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Human Alastor

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Also, hi Ashley! I finally found your Deviant Art! I'm a new Alastor cosplayer :devilish:

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So he does look like that! I was right! :O I mean his hair line makes it obvious. You can still see how his hair line looked.

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Human Alastor kinda reminds me of Milo Thatch from Atlantis!

Aside from the murdering and cannibalism...xD

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I agree and people have drawn fan art of a Milo Alastor.

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Me (before I died): Mister, why are you covered in.. *Touches the red stuff and tastes it* blood? Where are the bodies?

Alastor: Why are you asking that, dear?

Me (before I died): I'm hungry.

Alastor: Ummm.. Come along.

Me (before I died): Thank you sir! *follows Alastor*

(I died by suicide because I was found out by somebody catching me eating a dead body. They reported this to the police, and it being in around 1870, arrested me and put me on death penalty. Refusing to die by others, I killed myself.)

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Al’s mom be like “where you painting again dear?”

”why yes of course“

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Reminds me of an insane butcher.

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Megan (my OC): Alastor, what in the world are you covered in?

Alastor: Uh...jam?

Megan: Uh-huh.

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This made me giggle more than it should have, just the thought of Alastor saying he was covered in jam ^^; :D

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Yeah; he's trying to protect his semi-innocent wifey.

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Ya know if I was a cannibalistic maniac with class I would probably say jam as well

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