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i dont even like watermelon!
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watermelon. i'm absolutely obsessed with it.
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lmao. i always have chipped nails
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woow *_*
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holy crap youre popular

so you ate a whole watermelon slice just so you could take a picture...
and you dont even like watermelon?
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nononono it was someone else's watermelon slice
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did you sneak it out of the trash bin?

ew that would be gross
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LOL it was right after dinner and watermelon was the fruit portion, before everything was thrown away THEN i grabbed a slice
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only black people eat watermelon.
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beautiful hue, what interested me in the picture was the resemblance to a character from a manga called death note going by the alias of L.
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Of course, the imperfections such as the chipped nail polish, etc, makes it awesome.

The blur, color contract and position of the picture is awesome.

Great colors :heart:
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i love the color!
<3 pretty pretty
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^-^ i luvvv thiiisssssss :heart:
you get a huggy cause of it :hug:
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I love the colour contrasts here. The chipped nail polish is a very nice touch.
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O.O looks yummy to me
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