Fire". Take a listen here: [link]
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Oh my,that HD sprite is awesome
''From the depths of hell i'll call your name MEGAMAN''
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Glad someone likes it. I mean to revisit this project soon, but I have so many ideas and so much to do. Also glad to see the reference in the title was not missed.