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Unexpected Visitor (Hisoka x Reader)Sentence Prompts Used (these will be in bold): “I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.”“Who wouldn’t be angry? You ate all my cereal and faked your death for three years!”“I understand the whole sleep talking thing, but what I don’t understand is the whole princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.”“I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats.”“You need to stop leaving dead bodies in my kitchen”Word Count: 2169Warnings: MANGA SPOILERS! (sorta), mentions of death, mild harsh language, dead mouse, some angst You set the manga book you were reading down on your nightstand and stretch beneath your soft sheets. There is a smile on your face as you settle down for sleep. This Friday has been a really good day overall. You made a new record on your run this morning, and the person in front of you had paid for your coffee at your favorite cafe. The job position you had been gunning for over the past month had finally been given to you and you stayed late after hours setting up your new office. Your friends surprised you waiting outside the office building to whisk you away for celebratory dinner and drinks. You had even gotten the very attractive waiter’s number before your friends and you had left the restaurant and went your separate ways. The icing on the cake was coming home to your furry kitty friends, giving them dinner, taking a shower, and snuggling into bed for your pre-sleep read wearing your favorite sleeping shirt. It was a beat up old thing that was worn at the edges and the collar was now gone. Even the black spade and club as well as the red heart and diamond were heavily faded. The shirt was the last thing your boyfriend had given you before he had died at Heavens Arena fighting another powerful nen user three years ago. The two of you had only been dating for less than a year, but the loss had devastated you. Even though you had healed and moved on with your life since then, the shirt still gave you comfort to this day. Rubbing your face into your pillows, you find a comfortable position snuggling one of your cats and drift off to sleep with the smile still on your face.~ ~ ~ Interrupting a really good dream, you suddenly stir from your slumber. Blinking your eyes a few times to clear them, you focus on the clock across the room. A disgruntled groan escapes your throat as you realize you have only been asleep for a few hours. You pull the covers up over your head and snuggle down further into them with the intention to go right back to sleep. You pause. Something wasn’t right, something had woken you up. You pop your head above the covers once more and listen intently. The shower is running. You slowly sit up, trying your best to not make a sound. Looking across your room towards your bathroom, you see the door has been closed. You normally leave it open for yourself. A light now spills out from beneath the door, indicating that your hearing was not fooling you. Someone was in your bathroom. Your mind begins to race in trying to decide what you should do. See who it is? Leave and call the police? Was this a friend or foe? Before you can decide on what action to take, you hear the water shut off and the shower curtains drawn back. The noise alerts one of your cats who comes running over from the hall, across the bedroom, and up to the bathroom door. “Socks! No!” you whisper harshly. But, as per the usual, your large silver tabby ignores you and barrels into the door, pushing it open just enough for him to slip through. You freeze and your breath catches in your throat. Listening carefully, you’re terrified of what will come next. After a few seconds, you hear Socks meow in the way he does to get attention followed by another pause of silence. “Oh, well hello there, ♣” came a deep, sultry voice sounding in a casual manner. You blink and your mouth starts to hang open. That voice. You know that voice. It’s a voice you haven’t heard in nearly three years. Before you can get your brain to start working again, your bathroom door swings open causing light to flood the room followed by a wall of steam. A man toweling his hair steps out of the bathroom, Socks padding out in front of him. The man is tall and marvelously muscled. His skin is pale with a light pink undertone. You can see everything quite clearly as the invader of your apartment is standing before you completely naked. “H-hisoka?” you choke out a barely audible whisper. The man removes the towel from his head revealing damp raspberry red hair and peers over at your with gorgeous topaz eyes. A Cheshire grin dances across his lips as he stares at you. “I’m sorry, darling, did I wake you?~ ♠” You feel your mouth gape like a fish out of water while you struggle to utter a single word. Hisoka smirks and glances at the large, chunky calico cat laying on your bed. “What’s the matter?” the nude man chuckles, “Cat got your-” You cut him off with an abrupt gesture of your hand. “I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else,” you state sternly, having finally found your voice. Hisoka looks back to you once more and raises an eyebrow. For a moment he says nothing, then smirks and shrugs his broad shoulders. “I would, but, I don’t have anything clean. ♠” “Oh, for fuck sake,” you mutter. “Check the back of my closet, I think I might still have a box of your stuff in there.” “Alright. ♢” The red-head strides gracefully to your walk in-closet and disappears within. “Where did you- Oh! Nevermind, I found it. ♡” Shaking your head, you begin to massage your temples. “This is a dream, this has got to be a dream,” you said under your breath. Or is it a nightmare? “Keeping my things long after I was gone, I knew I could count on you,~ ♡” Hisoka purrs and steps out of the closet wearing a soft v-neck shirt and house pants with the Bungee Gum mascot pattern. He walks over to you and sits on the edge of the bed, still smiling that Cheshire grin of his. The two or you stare at one another for a few moments before his gaze shifts down to the shirt you are wearing. He smirks. “That thing has seen better days, ♠” he comments nonchalantly, “although I’m glad to see it’s been well used.~ ♡” His eyes lock with yours. “Did you miss me, kit-” Your hand snaps forward and covers Hisoka’s mouth. His skin is warm and real beneath your hand, but it doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t have quite the same texture that skin and lips usually have. Moments of the last battle you saw Hisoka fight flashes through your mind. “Hisoka, what the hell is going on? What happened? Why are you here? Why now all of a sudden, and after so long? How are you still alive?” You were practically shouting by the end of your last question. The magician’s brows knit and you can feel his lips purse into a pout underneath your hand. He sighs through his nose, which you note sounds somewhat odd, and pulls away from your hand. “And here I thought you would be happy to see me, ♣” he said in a disappointed tone. “You actually sound like you're angry with me. ♠”“Who wouldn’t be angry? You ate all my cereal and faked your death for three years!” The corners of Hisoka’s mouth twitch and both his eyebrows start to crawl towards his hairline. “I’ve been ‘dead’ for three years and you're still mad at me that I ate the rest of your cereal before I left to my demise? ♣” “It was a limited make!” you blurt out. Tears were beginning to rim your eyes at the flood of emotions going through you. Of course you were happy to see him, but you knew how this man could be and were furious at him for not letting you know he was alive. And you really did like that cereal. Your boyfriend sees the distress in your eyes and his expression softens. Hisoka reaches up with his left hand and gently cups the side of your face. “I wanted to let you know I was okay, ♡” he said softly, “but I couldn’t risk my enemies finding out about you. I was lucky enough they didn’t know about you in the first place. ♣” You turn your face into his hand and lean into his touch. You feel your brows knit as you notice the texture of his hand doesn’t feel quite right. Much like his lips and skin. It almost feels like. . . cloth. A thought occurs to you. He’s not really here, I’m just dreaming of him. That’s why he feels like cloth, I’m actually feeling my bedding. “This really is a dream, isn’t it,” you sadly whisper your thoughts into his hand, “that’s why you don’t feel real.” Hisoka brushes away a tear that had broken free before he slowly removes his hand. Looking down at his own appendage, he smirks and wiggles his fingers. “Believe me, my dear, this is no dream. I really have come back for you. ♡ However, I have gone through some unexpected changes. ♠” There’s a moment of silence as he continues to stare at his hand. You can sense that Hisoka is beginning to slip deep into thought. Before you have a chance to question him further, the large red-haired man blinks and gives his head a quick shake. “Anyway, speaking of dreams, ♢” he looks into your eyes with a smirk, “I understand the whole sleep talking thing, but what I don’t understand is the whole princess dragon dream and why I’m in it. Tell me, was I the fierce fire breathing dragon? Or was I the one riding in to save you? ♢” Your eyes grow wide and you can feel your face grow hot with embarrassment. “Actually,” you murmur, looking away from him while you spoke, “I was the dragon, and you were my princess. And we were, uh...”You suddenly realize something and you look back towards the magician, “Wait, were… Were you watching me sleep?!” Hisoka laughs, “But of course. And why not? I used to watch you sleep all the time.” “Yeah, but that was before you faked your damn death, you creep! Tell me, what exactly happened to you. Do you have any idea how watching you die like that affected me?!” The large man’s smile fades and a more serious look takes its place. He opens his mouth to respond when his attention is captured by a black cat jumping up onto the bed. The young cat instantly starts purring and kneading the lump of soft blankets beside you. A bemused look slowly dawns across Hisoka’s handsome features as he looks at the black cat for a moment, then to the sleeping fat calico, and finally over to the silver tabby now sitting by the bedroom doorway cleaning his face. “Just how many cats do you have? ♣” “I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats.” Hisoka looks at you with a grin of sheer amusement, “I know we talked about adopting a cat before I left, but how do you ‘accidently’ adopt five? ♣” You throw your hands up in frustration and follow the action with a heavy sigh. You were not getting anywhere fast with this man. So you throw back your covers causing the two cats on the bed to scatter. Getting up, you storm to the kitchen for a glass of water. Your head was hurting. You were sure part of the reason was due to alcohol from earlier that night, although you were also sure your “boyfriend’s” antics were of little help. You stomp down the hall and round the corner into your kitchen only to let out a scream as your foot comes down on something soft, squishy, and cold. Flicking on the kitchen light, you find that one of your cats has left you a gift in the form of a partially eaten mouse. You roll your eyes and let out another frustrated sigh, “You need to stop leaving dead bodies in my kitchen.” “I didn’t leave it in the kitchen,” Hisoka’s voice calls back from the bedroom, “I left it in the living room.” “I wasn’t talking to you, Hisoka, I was talking to my ca-” you pause right in the middle of picking the rodent carcass up with a paper towel. Your heart freezes. “Wh-what did you just say?” There's a brief silence, heavy with frightful anticipation. You feel a cold sweat break across your forehead and you swallow around your tongue which has become a cotton ball in a dessert. Suddenly, Hisoka’s head pops in sight from around the corner. He’s sporting a large malevolent grin and says in sing-song manner, “Juuuust kidding.~ ♡” You can feel your heart start again and you let out a breath you didn’t even realize you were holding. “Damnit, Hisoka, that’s not-” “It’s actually in the coat closet.~ ♢”
That's Why [Shoot McMahon X Reader]“Oi _______! Where are you off to?” Knuckle called out as you raced by him and Shoot. “Huh?” You breathed, stopping yourself. “Oh! I just got a last minute commission to arrest a rogue gang here in the city. An easy side job, y’know!” You answered. “Ooo, fun!” Knuckle nodded. “Wanna come? It’ll be easy and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. I’m sure no one would mind if you tagged along~” You offered. “Hearing you say you’ll make short work of a gang really has me intrigued. I’ve gotta see that. What do you say, Shoot?” Knuckle grinned. “Why not. I’m sure I can at least provide some form of help.” Shoot nodded, gesturing to the little cage he kept hidden under his sleeve. “Ah, smart idea! I knew I liked you for a reason~” You hummed, winking at Shoot. “We’ve gotta go now though boys. They’re in a cleared out portion of the city and I gotta get there before they catch on and piss off.”Beckoning them with your hand, you took off running once again. The boys scrambled after you knowing damn well you’d leave them behind if they didn’t catch up now. As they ran, Knuckle made a little comment on Shoot’s blush, to which he responded by boldly sticking his tongue out back at his friend. That of course made Knuckle laugh as they caught up with your pace, darting in and out of streets to get to the designated area. It only took a few minutes to reach the cleared out street the gang was last spotted in, so you made sure to stop yourself right in the middle of an intersection to make your presence known.“Hey _______, wouldn’t concealing yourself be a better idea?” Knuckle commented in a hushed voice. “Oh absolutely not. This gang has been reported for physical harassment, mainly directed at women. Back up to the sidewalk and watch. The leader is guaranteed to come out of hiding then.” You mumbled back. “_______, you don’t plan on using yourself as bait, do you?” Shoot asked nervously, putting his hand on your shoulder. “I do, hun. Don’t worry though. This will be an easy cleanup job.” You told him with a reassuring smile. “Now back up boys so they think I’m alone.” You then instructed, giving the top of Shoot’s hand a brief kiss before ushering them out of sight. The two of them obeyed and backed up onto the sidewalk behind some signage, watching you carefully as you waltzed out into the open looking innocent and defenseless. You were of course far from being as easy of a target as you presented yourself currently, and you stretched big to really paint yourself as clueless. Within seconds of you starting your aimless wandering, the target in question silently launched himself out from an alley and directly at you with clear intent to take you down. Unfortunately for him though, you were more than ready for a simple attack such as that. Bending backwards so far that your head nearly touched the pavement, the target flew right over your body and ate concrete with a dreadful road rash marking up the side of his face from the impact. You then pounced on the easily frazzled target and pulled a rope from one of your pockets, knocking him out with one swift elbow to the back of his head before you bound him to prevent further struggle if he woke up. All while this went down, Knuckle and Shoot watched with their jaws agape, absolutely impressed with your precision and speed. Shoot in particular though was staring with a different kind of look in his eyes, finding himself incredibly attracted to your strength. “That’s why you love her, isn’t it? That natural perception, confidence, and spunk of hers has you in a chokehold, doesn’t it?” Knuckle commented, rather impressed himself. “Yeah… That’s definitely a part of it.” Shoot sighed dreamily, watching you with half lidded eyes. “Ooo, you’ve got it bad for her~” Knuckle teased, amused by his friend’s expression. “Heads up boys! That wasn’t the leader, so look after him!” You yelled out. Your voice snapped both of them back to attention just in time to catch the knocked out body of the target as it came flying at them. Concerned, they watched as six more ruffians spilled out onto the street while you took on a fighting stance, your terrifying aura engulfing the intersection. Shoot would’ve been concerned and come to help, but he didn’t have time to consider such a thing when the group bum rushed you six on one with zero hesitation. You met the onslaught with great force though, standing up on the palms of your hands and spinning like a top as you unleashed a flurry of kicks to the men, knocking all but one to the pavement. That one was the leader, and he tried to grasp your leg on the next round you made. You had thrown yourself to the ground before he could though and side swiped his ankles with the meat of your palms, shattering the bone and toppling the man to the concrete before he passed out from shock and pain along with the others. “Hoo! What a workout that was!” You said casually, righting yourself and dusting off your hands. “Holy hell! I’m starting to wonder why you even brought us!” Knuckle commented, approaching you with Shoot and the first gang member in tow. “Because hauling them back would be a pain in the ass without Shoot’s Hotel Rafflesia, as he stated. Give ‘em one good smack just to be sure and send ‘em off.” You smirked. “Okay, you’re right. Any input on that one Shoot? … Shoot?” Knuckle said, looking over at his still dumbfounded partner. “Are you alright there babe? You’re staring pretty hard.” You giggled. “I think he’s realizing exactly how in love with you he is.” Knuckle snickered. “I-I, uh… S-sorry.” Shoot mumbled, the laughter snapping him out of his daze. “You are the absolute cutest, you know that Shoot?” You laughed, pulling him over to you and giving him a big smooch on the lips that made him melt on the spot. “Eeew! PDA!” Knuckle screeched, pointing at the two of you like a child. “Oh get over it you wimp! Now let’s get these knocked out bozos into the cage so we can carry on and get some lunch!” You ordered. Releasing Shoot from your grip you allowed him to take care of the gang, all of them fitting inside the cage easily to return them to the association. Once everything was in order, you got giddy all of a sudden, bouncing on the balls of your feet. “Now that that’s done, the last one back to the association has to pay for lunch~!” You jested, dashing off down the street. Both Shoot and Knuckle let out a sigh as they began to follow behind you, not at quite an eager pace as you though. “Oi Shoot, is it me or is she getting soft?” Knuckle asked. “Oh she is. I can tell.” Shoot nodded. “Aww, you’re softening her up from how insane she normally is~” Knuckle laughed. “I am. That makes me love her even more though. I know that no one else can make her feel like that but me.” Shoot said confidently with a growing smile. Shoot then picked up his pace and ran after you, catching up with you in seconds. The sight knuckle saw as he watched from behind surprised him, as Shoot had boldly scooped out up in his arm and nen hands making you shriek and then giggle with a pitch he never thought he’d hear from you. He scoffed and chuckled, amazed by the tradeoff of confidence in Shoot and bashfulness in you when you were together. “They really are perfect for each other.” He mumbled, picking up his own pace so he wouldn’t end up paying for your heaping lunch time order....
Destiny [Leorio Paladiknight X Reader]There was just something about him… You had no idea what it was but god damn were you ever intensely drawn to the man by the name of Leorio Paladiknight. Ever since you laid eyes on him you found yourself drawn to him, quickly becoming friends over effortless interaction. From the beginning of the hunter exam all the way until now, you shared adventures like you had been friends for years, causing mischief here and there on your journey as hunters. Things had slowed down recently in terms of intense activity, but that never stopped your paths from crossing. Even now he had just invited you over to his home to have coffee, and the thoughts of your time together raced through your mind as you approached his door with a skip in your step. You thought about all the bad jokes you cracked together, the near death experiences, and wild places you had been with him yet you still came out alive together. It was as if no matter how much shit life threw at you, nothing could separate the bond you had. With a Kurta and two crazy strong kids as your friends, it was doubtful that anything could break up the friendships you held dearly. These thoughts made you smile as you rang the doorbell to Leorio’s home, excited to meet up with him again after a few months apart. When the door finally opened, you were greeted by his ever so bright smile, a sight you wouldn’t admit you missed dearly. “_______! I’m glad you finally made it!” He exclaimed excitedly, pulling you inside and smothering you with a hug. “Oof! Damn, I missed you too you fool!” You laughed, accepting the hug. You weren’t opposed to any opportunity where you were squished up against his chest anyway. “So how have things been? Are your studies going well?”“Let me grab you your coffee for today and we can start on that topic right away. Catching up is why I invited you here in the first place, remember~?” He hummed, releasing you from his grip. “Of course, of course! How could I forget? Lead the way, my good sir.” You said with a smile. Pushing the door closed behind you, Leorio brought you into his home and gestured for you to take a seat on his couch. He then brought over a freshly brewed cup of coffee for you which you graciously accepted, sipping at the warm beverage as he grabbed his own and took a seat next to you. From there, you did exactly as you planned and started to catch up with each other, rambling on about your lives. You went on about the crazy things you’d seen and nen techniques you learned, and Leorio elaborated on his studies and successes, the conversation going on for well over an hour which put both of you on your third cup of coffee by then. In fact, you talked so long that the conversation got deeper, and you ended up on a topic about all your close friends and what you’d be doing without them. “For real, I have no idea what I’d be doing without everyone. I feel like you all impacted my life in such a way that I was destined to get where I desired to be thanks to meeting everyone. Like some sort of grand plan the universe had for me.” Leorio sighed, leaning back into the couch. “Is that so? Would you say you believe in destiny then?” You asked.“Mmm, yeah, I guess you could say that. I was definitely destined to meet Gon, Killua, and Kurapika. Life without them would be pretty bland, and I doubt I would’ve passed the first half of the hunter exam without their crazy asses.” He nodded. “And… What about me?” You pressed, looking intently at him. He paused for a moment, looking as if he were considering what to say or how to say it as a bit of nervous sweat began to bead on his forehead. This was a question he was slightly afraid of, and he didn’t want to say the wrong thing… For multiple reasons. “You… With you, to me, we were destined to… fuck, never mind. It’s a stupid thought. You’d probably just laugh at me.” He stammered, setting his cup down on the table before he accidentally spilled it. “Well now you’ve got me intrigued. I promise I won’t laugh. Your beliefs and feelings aren’t stupid, Leo.” You encouraged. “I… Fuck, fine.” He mumbled, putting a hand over his face. “I feel like you were destined to… to be with me. When you’re around I can’t help but feel extremely happy, and every problem I have seemingly disappears, as if you’ve lifted the weight from my shoulders. I honest to god believe you’re my soulmate or something with the way I feel about you… I’m sorry if that sounds stupid.”You were silent for a moment, staring wide eyed at him with red cheeks. His face was also flushing red behind his hand, the scarlet tint spreading down his neck and to the tips of his ears as he kept his lips pressed firmly together. You could hardly believe what he had just said, but nobody said that the way fate played things out would be predictable. “... Destiny is never wrong, y’know? That’s why it’s called destiny.” You mumbled, breaking the silence. “P-pardon?”“I feel the same Leorio. I’m in love with you, and have been since we met. No one else’s presence makes me feel more at home than yours does, so I also believe that we were meant to be.” You confessed, putting your cup down to look at him. “__-_______, so you truly mean that?” He asked cautiously, glancing at you through his fingers. “I do. This was totally a long time coming. If you believe in destiny and the words you spoke… then make it so. Make it a reality.” You said with a stronger tone, one of your hands having made its way over to rest on his thigh. Leorio finally put his hand down to fully look over at you, revealing all his rose tinted skin as his eyes met with yours. One look and he knew you weren’t joking, that familiar shade of pink also donning your cheeks. When he finally noticed the pressure of your hand on his thigh the words of permission you spoke finally clicked in his mind, and he couldn’t stop himself. Not that he wanted to stop, nor did you for the matter. In one swift movement Leorio had pulled you into him across the couch and craned his neck down, capturing your lips with his as his arms locked firmly behind your back.Your heart beat wildly against your chest as you were pressed up against him, your other hand coming to rest on his chest as he held you close. What used to be a silly thought that passed through your mind every other day was now a reality. Tugging on his jacket a little, you lost yourself in the feeling of his lips. It was as if everything you needed in life had finally fallen into place, and you felt fulfilled. When you tenderly pulled your lips away from each other and locked eyes once more, both of you smiled brightly, and you threw yourself on top of him in the tightest hug possible, toppling him backwards onto the couch. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” You laughed, nuzzling into his chest. “I’m so glad you said something.”“Me too. If you didn’t provoke me to keep going… God I’d be so disappointed!” He chuckled, his arms falling into place around your waist. “Destiny works in some weird ways. You definitely are my soulmate though, that much I can agree with. Finally getting to tell you that I love you… Nothing makes me happier.” You hummed. “I love you too _______. We were definitely meant to be. Holy hell.” He sighed. “What was I so damn nervous for…”“Yeah! It’s about damn time. I stared death in the face by your side too many fuckin’ times for us to not be together.” You laughed, lifting your head to briefly kiss him once more. Both of you laughed and let out sighs of relief, snuggled up close on the couch with your arms tightly wrapped around each other. Though your coffee may go cold, it mattered naught to either of you. There were months worth of cuddles you had to catch up on. One way or another you’d be lost in his embrace for hours, and possibly days on end. That was your destiny, after all.
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 Hey-hey ^-^ I'm not sure if I'm allowed to just put it here, but I'd be glad if you visit my page)
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Make sure check my page guys, thanks u so much ^^
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