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CamVs for Windows 8.1

This is a Vs for Win8.1.Thanks!
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Very, very nice theme. The best theme for win8 that I have seen, maybe ... But please, make this stupid radio buttons more readable (orange or blue for example). At current state (gray) selected radio buttons are almost indistinguishable from unselected ones. And second note (not so important, but still ...) -- it would be better for window buttons (I mean "minimize", "restore", "close" at upper right window corner) to look like normal windows design ("_", "#", "x") instead of simlpe circles...

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Beautiful, thanks

ALSO i dont have circular buttons

hey need some clarification here.. i did not want to the wallpaper so i removed from folder, i dont think that would cause a problem.but i have other problems with this skin the windows arent grey and orange like in the picture its the same old windows look.. helpp!!

how can i download this theme CamVs
Very nice, thanks a lot.
it's Really wonderful
love it, thank you!
how can i download this
Very nice theme, my alltime favorite.
Have only one problem:
Radio buttons dont show up in orange when selected, they are just slightly less grey than the unselected ones.
Any way to fix this?
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can u help me from where i have to download it....
Very nice, thanks a lot.
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make this skin for Win 7 x64, please!
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