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Bar + Grill, Number 1

By HunterKharon
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A generic small Bar & Grill style restaurant for a modern-style RPG. This was mostly made to see what I could make in OpenOffice Draw in terms of a map, but I'm happy enough with the results that I might throw the floor plan into my Shadowrun campaign as either a generic or specific location (likely for meeting a client).

Of course, the text is actually 2 separate things: The first block is an overall description, the second is an idea of how one might flavor the setting, to greet the PCs when they enter.

F = Freezer
R = Refrigerator
M = Men's Room
W = Women's Room

I would advise numbering the tables 1-7, bottom to top, on the left, and 8-16 bottom to top on the right (personally, 8, 9, 10 would be against the barrier, 11-16 against the wall), and 17-22 to preference in the middle. most likely this restaurant would have no more than 3 servers and a bartender on the main floor.

The placement of the smoking section is actually poor, but most people would rather feel like the smoke is stuck in the middle of the restaurant, and a number of the bar & grill places I've been to have a layout like this where the bar and smoking sections are in the middle of the floor.
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