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Happy Birthday Cloud

a flock of Cloud :D

2011 Happy Birthday :heart::love::heart:
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This got me thinking, what would FFRK, FFT, and Chibi Cloud from that one game look like?

So no Final Fantasy Tactics WoTL Cloud Strife?

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Cloud would say : nice work ! ^^
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Love that he's looking at the flower. <3 
jokuvaa666's avatar
Should favorite more of your stuff, it's so nice.
AnimeXForXEver90's avatar
I love this types of Birthdays Pics for Characters. Cloudette in the background though. :)
Kanatrix's avatar
lol miss cloud in the back sad XD lol!
fantasylover100's avatar
Dayum how old would he be now? O_o
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And Tactics Cloud is left forgotten. Still nice.
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Didn't know he got a different look in this one.
Nobody-Just-Yet's avatar
Yep... ^_^ Just look it up. It's pretty awsome!
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For a guy with a napoleonic complex, you can't really say Cloud has a dull side to him.  I remember getting a laugh out of his "Miss Cloud' stint...  and I I remember using the sackboy costume the most when I play Little Big Planet.
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I see you Miss Cloud :D !!! 
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Hah hah hah. I remember Cloud had to be I a dress. To my surprise the Don chose him!
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:D (Big Grin) He he, NICE~
Neko-Lover32's avatar
Love the way the Cloud in the purple dress is. When did he wear that btw? Because I want to see it :)
monacofj's avatar
In the Wall Market place of FF7, when him and Aeris wanted to get into the mansion to save Tifa
Epsilon86's avatar
This is too adorable!!
casadrat06's avatar
OMG this is so cute!  <3  Love this, and I'm so happy you included Little Big Planet and Theatrhythm Cloud! :3
Catkuro's avatar
*_* yay cloud
can't get enough from him
this picture shows my dream from last night xDDDD
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