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This is my take on the classic D&D critter- the Beholder!
I had a lot of fun working on Zbrush for this one with some finishing touches added in Photoshop.

You can see the ZBrush sculpture rotated here.
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I love your beholder -- it looks totally cool, and it's also completely different from pretty much all the other Beholder versions I've run across.
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He looks creepily overjoyed about something.
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the smile of the beholder
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That face just screams "IT'S RAPIN' TIME!"
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I wish bear mace was a weapon in D&D. That would make killing these things much easier.
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Yeah... an Eye Orb from Hell... simply ZBcool!!
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...Please dont rape me.. :iconcryforeverplz:
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That's so creepy... I love it!
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That is a rape face if i ever saw one.
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I have looked at a lot of beholder art for references, and this one of my favorites. I like that there is no clear jaw bone. That isn't the popular choice, but it works really well. I love the look on his face. Just malevolent. I'd hate to think about what is making him so happy.
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Nice smile...He clearly brushes his teeth every day
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I can barely look at it! Great job!
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freaking brilliant!!!! the detail is incredible, :iconblueroseplz:
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me hiso acordar de rescate en el barrio chino
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what the hell, why dopes he have his rape face on O_o
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Delightfully butt ugly, as it should be XD
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Except for the eye, of course.
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D&D? reminded me of the monster from Big Trouble in Little China
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That's gross! I love it! :-)
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you know what they say... beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
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I can't help but think this beholder is a pedophile. It's the smile, I guess.
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LOL that was unexpected! Well as he is an evil baddie - I suppose pedophilic urges may well be part of his psychological make up. :D
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