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Hello everyone!

After a lot of thinking I have decided that it would be better/easier to have submissions automatically accepted into one folder because it has became difficult to manage the group since Eclipse and we would like to still continue this group even though we don't always have time to accept submissions. A lot expired and we thought this would be a good solution. We will still check what gets submitted into the group though so please make sure to follow the rules else your deviation will be removed from our group as we like to keep this theme of the group "cute" and for everyone.

Please note @Hunibi if there are any problems regarding submissions so I can help out if needed since I will probably not notice if you note the group!

Thank you for reading,

Hunibi ♥

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Awesome, thank you!!

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no problem!!

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Um, I just noticed the one I tried to submit is waiting for approval, and wasn't automatically approved ^^;

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That's odd because I checked the settings again and it should be automatically approved for every role. Maybe you can try again? Not sure what to do about it if the settings are correct :/

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oh it works now?? xD Thanks! :D

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I checked and did not see a drawing that needed approval so maybe it went wrong the first time you sent! glad it works ^^

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