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Dead Fox

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10/1600 second
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7 mm
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Date Taken
Jan 4, 2009, 12:55:15 PM
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Kawaii-Hipster's avatar
Did you just leave it? I wish I could find perfect roadkill like thatD:
Atrieisan's avatar
I also wish I could find perfect roadkill like that!!! D:
My friend lucked out with a gorgeous Raven last week... envy.
Kawaii-Hipster's avatar
Oh man what an awesome find! I usually can't find anything better than a rotting squirrel.
Atrieisan's avatar
yeah, same here. I did see a beautiful raccoon on the side of the road a few weeks ago.... but my mum was giving me death glares about pulling over to get it... << It was huge too.
Kawaii-Hipster's avatar
Aww bummer! I hate it when that happens :iconimupsetplz:
Atrieisan's avatar
I know right!? DX
Kawaii-Hipster's avatar
Worst feeling ever.....:(
Rina-ran's avatar
What a cute white belly. D'aw, did you do anything with the body, or just left it in peace?
HUNTER116's avatar
Nope. Left it where it was. Even if it was killed unnaturally,
I think it should be left like that, until Nature does something
(decomposes, other animals scavenge it, etc)
Seranalu's avatar
Quick! skin em!!! Its fur seems to be in perfect shape! Poor thing, wish it saw that vehicle did get hit by a car right?
roo-fan's avatar
It looks so beatyfull and sad, and sexy ;)
roo-fan's avatar
Hehe any closeup of it's hindpaws? :)
HUNTER116's avatar
Sorry no :( i only had time for one photo of it :(
roo-fan's avatar
Don't worry ^^ I got many photos of dead animals, just not suitable to post here ;) If you ever want hindpaws, pm mew.
HUNTER116's avatar
Thanks :), will do ^^
xXdreaming-demonXx's avatar
The grass and the fox contrast, making the fox stand out. I like it a lot.
Black7A's avatar
bf5kid's avatar
it is real so
LordSerion's avatar
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