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My Battlestation - 2018

I need a larger desktop. :)
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Arch "ASCII" Linux haha :D 
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I made it myself! :D
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挺好看的,但是你的系统是gentoo linux
Very nice :) These days, I tend to think that less display space is better, though. At work I have 2x 24" and that's almost too much - sometimes you have the feeling to get lost... On my thinkpad at home I am more focused, at least I have the impression.
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Thank you! :) I wish I could manage with just one monitor. It would be better in so many ways. :P But I've had these for so many years now, there's no going back to just one again.

If you feel like your getting lost you might need a better window manager? ;)
Well, I'm alternating between i3 and openbox, to be honest :)

I have the feeling that i3 is better with a single monitor than with 2 or more monitors. If you have a lot of windows and 2 big monitors then handling the windows in the tree structure and all the workspaces per monitor can get demanding. Then I prefer the simple alt-tab combination (although openbox provides directional focus as well) and the one-workspace-for-all-monitors principle. And from time to time I want to look at a nice openbox theme, as well :) But then again there's a time when I want to put aside all themeing stuff and focus on work and go back to the clean, professional experience if i3 :)
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Oh? No no, you're wrong, so so wrong! :D i3 is the window managar for a multi monitor setup! :eager:

No but seriously though, what one like and how ones workflow works is very personal. If you're unfamiliar with tiling it can be a bit.. stale? And maybe feel a bit forced I guess. The workflow is very different from what most are used to. It's kinda like when you switched from Windows to Linux, everything felt weird and things didn't work the way you're used to. But it's well worth the time!

The thing I like with i3 is the workspaces, containers and the tabbed mode. Like if I browse images in my file manager and open a picture it can spawn in tabbed mode 'above' my file manager and not next to or under it. 

The theming is something I do miss from time to time though. :(
Well, I use i3 since mid 2012 so I'm quite used to the workflow:-) But for years I mostly used it on my laptop with only a single screen, always working only on one project at a time.

Since the beginning of 2016 I also use it at work with 2 monitors and that's when I started to notice that handling a lot of windows in the tree structure can get demanding and that, as i3 uses a separate set of workspaces for each monitor, you can end up with a lot of workspaces if you work on several projects in parallel.

Thus I strive to reduce complexity in window handling and use openbox from time to time. And I suppose I'm bored with the simple, fixed look of i3, too, after all these years :-)
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Ah! I see. :D I find tiling superious both for simple single monitor setups to multiple monitor setups with complex workflows and many windows and what not. :) I've been using tiling window managers for a long time as well and I find stacking window managers very confusing. I like having control and order. But it should be noted that I'm a strict keyboard user as well. I only use the mouse for things like Gimp.

What makes me like i3 more than most other alternatives is the good support for multiple monitors and the fact that you can tab clients, which I like to use when I'm working with multiple instances of Vim etc. 
Well, I'm using the keyboard for 95% of all tasks as well.

In openbox I have the same directional focus commands as in i3 so there's no difference. And I have keybindings to make a window 1/4, 1/2 and 1/1 the size of the monitor so I have basic tiling as well which is sufficient for most cases. And I have keybindings to move windows to the next window or screen edge. As a replacement for the i3 tabbed/stacked layout I have tabs in xfce4-terminal.

So the window handling is not that different for me in both window managers.

The two things which are different are the organization of windows (tree structure vs list) and the workspace/monitor paradigma (workspace per monitor vs workspace per set of monitors).

I still like i3 but workspace and window handling gets demanding and less intuitive with a lot of workspaces and windows, for me. After all it's personal preference :)
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That's cool! :D Absolutely, it's all about personal preferences. But my personal preferences is obviously far superior than all others! ;) (/s)
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