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My Desktop - April 2015

I'll probably take the Solarized colorscheme with me to the grave.
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Can you share your cfg please? :)
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Hej, out of curiosity: How do you display an image file in a terminal...?
And +1 for Solarized!  :)
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Thanks! I am using w3m with Ranger to view images. :)
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I see. Yet I've been using ranger for file navigation only.
Now when run it for a .png, it opened another client (so not showing the image within the terminal), and told me better to use rifle (which also invoked a new client).

So is your opened image just another window on top of the terminal, the browser w3m? If so, why not just run rifle or feh?

It doesn't look like this, however. How did you configure w3m with ranger then?
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It's all in the same window. Did you enable it in the config? > "set preview_images true"
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... I didn't know ranger was such a cool tool! :)

Well, read some manpages and wikis, and first did
"ranger --copy-config=all", then edited the rc.conf accordingly.

Image previewing works now (the ASCII stuff is also fun).

xterm is better performing with that, and together with transset-df one gets even true transparency.

urxvt is my preferred X terminal however. But it seems to fail previewing with transparency enabled, though I set "set draw_borders true" [link] – You don't use transparency, right?
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Ranger is actually a really good and useful filemanager, once you set it up properly. :) No, I dont use transparency. I find that distracting.
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I see. Thanks for your help anyway! +favlove 
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