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Flurry Heart: The Name of Disaster Chapter 5

Back in the Crystal Empire, things had gotten worse, the ponies who defended Flurry's honor were throwing objects at those who opposed her. Cadence had to use force to instate order. The guards tried their best to keep everypony inline. Cadence sighed. "Why is this happening?....I just want my foal back..." "Someponys are upset that others called Flurry dangerous to the Empire", Sunburst replied. "Who cares what they think..", snorted Cadence. "...I'll show them... "Cadence", begged Starlight. "Please don't act so ruff. Your the Princess of Love" "Even I have my limits Starlight...", said Cadence. "And what I meant is to show them is tha

My Little Pony: Flurry Heart-The Name of Disaster

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My Little Pony:Writings of Creation-End

Equestria continued to serve Amalthea ever since. Of course, there were other foes, enemies, threats faced. There was the Chaotic Discord, the power-hungry Lord Tirek, even the black-hearted King Sombra. One day, Princess Luna feeling resentful, became Nightmare Moon forcing Celestia to banish her for 1,000 years. Then, there came Twilight Sparkle who with the help of her friends used the Elements of Harmony to change Luna back. Twilight soon became the Princess of Friendship, spreading the magic of friendship all over Equestria. She even took up a student named Starlight Glimmer. "Some ponies remembered the prophets' message that Amalthea w

My Little Pony: Writings of Creation

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My Little Pony: Son of the Night Chapter 3

One day, 30 days before Luna's child was due to be born, it was decided that a census should be taken, that every pony was to return to the place of their birth to be registered. Twilight: So what's all this for? Luna: This is for the Canterlot population. Now that we are increasing the number with a new foal coming. Aiden: *comes up* What's going on here? Twilight: Hello there Aiden. We're just doing a census for the Canterlot population. Aiden: Census? Twilight: It's a form for the population. Aiden: Oh. Starlight: So where did you come from young colt? Aiden: Tambelon. Luna: That's a far away land from here. Starlight: That's am

My Little Pony: Son of the Night

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My Little Pony: Prince Jason and Merlin Chapter 9

My Little Pony: Jason and Merlin

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My Little Pony: The Tale of Kongo Chapter 10

My Little Pony: The Tale of Kongo

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My Little Pony: Exodus Chapter 7

My Little Pony: Story Specials

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Post Prince Jason Season 1 Special #3

The Legend of Prince Jason Season 1

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The Legend of Prince Jason Season 2

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