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I just made accounts at AO3 and Literotica. I'm a little more excited about AO3. (Side-note: context?: I'm watching "Red Sonja" on El Rey right now.)

I'm bad about journaling mostly because I don't journal but also because then I have to trouble myself to dig up links and stuff.

I haven't published anything at Archive of Our Own (which I'm really impressed with so far) or Literotica but I'll get round to it eventually. Links:……

I talk too much. Sorry. I like talking to people.

Oh, while I'm at it—I'll recap here, but I already wrote this out on my FFn profile (note that there I'm Grits 'n' Gravy:…)—I'm closer to publishing this longer story, like a novella ~ novelita, I've been working on for a while called "Goodsprings Scorpion Scramble; or, Fun with Weapons." I just finished posting three things I cut from it, "snippets," on the livejournal Fallout kink meme, which is where I'll post "GSS" first. I'll link to the three snippets individually below.

Snippet 1 (the shortest):…
Snippet 2:…
Snippet 3: Strength Method:…

All three are (Fallout fangirl technical terms) m!LW/Cass, of course in the "Fallout: New Vegas" universe. I wish I could draw.

I hope I didn't misspell anything.

I don't really have a good outlet to explain stuff on or AO3. I should use LiveJournal. Maybe I'll repost there, and change all the words, or something. I have an account there too. Anyway, because I want to attempt to say why somewhere—though I kinda do on the kink meme—I'm trying to cheat to the kind of fantasy stuff that everybody seems to want on the kink meme and usually too, so Titus happens to be awfully good at sex (which to be fair there's also reason and explanation for) and has a big dick and stuff. The main character just has to have shit like that. Everybody else I can be realistic about, so Cass is not also super-awesome at sex. I'm sorry to have made the male really good and the female not really good. I don't mean anything by that, and I hope it doesn't look that way.

Speaking of which, dammit, I mean to post all the stuff I've written (five things—not much . . . maybe I should say "the paltry sum of stuff I've written") here as well. Maybe I'll do AO3 then here then Literotica or something. I intend to make accounts at Wattpad and too.

My two things up on FFn have got a couple of favorites and follows, for which I'm grateful and by which I'm honored and flattered and all that good stuff.