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Avatar 3.1 by HUNKxTofu Avatar 3.1 by HUNKxTofu
This is my Grits 'n' Gravy (that's my "penname" thing) new avatar. The last one was 1.7, but I didn't remember that and called this version 3.0 as I made it and then 3.1 because who doesn't love software version number methodology to excess.

The background is from a stock image by "DianaDesignz," specifically Texture 9981. I don't know how to do hyperlinking in this interface so I'm going to copy and paste this link in right here: That leads directly to the image I used. I'm going to attempt to contact her or whomever runs the account soon to acknowledge this and let them know I've used their thing. I'm using this here and on I'll link in this paragraph to my account thing there: It's not a commercial use, but I'm nice so I'm going to try to let Diana know about how I'm using it and stuff through "official channels" (commenting on the image and maybe messaging Diana, or something, I don't know how it's supposed to be done, I've never done this before). [2018 07 15 edit: That Texture 9981 is a dead link now. Damn!!]

The font (or is it "typeface"? I'm never sure about this anymore) is Trajan, size 120, faux bold. I'm sorry for using Trajan, those of you who know about fonts and stuff.

This is, like, my full working resolution. I made it at 1000x1000 in Photoshop, I think version CS5. The version is just scaled-down, specifically a 200x200 version of this. .JPEG, I think sRGB (I don't remember, out-of-hand). I just made this, a few minutes ago now, Friday, 11 July 2014.
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