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{BgB} Ch. 6 - The One and Only, Sadashi ItoEdited by: ravenblack.writer from InstagramWord Count: 4980Warnings: mentions of child and animal abuse, animal death, loss, angstSummary: As Hisoka and the gang get ready to head out, someone who lives in the town they are destined for is already hard at work. Someone who is most definitely one of a kind.~ ~ ~ Sadashi By the time Magikana, Abaki, Camilla, and Hisoka had awoken to start their day, another individual had already been awake and working for a couple of hours. In the town the quartet was destined for, a couple days' bus ride away, a nearly thirteen-year-old d at work on her family farm. Even though the morning sun had only been up for a few hours, the girl was already sweaty and dirty due to repairing a cattle fence all on her own. Despite the conditions of the hard work she was doing, and the long day ahead, she was in good spirits. Less than a couple of weeks from her thirteenth birthday, Sadashi Ito was short for her age. Despite her height, Sadashi was wiry, fast, and freakishly strong. Her green eyes shone bright with keen alertness honed sharp from playing both roles of predator and prey. Roles enacted in the thick forests and treacherous mountains that surrounded her farm home, as well as her home itself. Her wild, untamable light purple hair was the first feature that always caught people’s attention. Her older sisters hardly ever took her to town with them as they became annoyed and embarrassed from strangers always staring at them. Once, Sadashi’s older sisters, Asuri and Kimichi, tried dying her hair to make it look more normal. It was supposed to be the same shade brown as theirs, but it turned out hideous. A result that caused them to laugh and tease their little sister in some of the cruelest l of manners. To Sadashi’s relief, and her sisters’ annoyance and disappointment, the dye did not last long. Even though the product used was supposed to be permanent, it had completely faded away in less than a week. The natural color of her hair wasn’t the only odd thing about it. The violet locks that rested atop the girl’s head seemed to have a mind of their own as well. Whenever it was cut, it would grow back to the length it was originally at in just a matter of days. Once there, it would either grow very slowly or seemingly not at all. Running a brush through it was out of the question. If Sadashi or anyone else tried to brush her hair, it would become seriously tangled. So much so that the brush would even occasionally break, and yet, Sadashi and her two younger sisters could run their fingers through her hair no problem. The strange hair even seemed to react to the weather as well as some of Sadashi’s moods. Whenever a dangerously violent storm was on the way or Sadashi was feeling particularly angry or frightened, her hair would darken in shade and become wiry, practically standing out on end; not unlike that of an angry cat. When the weather was really nice or Sadashi was in a particularly good mood, the ends of her hair would form bouncy ringlets and lighter purple highlights would streak through. On cold days, her hair would lighten in shade; fluffing out slightly and become as soft as downy. She had yet to associate an emotion that paired with this state. Lastly, when Sadashi was exhausted or on days that were going to be hot and sunny, her hair would hang limply from her head and look dull. A state that her hair was in at the current moment. While she wasn’t tired yet, Sadashi knew it was gonna be a scorcher of a day. It was only a few hours old and the sun was already bearing down on her without mercy. Sadashi stood straight and wiped the sweat from her brow onto her forearm. She shaded her eyes so that she could glance at the sun to get an idea of the time. Once, she had a wristwatch, but it broke months ago during chores and she never got another one. She rarely ever had money, and gifts were even rarer. According to the sun’s position, it was well into the late morning. “Alrighty, break time~!” The preteen sing-songed aloud to herself. She walked over to a nearby tree where her water bottle and lunch box were resting within the shade. After removing her boots, Sadashi plopped down in the shin-high grass and sighed. She wasn’t quite done with the fence yet, but she knew she would have it done before it was time to go back home. A matter that would make her father happy, surely. She removed a ham and cheese sandwich from her lunch bag, unwrapped it, and took a bite. She stared up at the sky while she chewed her food, all the while rolling around the idea in her mind of her father ever being happy with her. She snickered. Like anything could ever really make that man happy. . . The corners of Sadashi’s mouth turned downward as images of her father’s rough, angry face glaring down at her flashed through her mind. Sadashi knew that Warren, her father, did not like her, nor love her. He never had. She knew he blamed her for him not having a son, even though it wasn’t her fault. That was just one of the many reasons he treated her so cruelly and violently. Not to mention the fact that Sadashi was very much a “tomboy” most likely made matters worse. She used to cry herself to sleep at night over not only her father’s lack of love and care but her mother’s and older sisters’ as well. While her mother never laid a harmful finger on her, she never said a kind word or tried to comfort her either. Her older sisters simply followed their father’s example. Especially the eldest, Asuri. It had been years now since she last cried herself to sleep, as not all of Sadashi’s family treated her so poorly. Her younger sisters, Satomi and Rin, loved Sadashi unconditionally. And their baby sister, Emmy, seemed to really like Sadashi as well. Even some of the villagers, while wary of her, were often kind. They were the majority of the very few positive things in her life. Sadashi quickly made short work of her lunch and emptied the last bit in her water bottle. She stood and stretched her whole tiny body, taking care to give her left arm some extra stretches and rotations. It was still a bit stiff from having been in a cast for a couple of weeks. She had only just gotten the cast removed the day before, despite the doctor’s reluctance. The doctor had originally estimated four to six weeks before Sadashi’s arm would be completely healed; she had managed it in two. Yet another oddity about this child, she was an impeccably fast healer. A fact that she was eternally grateful for, as she would most likely have died some time ago by her father’s hands if not for her accelerated healing and resilient body. Before putting her boots back on, Sadashi stripped off her socks and headed for the edge of the forest with her empty water bottle in hand. She wanted to refill it before she got back to work on the fence. Luckily, there was a nice stream just past the forest edge. A light smile graced the child’s lips as soon as the cool shadows of the forest trees touched her skin. She loved nearly everything there was about the forest. The cool inviting shade, sounds of active fauna and the wind as it rustled the trees, the countless smells of fresh and old flora. Sadashi also loved the foods the forest would provide year-round ranging from berries to nuts to roots. Not to mention the large variety of wild game. There was one thing that Warren did for which Sadashi was grateful : teaching her how to hunt. Now, the man didn’t do this out of the kindness of his heart or as an attempt to bond with her; the family was growing and he just needed the extra hands. At the age of nine, Sadashi was just as strong, if not stronger, than her eldest sister who was nearly four years older than her. Hunting and tracking were Warren’s jobs. He would guide groups of people deep into the forests and mountains to hunt the larger, more dangerous game throughout the different seasons of the year. So as to make sure Sadashi would be a useful pair of hands, her father had taught her just about everything he knew. From what was safe to eat and what wasn’t, identifying medicinal herbs, how to find clean water, build a shelter, read the weather, tell the difference between old and fresh tracks, what tracks belong to what animal, and so on and so forth. It was more likely than not he expected his daughter to fail, giving him all the more reason to punish her. But to his surprise, Sadashi picked up on all his lessons and took to hunting like a veteran hound on a fresh scent. She more than enjoyed it, she loved it. She could sit motionless in a stand for hours, but Sadashi always preferred to stalk her prey instead. A strange calm would fall across her when she would stalk the woods. Her skin would prickle with excitement when she would pick up a trail, her heart would quicken as the scent got stronger. For someone with so few years out in the field, Sadashi’s tracking and kill record was impressive for her age. Even to her father. Along with the hunting and survival lessons came weapons training. Warren was hesitant to teach Sadashi how to use them. However, if she were to be his assistant, she would need to know how to handle the tools of the trade. So he taught her how to use both melee and ranged weapons. Sadashi was a little slower on the pickup with these lessons. Especially since melee, such as hunting knives and spears, required a closer range. She was terrified to come into range of her father’s powerful and potentially deadly strikes. But over time, and many a bruise and cut later, Sadashi became just as skilled with melee as she was with ranged. To her own surprise, she found that the hunting knife was her favorite weapon overall. It was easy to hide, easy to handle, and silent. Sadashi preferred silence, as it allowed her to listen to her surroundings all the better. She was remarkably stealthy even when she moved along the forest floor. So much so that she now naturally walked in silence, much to the dismay of her siblings. She had a bad habit of “unintentionally” sneaking up on them. The years of harsh lessons and exhausting training paid off, and showed as she approached her destination. Without a single rustle of a leaf or snap of a twig, Sadashi made it to the stream's edge. She examined the clear waters as they flowed past her steadily. It looks to be moving at a steady pace, Sadashi thought to herself. Before she refilled her water bottle, the young huntress lowered herself down and brought her nose close to the water’s surface. Her tiny nostrils flared as she took a deep breath and held it for a moment. Smells safe, let’s see. She dipped the tip of her tongue into the cool liquid and rubbed it around inside her mouth, tasting the sample carefully. During this time of year, small streams like this one can become too sluggish, allowing harmful bacteria and parasites to fester. But everything checked out. Sadashi dipped her puckered lips into the flowing water and sucked in great mouthfuls until her thirst was more than satisfied. She refilled her bottle and returned to her spot near the fence. After brushing her feet off and putting her socks and shoes back on, she went back to work repairing the fence. Removing any rotten or damaged boards and replacing them with new ones. She also made sure to take note of the conditions of the posts. Sadashi wasn’t much of a singer. Despite her sharp hearing, she was horribly tone-deaf but would hum while she worked nonetheless. She would allow her mind to wander a bit when doing tedious tasks such as what she was doing now. She wondered what might be for dinner, if she had any other chores before bed, when the next hunt might be, and thought about how she would most definitely need a bath later. Hours passed and Sadashi took only a few more breaks to cool off, snack, and stay hydrated. Occasionally walking back to the stream to refill her water bottle. By the time she was done, the day was finally beginning to cool and the sun was low enough that the sky had started to change color. The blue that sat high most of the day now had a violet hue and the clouds were pinkish-orange. It wouldn’t be long until the stars would begin to blink into sight. Sadashi gathered all the tools she had brought along and put them in a bucket near the fence post. She also stuffed her food wrappers and bag down into the bucket so as to not leave any trash. While she was bent over the bucket, a small sound caught her ear. Something was approaching Sadashi at a steady pace. She straightened and listened carefully, eyes turned and focused in the direction the noise was coming from. Sadashi could tell it was bipedal and not much smaller than herself. Her hand slowly lifted to the handle of the hunting knife strapped to her hip. Although animal attacks were low this close to the farm, there were countless dangerous beasts in the forest nearby. Not to mention the occasional group of bandits who would call the forest their home. To not carry a weapon when so close to the tree line was considered foolish in these parts. However, Sadashi quickly realized she had nothing to worry about as a familiar cry called out from around the bend. “Sadaaaaashiiiiii!?” It was her second youngest sister, Rin. “Over here, Rin,” Sadashi replied. “And no so loud, stupid, you trying to attract trouble?” A six-year-oldd girl with honey brown curly hair rounded the bend of trees. Upon spotting her older sister, Rin came up to her at a light run. “That’s mean, Dashi,” the little girl panted, hot and out of breath. “Don’t call me stupid!” Her face was red and shone with sweat; her hair hung limply from the heat. Sadashi smirked, then reached up and poked her little sister in the forehead when she was within reach. “Well, don’t act stupid and I won’t call you stupid,” the preteen reasoned. “You know someone your size shouldn’t make too much noise out here, not to mention you shouldn’t be running around in the heat like you were.” “I know,” Rin said. She rubbed her forehead where Sadashi poked her, looked down at her feet, and kicked at the grass. “I just wanted to let you know that Kimichi said dinner would be ready soon. I thought you would have run out of food a long time ago and would be pretty hungry now.” Sadashi opened her mouth to reply only to be interrupted by a large, audible growl from her stomach. She rubbed her belly and let out a small, embarrassed laugh. “It looks like you're not wrong, Rinny. How about we head home, don’t want to keep everyone else waiting, right?” Rin looked up at Sadashi with a wide grin and sparkling green eyes. Same eyes as Sadashi, like their mother. “Okay!” she chirped. Rin then held out her hand expectantly. Being only six years old, she was often afraid of the dark. With night rapidly approaching and being so close to the woods she had received so many warnings about, Sadashi was not surprised her little sister wanted to hold her hand on the walk back home. Sadashi smiled, wiped sweat and dirt off her hand onto her overalls then took her little sister’s hand. As the siblings turned and began to head back home, Rin giggled. “What is it?” Sadashi inquired, gazing down and raising a single eyebrow. “I just think it’s funny you call me ‘small’ when you’re not that much taller than me,” Rin said with another giggle. Sadashi scowled a little and grumbled under her breath, “I just haven’t hit my growth spurt yet, okay?” This only caused Rin to laugh outright. Once she had calmed down from her laughing fit, the walk became quiet minus the rustle of grass beneath their feet and the breeze in the trees. The way back along the fence line towards home would take about twenty minutes, so Sadashi decided to strike up a conversation. “So, Rinny, what did you do today while I was working out here?” “Oh! Mama, Asuri, and me went to town today!,” Rin replied cheerfully. The family did own a vehicle, but with Warren being the penny pincher he was, it was only used for long drives past town. This was fine with Rin as she loved riding in the horse-drawn wagon. She would sing little children’s songs while gazing at the scenery. “Kimichi stayed home to watch Emmy and do house stuff, while Satomi has been caring for the animals. Some of the chickens are still sick.” Sadashi smiled a little at the mention of her sister less than a year younger than herself. Soft-spoken Satomi was so kind and gentle; she was bound to become an amazing healer someday. She had even started saving money in her own little piggy bank for tuition to go to medical school. The warm feeling was fleeting as Sadashi realized Rin had left a family member out of her little update. Her smile faded and her stomach tightened a little. “So, what has papa been up to then?” Despite trying to keep the same tone of voice she had just been using, Sadashi’s words had a bit of an icy edge to them as they fell away from her lips. Rin was quiet at first, her own smile fading as well. She knew how much Sadashi and Warren did not get along. Her little hand squeezed Sadashi’s hand tighter. “Papa. . . He’s. . . He’s been over at mister Kaji’s house all day. . .” her voice was soft with concern. Mr. Kaji was one of Warren’s hunting buddies, and a long-time drinking pal. Whenever he spent the day over there, he almost always came home reeking of alcohol. The drink tended to make Warren more short-tempered than he already was and all the more aggressive. The sinking feeling Sadashi now had in her gut made her feel like she had swallowed a large rock. Silence fell over the two sisters as they continued along their way, dread consuming what little happiness there had been. Glancing down, Sadashi could see little Rin was both frightened and concerned. Even though Sadashi was usually Warren’s main outlet for his aggression, it was not uncommon for him to lash out at the others. To make matters worse, he rarely ever pulled his punches when he was drunk, which made him all the more dangerous for Sadashi’s younger siblings. Sadashi suppressed a scowl that tried to form on her lips. Thoughts of her father attacking her siblings made her blood roll to a slow boil. She tried to offer her sister some comfort instead. “It’ll be okay, Rinny,” she assured her, “you know I will always be there to protect you.” Sadashi meant every word of it as it wouldn’t be the first time, and most likely not the last time, she would come between her father and one of her little sisters. “That’s not what I’m afraid of,” Rin sniffled. Her little hand began to shake within Sadashi’s bigger one and tears started to form in her eyes. “I don’t want you to get hurt again.” "Aw, don't worry about me, Rinny. You know I'm tough. I can take whatever papa has to throw at me. As long as you, Emmy, and Satomi are safe and unharmed, that's all I care about." Again, it was the truth; they were the only reason Sadashi stuck around. They seemed to be the only people in the world that truly cared about her, and never thought of her as anything other than their protective big sister whom they trusted and loved wholeheartedly. If it wasn't for them, Sadashi would have most likely run away from home a long time ago. That, or found some other way out of this life she found herself within… Sadashi then spotted the first sign that indicated the two of them were almost home. The chicken coop had come into view and Sadashi could see a warm light spilling from the open doorway. Pouncing on the opportunity to change the topic, Sadashi lifted her hand and pointed towards the coop. “Look, Rinny, there’s the hen house. And it looks like Satomi is-” “Satomi!!” Rin instantly stopped scrubbing at her face with her free hand and made a mad dash for the coop. The young girl bolted through the small open door upon reaching her destination, disappearing inside. Sadashi sounded a noise akin to that of an amused snort. She envied her little sister’s ability to go from sad and worried to happy and excited in the blink of an eye. Shaking her head slightly, the preteen sauntered up to the coop at her own pace yet paused at the doorway. She leaned forward and poked her head in through the door, peering around within. The chickens were all in their nest boxes or perched on their favorite roosts. Rin had squat down next to another girl who was knelt down on the floor reaching into one of the nest boxes. She gently stroked a large, white speckled hen sitting inside. Upon sticking her head in, the girl looked up and over at Sadashi with big, warm brown eyes. "Oh, hey Sadashi,” the girl greeted kindly. Her voice was warm and soothing. It was one of the factors that made her so good with the animals and smaller children. "Hey Satomi," Sadshi replied, "How's Miss Chickadee?" Satomi looked back down at the chicken she was petting and nodded a little. "She passed the egg that was causing problems, so, I think she will be just fine." "Guess she's not up for the cooking pot just yet, eh?" Sadashi was joking, of course, but Satomi rarely ever found her dark humor to be amusing. She shot her older sister an annoyed glance. "Not funny, Sadashi," she muttered. Despite being such an avid hunter, Sadashi truly loved animals. Taking care to always make the quickest most painless kills possible, and only ever taking what was needed. That, or what her father ordered her to take. Sadashi had even had a cat once, a sweet gray tabby that followed her home from town. It was named Silver. It would sleep with Sadashi every night, the warmth and purrs of the beast kept her loneliness at bay. Sadly, the poor thing was no longer around. Sadashi’s father came home drunk one night and tripped over Silver. Warren instantly flew into a rage and beat the small animal to near death with his boots and bare hands. He then left Silver to die and be found wherever it crawled off to. Sadashi found her dying friend in her bed. Its breath was broken and raspy as its ribcage rose and fell unevenly. Since there was nothing that Sadashi nor Satomi could do for Silver, Sadashi curled around her furry companion and comforted it the best she could long past the point of passing. The next morning, she buried the one and only friend she had ever had in a beautiful clearing within the forest. It was then that Sadashi had decided not to take in any more pets until she was long gone from this hell hole she called home. With all that said, Satomi’s love for animals was very strong as well. She was the one who cared for just about any injury or illness an animal would have. She would speak kindly to them as she treated them, her warm voice and soothing words always seemed to keep even the wildest of beasts calm. Rin fully believed Satomi could even talk to animals; which, of course, she could not. However, it wasn't just animals Satomi was good with, she was really good with people as well. Both adults and children. She had a calming aura that made you relax around her and trust her. Even open up and talk to her about whatever weighed heavily on their mind at that point in time. There had been many a time she had found Sadashi mad or stressed out and she would calm her down by simply sitting next to her in silence. "Aww, come on Satomi, you know I'm joking," Sadashi said as she entered the chicken coop and walked over to her sisters. She squatted down, reached over, and lightly scratched Miss Chickadee on the side of the neck, causing her to make a low murmur of content. Sadashi then grinned mischievously. "But you gotta admit, this fat hen is gonna be tasty when her time comes." "You're awful!" Satomi stated. She was mostly vegetarian when she could get away with it. Satomi gave her older sister a rude shove which threw Sadashi off balance and caused her to fall back on her rear, laughing. Rin tried to stifle a giggle behind her hands and Satomi even smirked a little. She then stood up with a sigh and grabbed the basket with eggs and medical supplies for animals. "Come on girls, we better head inside." Despite Sadashi being older, Satomi always seemed to be the one in charge when it was just the three of them. Sadashi and Rin followed Satomi outside. Being the last to exit the coop, Sadashi shut off the lights on her way out. Satomi turned to Rin as she walked towards the house and smiled. "So, did anything exciting happen when you were in town today?" Rin hummed in thought for a moment. She then stopped and gasped, her eyes growing large. "I almost forgot!" her voice had risen to a near shout, "We saw papers showing that there's going to be a circus in town! It’s going to be held as part of the Harvest Festival!" "Oh, that does sound exciting," Satomi chuckled lightly, amused at her little sister’s excitement. Sadashi stopped walking as well and looked at Rin, then at Satomi. "What's a circus?" Their parents really didn't let Sadashi leave the farm very often. While the word sounded familiar, like she had read it somewhere at some point, she couldn’t recall what it was. "Oh, it's a group of people that travel and put on a show doing tricks for entertainment. Usually, there are games with prizes and all kinds of food," Satomi explained. " Sometimes they even have animals from other lands. Takibi told me about them when he and his parents got back from their summer travels." Satomi blushed a little at the mention of her crush. "That sounds like so much fun!" Rin cheered. "Yeah.." Sadashi sighed and tucked her hands inside her overalls, "Shame we probably won't be allowed to go to it. . ." "But, why not~?" Rin whined. "You know mama and papa aren't into that kind of thing, they would never take us. Besides, something like that probably costs money." "Oh..." Rin replied with a tone of disappointment. Her little head and shoulders drooped as she started walking back towards the house again. Satomi gave her sister a scathing look and hissed, "Why do you always have to be such a stick in the mud?" Sadashi flinched and scratched behind her head. "I was only telling the truth," she muttered. Then she perked up. "Come on Rin, we don't need a circus to have fun! We can have our own fun! See! I can do tricks, too!" Sadashi took a couple of steps forward and brought her hands down to the ground, throwing her feet up into the air, making herself do a handstand. "That's not a trick, Sadashi," Rin replied quietly. "Oh yeah?" She grinned, "Then how about this?" After focusing for a moment, she brought one hand up, leaving the other on the ground. Sadashi wobbled a bit, but she was in a full one-handed handstand. "You've been practicing," commented Satomi. Sadashi’s grin grew wider. "Yeah, now watch this!" Dropping her hand down, she started to run after her sisters while still performing her trick. To the younger sisters, this looked freakishly weird in the low light around them. They squealed and ran away from their older sister, laughing. Sadashi gave chase. It was moments like these that Sadashi treasured greatly. This moments that made her stay home. Moments that chased away the darkness and showed a little more light into her life. But that's all they were, moments. And moments never lasted very long. Light suddenly spilled into the yard as the back door to the house was thrown open. A large, ominous figure stood in the doorway, causing a shadow to splay across the grass. Satomi and Rin froze in their tracks and Sadashi lost her balance, falling to the ground. With the light coming out from behind the figure, all they could see was a silhouette of the person. None could see their facial features or expression at all. But the three kids knew who the person was by the shape alone, and all three of them simultaneously swallowed. "You're late," came a stern, cold male voice, "Get inside, now!"

Mature Content

{BgB} Ch. 5 - Whispers of the CardsWord Count: 6214 Summary: Hisoka learns what became of him in the alley after he was rendered unconscious. Magikana receives a little more insight into the past of her apprentice through the means of fortune telling.Warnings(TW): mentions of homophobia, angst, mentions of self harm/suicide, mentions of past abuse/rape, blood mentioned, vaguely mentions of underage masturbation, cartomancy~~~Hisoka A warm, bright light slowly penetrated Hisoka's closed eyelids, steadily rousing his conscious mind. He could tell he was laying on something soft and was covered with some sort of blanket. His thoughts faltered. Something about this felt… familiar. Hisoka took an abrupt intake of breath as memories of his nightmare came crashing forward. His eyes snapped open and looked wildly about the room, half expecting to see the rotting corpse of his mother, ready and waiting to pounce him once again. He was more than a little relieved to find no such monstrosity. Hisoka took a deep breath through his nose, wincing a little due to the tenderness of his ribs. Staring at the ceiling, his mind wandered while he tried to recall what happened last night. It was strange that the memories of his nightmare, an event that didn’t really happen, were much more clear than the memories of what really did happen. His eyes began to roam when his attention was captured by the sound of someone snoring softly. He turned his head to see a covered figure of someone laying beside him atop his blankets with their back facing him. Who? ♣ Hisoka then spotted familiar auburn hair sticking out from atop the blanket. Oh, it’s Abaki. ♡ She must have fallen asleep after I did and Kana covered her up when she checked in on us. ♡ Even though Abaki was asleep, he was grateful for the company. He turned his gaze back towards the slightly cracked ceiling above. His stomach growled loudly and he wondered when his trainer would be by again to check on them. As if on cue, Magikana pushed open the door to the room and came in with little noise.Looking in her direction, Hisoka saw she was carrying a tray with food on it. The teen’s stomach growled even louder when the delicious aromas wafted from the tray and reached his nose. The sound of his stomach was loud enough to catch the magician’s attention. She turned and smiled down at her apprentice. “Ah, you are avake, good,” she set the tray down on the nightstand beside the bed. Hisoka pushed himself into an upright sitting position and glanced over at the tray. His mouth watered when he saw there were two helpings of oatmeal with butter and cinnamon sugar, fried eggs, crispy bacon, fresh fruit, and mugs of warm honey tea. For the first time in quite a while, Hisoka had a voracious appetite. He felt like he had not eaten in days. Movement beside him signaled that Abaki was waking up as well. She stretched with a groan and rolled over. When she opened her violet eyes to see Hisoka and Magikana both looking down at her, she blinked. “Oh,” the trainee mumbled sleepily, “morning.” “Actually,” Kana chuckled warmly as she handed Hisoka his bowl of oatmeal, “it is vell past noon. Cook vas nice enough to make breakfast foods for you two.” “What?!” Abaki yelped, suddenly wide awake and sitting up. “But, what about the others? Are they still here?” The magician's face fell and she shook her head slowly. “The others have gone ahead, they could no longer stay.” Magikana looked at their horrified faces before her and burst out laughing. “Do not be so vorried, little vuns,” she stated in an amused and whimsical manner. “Once Hisoka is fit for travel, ve vill be on our own way to join zem.” With those words, the two teens released their collective breaths and relaxed. However, nearly as soon as Hisoka felt relieved he felt a wave of guilt wash over him. They were left behind because of me… ♠ Frowning, Hisoka hadn’t even realized he had set his bowl down until Magikana spoke to him. “It is okay, little vun,” she said softly, “Is not your fault. And ones at fault are gone.” Hisoka looked at Magikana and opened his mouth to question only to have his teacher quickly raise her hand, cutting him off. “Eat first,” she instructed sternly. “Vill explain all once food is gone.” It was relatively quiet as the two teens hungrily ravaged their food. Magikana quietly sat beside the bed as she sipped her own mug of warm tea while scrolling through her phone. Once the dishes were empty and stacked nicely on the tray, the magician put her phone away and sighed. “Where to begin..” The magician frowned, tapping her finger on her leg in thought. “Hisoka,” she started hesitantly, “you have been unconscious not so better part of four days.” Hisoka had a feeling this was the case, so he wasn’t really surprised at the news. He continued to stare at his trainer, waiting for her to keep going. But, for the first time in the few months he’d known her, Magikana seemed unsure what to say next. She even appeared to be unsettled by what she was trying to tell him. “What happened to me? ♣” he croaked. It was painfully obvious that Hisoka’s vocal cords were still injured. He did sound a great deal better than last night, however. The magician opened her mouth to speak, yet the words appeared stuck in her throat. Hisoka could see pain and anger begin to show in her eyes. The emotions confused him, causing him to tilt his head a little. Abaki tentatively raised her hand, “I could help tell what happened.” Her voice sounded small, almost timid. At this, Magikana swallowed hard and gave her head a single, solemn nod. The acrobat trainee nodded in response. She took a deep, shaky breath and looked down at her hands as she wrung them together. “When you didn’t meet me to go to the beach, I thought maybe you were still helping Kana. Or that maybe you didn’t hear me over the crowd,” she started slowly. “So I went to find you both, but she was alone. When I asked her about you, she said that you had gone to meet me, and I became worried. I went to look for you. Kana said she would help if I couldn’t find you by the time she was done cleaning up. I was walking along the buildings when I heard...” She faltered, Abaki wet her lips and glanced at Hisoka and Magikana before she continued, “I heard Drake and Jasper. They were talking loudly while coming out of an alley. Something told me to hide, so I ducked behind some barrels where I could watch them. Drake was laughing, teasing Jasper about how he was a horrible fighter. And how that skinny little fag-” Abaki paused, unable to bring herself to say the full word, “How that person wouldn’t be around to get in the way anymore thanks to himself.” “I just knew they were talking about you, and as soon as they were out of sight I ran into the alley to look for you. I found traces of blood on the ground, but that’s all I could find. I knew they did something to you s-so I ran back t-to find K-kana a-and…” Body trembling, her words stuttered to a stop. Abaki’s eyes brimmed with tears, a single drop falling to her white knuckled fists. Hesitantly, Hisoka reached over and began to rub his friend’s back in attempts to aid in some form of comfort. He was concerned for her, he had seen her upset before, but not like this. “We found you in dumpster,” the magician continued in Abaki’s place. Her voice had become cold and unforgiving as the scenes of that night replayed behind her eyes. Hisoka looked back at her to see the expression on her face matched the tone of voice. “From condition, zey obviously had continued zeir assault vile you vere unable to fight back. I carried you back to inn, ven doctor made sure you vere stable and vould live, I confronted Drake and Jasper with Moritonio. Zey denied it at first, but Abaki told vaht she heard. Camilla came forvard as vell.” Hisoka blinked, “Camilla? ♣” “My brother had been saying how much he hated you, and wanted to… hurt you, for sometime now,” a voice cut in. All three of them turned to the source of the newcomer to find Camilla peaking through the door Magikana had left cracked open. Her eyes were red, and somewhat swollen; a dour expression rested upon her tear stained face. She glanced at the small group looking her direction before pushing the door further open to step into the room. “I-I’m sorry,” she stated softly, “I didn’t mean to interrupt.” “It is alright, my dear,” Magikan replied gently and gestured to a chair near the bed on Abaki’s side. Camilla hesitated then set the bag of supplies down on the floor close to the wall, closed the door softly, and shuffled across the room to sit in the chair. Hisoka watched Camilla as she settled into her seat with a defeated posture. She glanced up at him and held his gaze. Her soft brown eyes were burdened with grief and sorrow. Tears began to dot the corners of her eyes the longer she looked at Hisoka. “I am so sorry, Hisoka,” she sobbed, “I honestly didn’t think my brother would do this to you. I’ve always known h-him to be s-so gentle.” Camilla broke the eye contact she was holding with Hisoka and her expression darkened with anger and hatred. “I still blame that homophobic bastard, Drake,” she seethed, “he poisoned Jasper and turned him into what he is now.” She shook her head and furiously scrubbed at her eyes with the palms of her hands. Tears of a multitude of emotion were now streaming down her face. Hisoka stared at Camilla with a neutral expression while Abaki tried to comfort her; speaking gentle words and holding her hand. Something tells me Drake didn’t have to taint Jasper very much for his inner demons to come out, ♣ Hisoka thought to himself. He turned his gaze to his trainer who was also watching Abaki and Camilla with a doleful look. However, Hisoka could still see anger smoldering in her eyes. “Where are they now? Jasper and Drake? ♣” he inquired. She took a slow, deep breath in and out through her nose before responding, “Exiled from zee troupe. Once Moritonio was positive zey had committed such crimes, zey vere both told to leave and zat zey had no chance of ever rejoining his troupe. Zere hatred to zose vizen zee troupe vill not be tolerated.” Hisoka blinked and furrowed his brow as he processed what his trainer had just told him. He felt elated that his assailants were gone and could no longer trouble him; yet dissatisfied that banishment was the only punishment they received for nearly taking his life. The corners of his mouth dipped down and his hands curled into fits, this did not bode well with him. “Is that really all the punishment they received? ♠” Camilla, Abaki, and Magikana all looked at Hisoka with expressions of apprehension. Hisoka could feel his anger coil and writhe inside him like agitated snakes. Their venom ran hot through his veins and his eye twitched. “They nearly took my life, shouldn’t there be a greater repercussion for their actions? ♠” “Hisoka, I know you’re mad, but, what more do you think should be done?” Abaki asked. She was leaning forward in an attempt to see Hisoka’s face and get a better read on his thoughts. “The troupe meant everything to Drake, and I’m the only family Jasper has left,” Camilla added, “They lost all that was dear to them because of what they did to you. They lost their livelihood. Isn't that enough?” Hisoka opened his mouth to answer vehemently but caught himself. He took note of the looks on Abaki and Camilla’s face. Magikana watched him carefully with narrowing eyes. “Vaht, exactly, do you zink would have been enough, little vun?” It dawned on Hisoka there would most likely be trouble if he continued further on his current train of thought. They simply did not see the world as he did. He would need to change things up and play a different hand. “It’s just, shouldn’t the authorities have been called as well? How do you know they won’t commit hate crimes on someone else? ♣” he whispered, feigning concern. He honestly didn’t care what Drake or Jasper did to anyone else besides Abaki and Magikana; maybe Camilla as well since her demise would greatly affect Abaki. “Hmm,” the magician hummed, looking over her apprentice as though she didn’t fully believe his words. However, she answered none the less. “Tonio did not want zem involved in zee troup’s business. He figured banishment vould be good enough.” Hisoka pressed his lips together tightly. Despite his own frustrations, he knew there was no point in arguing further. Nodding his head in response he allowed his posture to droop and a look of exhaustion washed of him. He forged a yawn to seal the look. With a full belly of good food combined with a bruised and battered body, Hisoka was indeed tired; just not as tired as he portrayed. Seemingly, the ruse was enough to fool his trainer; as she smiled softly and gently ruffled his hair. “Rest, little vun, the sooner you recover zee better,” she stood and collected the tray of dirty breakfast dishes. “Abaki, Camilla, come vith me.” Abaki gave Hisoka a very gentle shoulder bump along with a small smile. “I’ll see you after you get some more rest, okay, Hiso?” Hisoka only responded with a tired smile. Abaki slid off the bed and Camilla retrieved a bottle of water from the bag she had brought in with her. Not looking at Hisoka, she placed it on the nightstand then turned to head out of the room. She and Abaki followed Magikana out of the room, closing the door softly behind them. The falsetto smile fell away from Hisoka’s lips the moment he heard the door knob latch into place. A snarl curled his lips in place of the smile, his eyes narrowed and white hot anger prickled the back of his neck. Those two got off too easily,♠ his mind seethed, fists tightening around his covers in a merciless deathgrip. He wanted to find them, do horrible things to them, but he knew now was not the time. He was wounded and needed to heal, regain his strengths. But once he did, there would be other matters. Jasper wouldn’t be a problem; Drake, on the other hand, has much more experience than I do...♠ Hisoka shifted his pillows around and settled back while in thought. I need to train more, become stronger. ♣ He twitched when sudden memories seared his mind. Flashes of being held down, beaten, abused, and raped. No… Not just stronger, I need to become the strongest.♢ He was usually the weaker one in past situations, never able to defend and fight back effectively. Hisoka did know how to fight, somewhat, as he was a very quick learner. He had watched others fight and ended up in more than his fair share around the area he had once lived with his mother. For someone with so little experience, Hisoka would be considered a pretty decent fighter by most. However, “decent” was not good enough for the red haired teen. Not only did Hisoka want to become stronger, he wanted to become the best fighter there ever was and ever would be. He felt a wicked, sadistic grin spread wide across his face as he imagined himself older and more experienced while fighting Drake. Hisoka would toy with him, making Drake suffer as his spirit broke and slowly crumbled before the mighty red haired fighter. He would be sure to take his time, savoring every ounce of pain and misery his opponent would experience; all while a crushed and dying Jasper lay at his feet like a crumpled worthless doll. Hisoka let out a small, quiet moan as he imagined a broken and defeated Drake begging an older Hisoka to spare his life. These thoughts of absolutely dominating and destroying his opponents were beginning to arouse him. Something that often happened when the teen would become lost in these morbid daydreams. Not long before he left home, Hisoka had found himself daydreaming about harming and destroying those that had harmed him. He had been a little surprised to find that not only did he really enjoy these thoughts, but had been aroused by them as well. He knew that any “normal” person would be horrified by this, but now Hisoka found it to be more curious than anything. In truth, he had indeed been disturbed by his reactions at first. But after a little experimenting with himself, Hisoka found the experience to be quite pleasurable in a matter he actually enjoyed. Interestingly enough, he noticed that he even seemed to enjoy certain types of pain that would highlight the pleasures. And once he was done and spent, he felt calmer and more clear minded once having been relieved by the mental images of his enemies broken and beaten. A state that Hisoka now found himself in once he had calmed down from his high and cleaned himself up. He settled back against his pillows, tilted his head back, and closed his eyes. His mind carefully went over his current situation and what options he had before him. It’s not like I can do a lot of physical training just yet, ♠ he mused, But I do suppose I could practice my Ten. Hisoka adjusted his position a bit then turned his focus inward, concentrating on his aura.Magikana A little over a week had passed since Hisoka had violently awoken from his coma. The day after the horrific event, an easy routine fell into place. Hisoka would rest and take things easy while Abaki and Camilla would explore the town and beach. On occasion Magikana would join them, collecting starfish and buying fresh fruits from the local market. After Hisoka had a few days to rest, Abaki started to join him for Nen practice. During these times, Camilla would hang around Magikana who had taken notice of the girl's reluctance to be alone for too long. “How are you holding up, my dear?” Kana asked one day while the two sipped tea and read books in the warm sunshine near the peers. Having been lost in her book, the girl jumped when she realized she was being spoken to. “Oh, uh, fine I guess,” she stammered softly. She continued staring at the same word for a few more minutes then sighed, closed the book, and set it in her lap. The fire dancer trainee met the magician's gentle gaze before she spoke. “Kana, I know Hisoka is your apprentice, but,” she hesitated, not sure it was wise to continue. Magikana held her smile in place as she closed her own book, giving the young teen her full attention. “It is alright child, I know Hisoka can be… difficult.” “Tch, that’s an understatement,” Camilla muttered under her breath. Magikana felt an eyebrow twitch and was thankful Camilla didn’t see it. “I know you and Abaki trust him, but do you really think he’s safe?” “Vaht do you mean?” the elder one inquired. Camilla sighed once more and rubbed her arm. “I dunno, I just get this feeling that Hisoka is… unstable? I feel like he could do a lot of harm if he got angry enough. I mean, you saw how he started to react when he felt Jasper and Drake didn’t receive enough for what they did. I seriously thought he was going to lash out or something.” Magikana mulled over the trainee’s words for a bit. She had indeed seen the anger in her student’s eyes and sensed the malice churning in his aura. This negative energy was often called “bloodlust” among nen users. And even though the magician could not see nen nor create nen of her own, her natural senses could feel it; much like a sixth sense. “Like many in zee troupe, Hisoka has suffered more zan his fair share of hardships, even at so young,” Magikana started slowly, “I believe he suffered great ordeals before ve found him. Maybe even forced to do terrible things. Zere is anger and hurt inside him, causes him to lash out before he has time to zink.” Magikana paused in her words, choosing what to say next very carefully. “You ask if Hisoka is safe to be around, I honestly believe he is. But like anyone else, he has limits. Drake and Jasper not only harassed zose he cares about, but hurt him and left him for dead. He has every right to feel zee way he does.” Camilla worried her lip as she thought about what the magician said. It looked as if she wanted to argue against what Magikana was saying, yet she remained silent. She shifted her gaze out to the ocean leaving the choice of action open to either silence or continued conversation. Camilla was not a confrontational person and rarely spoke her mind unless she was severely emotional or absolutely sure about what she had to say. “You do not have to like Hisoka, my dear,” Magikana gave the young teen a gentle smile, “just try to be understanding.” The trainee glanced at Magikana and nodded, returning the smile with a small one of her own. Magikana gave a single nod of her head then stood and stretched. The sun was slowly beginning to set, alighting the sky in a beautiful array of warm colors. “I am heading back to zee inn, vould you care to join me?” “Mmm, no, thank you,” Camilla replied while staring out to sea, “I think I am going to remain here for a little longer.” Her voice drifted off in thought. “Suit yourself.” On the way back to Hisoka’s room the magician ran into the acrobat trainee. “Oh! Hi Kana,” the teen glanced behind the magician, “Cammy not with you?” “Cammy?” Magikana questioned, raising an eyebrow as a knowing smile crept only her lips. “Ah! I mean Camilla!” Abaki flustered as her cheeks started to darken with blush. The magician chuckled and she thumbed over her shoulder. “Thanks!” Abaki then ran down the rest of the steps and out the inn’s front entryway. “Ah, young love,” Magikana chuckled to herself and sighed as she briefly reminisced about her own romance days past. She continued up the stairs and headed to Hisoka’s room to find his door wide open. There, she found a tired looking Hisoka sitting alone at a table and starting a game of solitaire with himself. He had been secluding himself away since the incident; often deep in thought and spoke in as few words as possible. The only company he accepted was when he and Abaki would practice nen or he would practice magic tricks with Magikana, and even then he didn’t respond like he normally would. This bothered the magician. For the few months she had known Hisoka, he never seemed to be much of a people person; one may even consider him to be a bit shy. But he was usually more than willing to be friendly and talkative when it came to the company of Abaki or Magikana. Even the company of Moritonio was liked by the lad. But this withdrawn, quite Hisoka was not the same boy she had quickly grown to care about. She knew he was hurting; maybe even suffering. The doctor had given him the all clear just yesterday, so physically he was fine. It was after Abaki had fully told him about the events of the night he had come so close to death by his own hands that Hisoka seemed to retreat within himself. While Magikana had tried to get him to talk to her about what was going on in his head, she didn’t want to push the matter too hard out of concern it would cause a negative impact. Magikana quietly approached Hisoka and sat in the empty chair across from him. He glanced up at her and gave her a small, tired small then returned back to his game with a pensive expression. The two sat in silence for a while, both of them focusing on the cards being played. As the magician watched Hisoka slowly sort the cards it reminded her something, giving her an idea. “Did you know,” Magikana started quietly, “zat zere is a vay to predict zee future by using zese very cards?” Hisoka paused in his action and looked up at his trainer with a single thin eyebrow quirked up. Magikana took this as an answer. “Ah, so you did not know. Vell,” she picked up and examined the Jack of Hearts, “it is practice called ‘cartomancy.’ Each card has meaning, and ven played in a spread, zey can answer questions or tell your fortune.” “Sounds like superstitious nonsense to me, ♣” the boy chuckled with faint amusement, “especially coming from someone who can’t see or use nen. ♠” “Zere is more to zee world zan zose who are nenless and zose who can use it, little vun,” Magikana replied candidly, “it is not all black and vite, zere is so much grey. I vould say I fall into zat grey area, no?” Hisoka pondered for a moment then gave a small shrug with a head tilt and nodded. Magikana had proven on more than one occasion she had some abnormally keen sense for one who was nenless. “Yes, but simple playing cards telling one's fortune? That still seems to be a little far fetched. ♣” Magikana chuckled, “Vell, if you are so sure, how about we give it a try?” Hisoka smirked, leaned back in his chair, and made a hand gesture over the cards on the table for his trainer to take them. Pleased to be getting more of a reaction out of her apprentice, Magikana returned the smirk and quickly swept up the cards with expert hands. “Ve vill do simple spread,” she explained while shuffling the cards in a blur of motion, “I vill have you draw zree cards zree times, setting zem down from left to right, top to bottom.” She set the deck down and sat back in her chair as Hisoka followed her instruction. Once Hisoka had made a three-by-three square out of the cards, his trainer continued. “Zee top row represents the past,” Magikana noticed Hisoka stiffen ever so slightly. She carried on, “zee middle row is for zee present, and of course, zee last row is to show zee possible future. Now, please turn zee top row face up.” Hisoka hesitated to follow orders this time. He even looked as though he had paled somewhat. “Vaht is wrong, little vun? It is only silly superstition, yes?” Hisoka forced a chuckle and waved his hand dismissively at the rows of cards. “Of course, nothing to fear. ♣” Yet the apprentice still hesitated. “Hisoka, my dear, I promise you zat vaht ever zee cards show will be kept between you and me. It is no business of any vun else. Okay?” Magikana’s voice was warm and gentle, her expression kind and caring. The apprentice looked his master in the face, carefully studying it. Is he really so scared I vill judge him for his past? I vonder… Slowly, Hisoka reached for the cards and flipped them one at a time, revealing the seven of hearts, queen of spades, and two of spades. Magikana made sure to keep her face in a neutral expression as she studied the cards and mentally sorted their meanings. A dark haired vomen vith broken promises and deceit. Zere vas tough choices and change, too… Could zis have been a family member? She took in a breath through her nose before she spoke, “Your recent past… Zere vas a voman who hurt you, lied to you and broke promises, yes?” Hisoka’s eyes widened a fraction and the color drained from his face a little more. He swallowed hard and delivered a tiny single nod. Magikana’s heart ached, her gut told her there was so much more to this.“She vas family?” Hisoka nodded again. He had only mentioned one family member the entire time she had known him. She decided to try her luck. “It vas your muzza, vasn’t it.” The words fell as a statement, not a question. Hisoke hesitated, then nodded very slowly. I see, Magikana thought to herself, a child should be able to rely on zere muzza and be protected by zem, not be hurt by zem… The magician noticed Hisoka looked very uncomfortable and stressed. It was obvious to her that the conversation was making him uneasy. Zee poor boy has been zrough enough, maybe anozer time we can talk more ven he is ready… “Let's continue, shall vee? Go ahead and flip zee next row.” Hisoka blinked, it appeared he had expected his trainer to press the topic further. He stared for a moment longer then tried to hide a sigh of relief. His shoulders relaxed a little and he smirked as though he had been amused at his own unease. Next to be revealed was the nine of spades, two of clubs, and the four of hearts. Magikana’s heart sank. Challenges and depression followed by travel. Not much better, but I suppose it vas to be expected. Vaht vit his past cards are saying and vaht he just vent zrough, I vould be more vorried if he vas unphased. But still… “Vell, zee cards see zat vee are traveling soon,” she said with a light laugh, “zee four of hearts say ‘travel is on the horizon’. Is right, vee leave first zing in zee morning.” “Oh, and what do the other cards say? ♣” Hisoka was curious, yet sported a cocky smirk. Magikana felt the corners of her mouth drop a little and her expression towards her apprentice softened. “Zat you are going zrough some hard times here,” she gave the side of her head a few light taps then moved her finger to rest over her heart, “and here.” Hisoka’s face twitched yet his expression remained. “Oh?~ ♣” Magikana pressed her lips together forming them into a slim line. She wanted to proceed, yet she could tell her apprentice had recovered from his initial surprise and thrown up a thick wall. Hisoka was frustratingly good at avoiding straight answers. Not to mention he had a nearly perfect poker face. “As I said, little vun, ven you are ready to talk, I am more zan villing to listen,” the magician said with a small sigh, “but I vill not force you if you feel as zough you are not ready to speak yet.” An emotion shifted in Hisoka’s eyes, to fleeting for Magikana to decipher. “I appreciate that, sensei. ♡” He spoke in a conciliatory tone, faint smirk on his lips, “But I’m afraid my thoughts, both past and present, would be too troubling to reveal. ♠” The magician regretted her decision to not press further when her apprentice was caught off guard. Concern began to rise that she had just missed her only chance to get the redheaded teen to open up. “Troubling for who?” she inquired calmy. “Why, the both of us,~ ♠” Hisoka humdrummed, appearingly now bored with the topic. Magikana frowned slightly. “Perhaps,” she continued with caution, “even so, I stand by my vords, ‘if you need to speak, I vill alvays have time to listen’. Even if vaht you have to say are not good zings, I vill listen. Everyone needs a friendly ear at some point in zere life.” Hisoka paused, a crack appeared in the mask he was holding. He licked his lips and a wild glint shown in his molten gold eyes. “Even if those troubles make you see me as a monster?~ ♢” he spoke barely above a whisper. “I vould not say you are monster, my dear, but someone who has been found in a place vith little to no choice.” “You could say that… ♣” Hisoka’s voice trailed off. He looked down at the cards, narrowing his eyes in thought. Magikana said nothing, allowing her apprentice to make his own decisions. The seconds felt like hours as she waited. He blinked a few times as more of his mask began to crumble. He took a slow, deep breath and opened his mouth to speak. “Hiso! Kana! You’ve gotta come see this!” Abaki shouted excitedly as she came bursting into the room, causing both trainer and trainee to jump and turn towards her. “The beach is all covered in this bright blue glowy stuff! It’s soooo pretty!” Magikana felt her temper flair, “Child, do you not know how to knock? Is rude to burst into a room like zat.” “Oh,” Abaki faltered, looking back and forth between Hisoka and Magikana, “I’m sorry did I interrupt something?” “Ye-” “No, Abaki, you didn’t. ♣” Hisoka interrupted his trainer cooly, “Just some rather dull chit chat is all. ♠” “But, it looks like you were playing a game.” the acrobat noticed. “Something like that. More like superstitious nonsense, to be honest, ♣” Hisoka sighed as he stood from his chair, “So, you said the beach is glowing? ♢” Abaki started as she remembered why she had come in the first place. “Yeah! Cammy said it’s a special type of plankton that glows, I think you two will like it! Come check it out.” “Alright,~ ♡” Hisoka scooped up a pair of slip-on shoes as he started to follow his friend who bolted back down the hall. He paused at the open door and turned back to his trainer who was now looking down at the cards with an evasive expression. “Thank you, Kana,” the red head spoke sincerely; using his teacher's shortened name as means of endearment, “while you did not get to hear what you wanted, it is good to know that someone is so willing to listen. ♡ Perhaps another time.~ ♣” Magikana looked up at her pupil and felt a small amount of relief touch her mind as she recognized the Hisoka she had grown to care about. She then simply nodded her head and began to pick up the cards one by one off the table. Hisoka hesitated, he could see his teacher working her jaw in frustration. For a moment it looked like he was about to say something else. But instead, he simply smirked then turned and followed after his friend. Once she was sure her apprentice was out of earshot, Magikana began to mutter a slew of curses and swears under her breath in sheer annoyance. “Damn zat child,” she huffed, “both of zem! Superstitious nonsense, ha!” She went to pick up the last three cards of the spread and paused. Traditionally, the cards were to be revealed by the ones who drew them. Not to mention it was considered to be ill practice and rude to look into someone's business without their permission. Magikana could just add the cards back to the deck without looking, however… She pursed her lips and wiggled her fingers above the first card before she finally shrugged in a “fuck it” manner. She turned the first card representing Hisoka’s near future over. Ah! Zee ace of hearts. So a new relationship is in Hisoka’s near future. Perhaps he vill meet a new friend on our travels, yes? Magikana couldn’t help but smile a little. Her apprentice most definitely needed more friends. She turned over the next card with a little more enthusiasm. Five of clubs, it seems zis new friend vill be supportive of zee little vun. Zis is turning out to be promising. The magician eagerly turned over the last card and froze, fingers still touching the card. She felt her heart drop one again as she stared at the seven of spades. Bad advice, grief, and loss… Oh, little vun, vaht do zee fates have in store for you? . . .

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just saw this on a journal by Seluusi and thought this should be shared, although the person interviewed on the webpage that told the "end" of the anime didn't exactly specify if it was the actual END of the anime. (Idk anymore)…

though seeing how the anime is catching up with the manga, i'd say it's reasonable to either end or delay the anime.
but...but.. T__T

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Helmut Castaneda
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This is something amazing... I honestly love this artwork, this is a new level for me and a new style as well. I will keep growing, and I want to say thank you to everyone who supports me or simply likes my works!
Kurapika - Portrait by AloneFlaver   Kurapika - Portrait by AloneFlaver   Kurapika - Portrait by AloneFlaver  
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hisoka by cof-hades   loomi by cof-hades  
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Killua - Kanmuru! by AloneFlaver  
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I am back with this beautiful poster-like portrait of Netero! ^-^
Netero the Heart of Humanity by AloneFlaver  
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Art Trade: Kurapika Chains of Judgement by Kehwwil by chronos491  
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A new Killua sketch! ^-^
Killua Zoldyck [SKETCH] by AloneFlaver  
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 Hey-hey ^-^ I'm not sure if I'm allowed to just put it here, but I'd be glad if you visit my page)
First Comes Rock... by AloneFlaver  
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