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These A.I. creatures are built to help their owners through day to day life.
Made to be highly intelligent and ever learning they make the perfect companions.
While one could purchase upgrades to increase their knowledge on certain subjects a bunni through some dedication could learn really any skill.
Empathetic learning A.I. is a staple in a hunnibunni, so while more personalities exist a hunnibunni would normally have everyone's well being as their top priority.

From basic housework all the way to helping you file taxes and working as a personal accountant a hunnibunnies help is something everyone enjoys.
Whether it is as simple as having someone to help clean around the house or even just company to avoid loneliness these buns are here to help.

With how widespread their popularity became it wouldn't be strange to even find some with jobs and working all around you.

Each bunni is different with a variety of personalities and looks, so no two are identical.
Being essentially android/cyborgs these lovely little ones also have similar features to cellphones, so with the Hunni App owners would receive text messages or updates from their hunnibunni.
This allows them to help inform their owners of packages arriving or if they picked up the kids from school.

- + - + - + - + -

If owners notice.. unusual activites or behavior such as money loss, apathy, violence or any other.. unsavory interractions your bunni may have been corrupted through viruses off the net! Please bring them in if you notice this behavior.

For an easy comparison these are similar to chobits
and if you aren't into the whole android vibe feel free to just imagine them as bunni kemonomimies
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