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Digimon Tamers Side Trek

By HunterKharon
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Digimon Tamers Side Trek was a project I had while Tamers was running -- but set in my home town. Seen here, sans partners, are Jason King, David Lenma, and Angela Taylor, from left to right. They all have Virus type Digimon partners, and the Sovereign they face/meet are based on the Four Fiends from Final Fantasy, along with having a set of Devas who represent the same animals as the original Devas, but in western forms.

David's partner is Tsukaimon, who evolves along a line David made up: Ghostmon, Zombiemon, and biomerges with David into Spectremon.

Angela is partnered with a DemiDevimon which evolves into some equally recognizable forms -- Devimon, Vandemon, and when they biomerge, they become Lilithmon.

Jason is partnered with my fan-made Digimon, Houndmon, who also was the partner of Genki in my Adventure Side Trek (under the alternate name of Kenmon). As Houndmon is Virus type, it evolves into an entirely official series of Digimon: Dobermon, Cerberusmon, and with biomerge, Jason and Houndmon become Anubismon.
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Digimon Movie is the best ^^