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My Desktop - October 2017

I'm trying out i3-gaps (instead of the regular i3) and I really like the gaps, it's not usefull in anyway, but it looks good (I added extra padding for the screenshot though). And the blank squares is invinsible containers (`i3-msg open`).
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You still alive?
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Yes. :) Are you?
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Lifting myself up from all the dirt. :) It's been so long.
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Oh? Where have you been? :D
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Pretty much living life, haha. Just wasn't logging into dA anymore since I wasn't using the laptop where I used to have my linux distro - and my gallery revolving around linux screenshots.. sort of forced me to leave. (I could have installed one on my newer laptop but I decided not to :( )
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What could have possibly foced you? ;P
Nice as always :-) I'm back to i3 as well :)

What do you use the blank containers for?
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Thanks! :D It's a really nice window manager. I have tried most of the alternatives and none of them is as versatile as i3 in terms of features, specially for a multi monitor setup.

I actually just use one invincible container in my actual workflow and that's the one beneath the clock. And that's purely an aesthetic placeholder. :) The other empty containers on this screenshot is just to make it look a bit better for the screenshot. It's really hard to make an interesting and good looking screenshot when you have 3 monitors to fill with things. :eager:

It's been a while since you last uploaded anything though. :)
I'll post a screenshot again if I think it would be interesting for others to see - right now it is a nearly vanilla i3 setup in terms of colors ;-)

BTW - am I right that… contains the solarized colors you're using? Would you mind if I would include those as a theme in…? Because it's a nice clean solarized variant.
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Okay. :D Yes, they do. And you're free to do whatever you want with it! It's very polite of you to ask though. :D
Thank you very much. Using it now - very nice :)
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Cool! Thanks! :D
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