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Smash Bros Concept: Connor (Detroit: Become Human)


Smash Bros Concept: Connor (Detroit: Become Human)

Connor Smash Bros Concept Splash Art: Connor Becomes Human! Neutral B - Handgun As seen in multiple chapters, Connor can pull out a handgun to deliver long-range attacks. Unlike most specials though, Connor has the special ability to use any kind of dodge while using the handgun, be it a spot-dodge, roll, or aerial dodge. While firing a bullet, you can press the B button again during mid-fire to cancel the animation. Side B - Coin Flip Much like King K Rool's Side B, Connor tosses a coin forward. Pressing the B button again will make the coin return to Connor and hit the opponent again on the way back. If this move is used in the air, Co

Rayman Ultimate Render

Smash Ultimate Skull Kid

Perrserker- Kitty with a Problem

Ezekiel pagedoll

Commission: Princess Koopa!


Character Crossover ATC Returns(PLEASE Read Below)

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Well, I'm shook. Apparently Warner Brothers is working on a real life, actual, fucking Pokemon movie. Best part? It looks fucking amazing. I'm still in awe of what I have discovered, honestly, first Stan Lee dies, crushes my soul, then a fucking Poke...
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Thanks for the watch mate, it means a lot! :D 
hunter35Student Writer
Sure thing, man! Your style is amazing, and your characters are creative! Keep up the good work!
Thank you for the favourite
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Thank you! by RAVEN0ID  
I’d recommend checking out my newer art, I’ve improved a lot since the piece you faved <3
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Fave by OfficialEnder  
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Thanks for fav.
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Thanks for the watch Tiger La la la la 

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