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MurrinaFlux - 2007

My second Fluxbox theme.

This is a port/mod of:

-FancySky & FancySky by Zerthis @ [link]
-BW by Suraia @ [link]
-Cobalt by unforgivenII @ [link]

Credz to them! :)

The wallpapers in the preview are included, the sizes is 1680 & 1280.

FancySky in action: [link]

GPL :tux:
© 2007 - 2021 hundone
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I really like these styles. They fit my netbook screen really nice, I think these are the most slim styles I found.

Just had to scale down the titlebars an icons a bit - perfect. :thumbsup:
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Thanks! Its cool that my 4 year old work still works. :D
sojabob's avatar
timeless design always works ;)
gummybelly's avatar
very clean and retro, but still stylish with the murrine gradient.
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Exershio's avatar
I love these! the MurrinaFancySky goes GREAT with the Murrina GTK theme I just set. I was searching for a decent fluxbox theme to match it all day until I came across this. Haha, thanks a ton :D

hundone's avatar
Thx a lot man! :) Thx for the fav too. :eager:
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Very nice! Thanks!
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Really nice and neat. Screenshoot will come sone enough.
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Dude, that's awesome. I decided to install fluxbox on my rig lately and I have a question about the configuration. Do I have to edit every file manually to for example set up the menu, or there is some software to generate these automatically??
hundone's avatar
Thx man! :D

Uhm, u should be able to generate a meny, I dont know ho? I made my menu by hand. :)
But I can look it up, se if I find any info about it.
taling-hallenthur's avatar
Ok, I'll check the documentation. I am bit too lazy to do everything manually to be honest :).
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hehe, good luck! :)
DrMegahertz's avatar
Oups! :O
I'm way too fast to comment! :D
DrMegahertz's avatar
Great themes! I love BW and FancySand :D
Why not make a subtle wallpaper like the ones in the background of your pic? With some lighting effects it could look really nice! :)
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I'm glad you like it! :)
There is wallpapers included, but I gues you missed that? ;)
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