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For the re-establishment of the Hunger Games

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Mockingjay Logo by Jazz-Rhythm
The Fallen: Round 3 by Jazz-Rhythm
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Security Co-Head Mathilda Connell by Mauveine-Owl
Security Co-Head So Minhadd by An-san
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Bethena Berkizer by Dandabug
Darius Milner visual reference HG OCT by RobinPaineWorks
Hunger Game OCT - Kylee Adali Perott by Pochikohaku
HG-OCT- Jemorah by quasardust

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Final Hunger Games OCT Audition - Darius Milner by RobinPaineWorks
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First Hunger Games Round 2
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HG OCT: Round 4 Page 1 by An-san
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A Man I Once Knew 1 by Parziivale
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Ame, you ignorant slut! by Girl-In-Disorder



July 8, 2014

The new deadline has passed, and unfortunately we still did not get the auditions we needed to have a tournament, so I will have to formally close down this tournament. I would still like to encourage those who watch our group to take a look at the entries that were submitted so that their efforts do not go totally unappreciated.

:iconakitcougar: Red - Hunger Games OCT by akitcougar Red's Audition - HG OCTAny other sane Capitol kid would be spending what could be their last days outside with friends and family, making sure there are good memories to last. Every other Capitol kid would be getting a crash course in survival skills, or fighting, or whatever. They’d be spending the perfect summer day in the cool beauty salon, making sure they look absolutely perfect if they’re chosen for the Games.
Red was pissing in a bottle in a stuffy, nearly unbearable attic, his eyes glued to a book about an ancient nation called Rome.
The attic was a funny thing, really. Bitterly cold in the winters, blazing hot in the summers, no one else would dare come up here. There was a pile of old children’s clothes in the corner, some dirty plates and a gallon jug of water next to it.  A few feet away was a leather messenger bag that held a journal, pens, and a little cash. In the opposite corner, where Red now stood, there was a collection of empty plastic bottles and a bucket.

:iconartsquirrel: Cameo - Hungar Games OCT by ArtSquirrel


:iconquasardust: HG-OCT- Jemorah by quasardust

:iconuncommonlynormal: Leonis Caldwell by UncommonlyNormal HungerGames-OCT Audition: Leonis Caldwell"Thanks, Etta!"
"You're welcome, Leo! Bye!"
Leonis Caldwell bolted from the courtyard, the heavy bag of food banging against the back of his legs. He'd gotten quite a stash this time, thanks to the other kids. He'd chosen wisely when he decided to live near the marketplace. Shopkeepers whose shops weren't destroyed all those years ago during the rebellion ended up richer than they could have imagined, and Leo was happy to benefit from their fortune.
The twelve-year old hurried out of sight down an alleyway, excited to look through the bag he'd gotten from some of his friends, children of the shopkeepers in the market. They would ask for seconds and thirds during meals, and steal them away to be given all together to their homeless friend. Of course, it wasn't that Leo didn't choose to be homeless, he merely didn't want to be sent to those horrendous orphanages, and his neighbors at his old house now knew that Mrs. Caldwell was no longer living there, so Leo's presence would be suspicio

:iconpochikohaku: Hunger Game OCT - Kylee Adali Perott by Pochikohaku HG-OCT : Kylee's Audition"This is ridiculous. What are the chances..." The voice was male, soft and deep, most likely speaking to himself. But that didn't matter to her. Talking helped. Talking was doing something. Talking meant that she could not be waiting.
"There are currently about 96 thousand people in the capital. Roughly 1/3 will be children. If you divide that by 3 again, you'll have a rough estimate of the 12-18 population. That's 1 out of 10.6 thousand individuals... or technically 24 out of 10.6 thousand, or 1 out of 500 people. That's how bad our luck is" 
The girl stood off to the side, speaking up for the first time since they were all united inside the mansion while they waited. The tension was killing her. Not literally, but figuratively. She watched the others, her heart firing off in a jack-rabbit of a pace. She could hardly believe this, could hardly believe what was happening. How could this be happening? What mob of twisted idiots -excuse her language- would force kids to go through s

:iconrobinpaineworks: Darius Milner visual reference HG OCT by RobinPaineWorks

Mature Content

Final Hunger Games OCT Audition - Darius Milner by RobinPaineWorks

:icondandabug: Bethena Berkizer by Dandabug Bethena Berkizer - Audition
The entire course of Bethena Berkizer’s life had been determined by three simple words. From her startling entrance into the wretched world to her inevitable and welcome passing, along with however many days, months and years may fit between those two certain points of her existence. Three words that reached out and touched every waking moment of her life, forever tainting them with their implications. Three words that would be forever chained to Bethena, defining her in the eyes of the world with immediate and unforgiving clarity. Three words that would impose their haunting presence in Bethena Berkizer’s mind, body and soul for every single second of her miserable, pathetic life.
“Complications during childbirth.”
Those were the words printed on nearly every page contained in the vast tome of Bethena’s medical records. Her first breath of air had been exhaled in a scream of pain. Her first sensation was an agony that would never abandon her. She

I will be contacting each of you shortly about a prize consolation. As a last note, just because we won't be hosting a tournament doesn't mean you have to let your ideas go to waste. Our main goal was to inspire you to create stories and give your characters life, and I hope you will all continue to do that even without us around. I'm glad each of you who entered and those that considered entering thought this tournament was worth your time and energy, and I wish the best to all of you on your creative endeavors.


June 1, 2014

After reading the feedback we got and then discussing with the judges, we're going to grant an extension in hopes that we can get more competitors. The new deadline will be July 6, 11:59 pm PST. This will be the only extension we will grant - if we still do not have enough competitors by that date, then we will close the tournament.

Please try to spread the word if you want to see this OCT happen! Even if we don't get at least 24 auditioners, I am willing to reduce the bracket to 16 competitors to even out the numbers.

As one last note, I'd like to hear your feedback when it comes to the chatroom. Chats are great for getting to know your fellow competitors and hyping yourself up for the tournament, but I want to know how many are actually interested in joining chat events. And if so, what times would work best.

Good luck to those who still plan on entering!

May 25, 2014

Hey guys! There's about a week left remaining for auditions, but as you may have noticed, we don't have a lot of submissions. Obviously, without enough contestants, we can't hold a competition. I would be willing to grant an extension for auditions so more entries could be potentially submitted, but only if there's enough interest in this group to make this tournament possible. So this is where I would like to hear back from any of our members, whether you would actually be interested in entering or if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to bring up.

Even if we have to close down the group, I will ensure that those who did attempt to audition will not walk away empty handed. You have my sincerest apologies for failing to provide you with the experience that you wanted, and I will try to compensate you with something so that your efforts are not completely wasted.
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