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My Desktop - Mars 2018

I only included one monitor, it's really hard to fill several monitors and make it look good without it being to montage-y. :P

* Herbstluftwm
* dzen
* Conky
* URxvt
* zsh
* rtv
* WeeChat
* Vim
* Ranger
* Cmus
* Neofetch
* Newsboat
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Looks nice :-)

Just trying out hlwm or did you switch? :p

How do you like it, compared to i3?
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Thank you! :D

I've been switching between i3 and Herbstluftwm now and then for a while now. I like both, but if I have to choose one I'd choose i3. It handles multiple monitors a bit better than Hlwm, which can feel a bit clumsy with an organic workflow on multiple monitors. :)

Herbstluftwm is very minimal and lovely though! It requires very few dependencies and it only uses about 1,3MB of memory for me. It's very fun to configure and customize with its more DIY-approach to things. And I like that you can kill just the client and/or container.
I tried hlwm as well about 2 years ago or so and I also liked it :)

Yes, I also remember that the monitor handling is a bit different. But I liked the customizability of hlwm and the included gaps and the double borders.

Maybe I should check it out again! :-)
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Ah! :) Gaps is nice! And I like the way it thinks about what a monitor is and all that. I just wish there was an way of moving workspaces between monitors.

Do it! The development is /very/ slow, so go with the latest git. :D
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Single monitor screenshots are always the best!
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I have to agree. :) Thanks for the fav as well!
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