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Bumblebee and the Ink Demon Chapter 22

Bumblebee stood across from the Machine with Casey and Knockout by his side. It had been an hour since the Baron was destroyed and along with him, Bendy. The sacrifice Bendy made ensured the Baron could never return and saved the world, something Bee never thought the toon was going to do. There was a part of Bumblebee who wished he could have said more but in fairness, Bendy paid off what he owed with his life. He couldn’t really express anything more on top of accepting his sacrifice. “Bee?” The mech slowly turned downward to Henry and Joey, the deformed toon being surprisingly quiet with no moaning or rumbling. The human spoke again, “What Bendy did…he did it for you and me, but mostly you. And I owe you a debt for everything you’ve done for us.” Bumblebee shook his head, “I…no, you don’t owe me anything. I don’t want-” “But I do,” Henry pressed with a grin. “I owe this studio a life debt as well. I’ve ran from it for years not accepting my true identity as the Creator and


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The Gift For Us

The Holy Bible

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Hang On


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Inktober day 8: star - Brighter Than 1000 Suns


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Alien Empress

Xenomorph, Predator, AVP

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Draw this Again: Crystal of the Sky


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SCP Foundation Containment Breach

SCP Containment Breach

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Avatar Pandora Oceanscape - Photoshop Art


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Pacific Rim for G-Fest

Pacific Rim

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Hazbin Hotel Alastor Signature

Hazbin Hotel, Vivziepop

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Mystery Gang

Mystery Skulls Animated

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Abnormal animals

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Ironhide and Chromia

Wolformers, Animal Transformers

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Dawn Patrol


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Darkstalker (Redraw)

Wings Of Fire

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Commission 2020: Warm Touch Of The Changing Season


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Boitata, brazilian myth


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King of the Monsters


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Creepypasta:With the team


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Mr Cheese and his dog

Among Us

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Portal 2: BOTS


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Siren Head

Creatures by Trevor Henderson

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{SFM/FNAF} Help Wanted Anniversary

Five Nights At Freddy's

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Stranger Things alt poster


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Markiplier FNAF scene (Youtube Rewind 2015)

YouTubers fan art

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Oryx the Taken King


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Geth Problem?

Mass Effect

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The Ink Demon Watches You.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Knock 'em Dead, Darlings!


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Sumi Ink Chromedome and Rewind

Chromedome and Rewind

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I knew you'd find me

Cyclonus and Tailgate

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Inktober 22/31 Pumpkin Patch Perch


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Protogen Icon (Patreon reward)

Protogens and Primagens

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Commission: Zilant

Mechs and SiFi

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Sovereign Swarm _ Unique Creature _ Lehadra

Sovereign Swarm Hive

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Banshee Andrea holding Tash closely


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Halloween Hoarders


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Go go go little Esk


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Just Passing Through


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How to annoy any Transformers Decepticon

(Just something I decided to put together since I was bored XD) 1. TFP Soundwave: Every time he comes in the room yell, "OMG RUN! IT'S THE SLENDER MAN!" xD 2. TFA Blitzwing: Say "I'm so fucking crazy!" in Random's high pitched voice every time he comes in the room. 3. TFP Shockwave: Whenever he's around and saying things scientifically, say calmly and monotonely: "That's illogical." Every. Time. See how long he lasts before he starts chasing you in frustration. xD 4. TFP Megatron: Whenever you're in the same room as him and Dark energon is mentioned, say in a drunk and high tone: "Where r mah drugs" in Megatron's voice, mockingly and stup

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Wall- E

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Ori and The Blind Forest - Ori and Sein

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[NEO-Z] Chilled Rain

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.The Little Trollface.

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