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Walking in Daylight part 4 :iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 4 6
Walking in Daylight part 3
Walking in Daylight
part 3
multi-chapter 2k3
Sequel to "Don and the Puzzle Box"
After the departure of Masolino, Corius, and Michelangelo, the remainder of the group discussed the sleeping arrangements. Niccolo explained how they’d once had a guest room on the second floor, but that Mase had knocked down the dividing wall in order to enlarge the room to accommodate a custom made bed for him and Corius to share.
“Corius has his own place in the building which houses his pharmaceutical company,” Nicco said. “When he works late he usually stays at his apartment. He’s here a lot though.”
“We can bed down on the floor in here,” Leo suggested. “Please don’t go to a lot of bother on our account.”
“Actually, I was thinking it would be better if you guys took my room,” Nicco said. “We still have the mattress from Mase’s bed stored up in the attic and can move it in there. There’s a bathroom in
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 6 9
The Ninja Spy by Hummerhouse
Mature content
The Ninja Spy :iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 15 7
Legendary Creatures 17. Night of the Tenome
Usually there was conversation after a successful capture; sometimes lively, sometimes subdued.
Tonight the mood was solemn. April peered out of the van’s passenger side window as Casey drove. Because she was so silent, so were the turtles. Their thoughts were not quiet though. Each in their own way wondered if they had finally asked too much of her.
Casey periodically glanced at his girlfriend, trying to gauge how she was feeling. Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore. “April?”
When she didn’t answer right away, Leo spoke. “You got a bad fright, April. I’m so sorry to have put . . . .”
While he was speaking, April began to turn slowly from the window until she was looking right at him. Before he could complete the sentence, April said, “I’m not upset, I was replaying the events of tonight through my head. Just who exactly is Tawny and why is she expecting a call from you?”
April had seen Leonardo embarrassed before, bu
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 5 6
Mature content
Michelangelo's Kink part 5 :iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 9 9
Mature content
Michelangelo's Kink part 4 :iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 9 7
Legendary Creatures 16. Night of the Ushirogami
TMNT and the Legendary Creatures
16. Night of the Ushirogami
“I don’t get it,” Raph said. “How come Mikey could activate his powers and I couldn’t?”
“’Cause I’m just that good,” Mikey said, looking like the cat who ate the canary.
All seven members of the Jorōgumo hunting party sat in the kitchen of Mr. Hidesato’s house. Mr. Hidesato had opened a couple of bottles of wine and each of them had a glass, though Leo had only swallowed a thimbleful before switching to tea.
“It was probably because her webbing bound your magic somehow,” Don said.
“That is very astute of you, Donatello,” Mr. Hidesato said. “I did warn you that the Jorōgumo does not fear warders. A warder trapped by her will become just as helpless as any other of her victims.”
“So instead of saying straight up ‘her webs will make ya’ weak as a kitten’, ya’ decided to be crypt
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 5 8
Mature content
Hunger :iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 9 9
The Jorogumo and her Prey by Hummerhouse The Jorogumo and her Prey :iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 33 23
Mature content
Legendary Creatures 15. Night of the Jorogumo :iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 6 16
Mature content
Blood and Lust :iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 11 18
Walking in Daylight part 2
Walking in Daylight
part 2
multi-chapter 2k3
Sequel to "Don and the Puzzle Box"
The landing was much nicer than the usual ones involving the transportation artifact.
Rather than free falling for several feet and smashing face first into the ground, the turtles stepped through the stable opening onto cushioned flooring. They could still hear the faint buzz of the corridor behind them, signifying that their exit had not effected the stability of the connection between the twin artifacts.
There was a flash of color from the doorway as someone shot across the landing room straight at Michelangelo. Before the youngest turtle could even react, he found himself enveloped in a bear hug and lifted off the floor.
“You made it, you made it!” Masolino cried out, spinning Mikey just as he had done when he’d first met Donatello.
“Dude!” Mikey yelped, wiggling until Mase put him down.
“That was amazing,” Mase said. “One minute Nicco and Don are y
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 11 26
Summer Fun, Ninja Style
Summer Fun, Ninja Style
2k3 One shot
New York City and the surrounding area had its share of beaches, most of them attractive and all of them off-limits during the daytime to mutated turtles.
At night it was a different matter. Though some beaches, like the one at Coney Island for instance, were still popular with the human crowd, others grew deserted as the sun set.
Turtles like water and the teenage mutant ninja variety were no different. When summer hit and the heat index rose, the call of the water was very nearly too hard to resist.
Brighton Beach, in Brooklyn, was the spot the turtles usually chose. It was a favorite of the locals and when night fell, they tended to drift over to Coney Island, leaving the beach devoid of humans.
The temperatures were reaching into the nineties during the day and only dropping into the eighties at night. Looking for both relief from the heat and a chance for some fun, the turtle brothers piled into their moving van and drove out to the beac
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 11 11
Legendary Creatures 14. Night of the Yonaki baba
TMNT and the Legendary Creatures
14. Night of the Yonaki babā
Though the capture of the Oboroguruma hadn’t taken up much of the night, none of the turtles rolled out of bed early.
Raph’s gift had manifested in a powerful way, leaving him both energized and extremely enthusiastic. At his insistence, they’d all gone to bed as soon as they’d gotten back to HQ, but it was hours before anyone actually slept.
When they finally did come out of their shared bedroom the next morning, three of the brothers were walking funny.
In the kitchen, Mikey started to lower himself onto a chair, but immediately sprang up again. “Ow,” he groaned. “Why is it that three of us have to suffer for our powers and for Raph’s too?”
“You weren’t complaining last night,” Raph said as he took a jug of milk from the refrigerator.
Mikey gave him a sour look. “Next time your power kicks in, I’m gonna spend the night somew
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 6 6
Legendary Creatures 13. Night of the Oboroguruma
TMNT and the Legendary Creatures
13. Night of the Oboroguruma
Upon their return to the house, Mikey had to help Leo inside. Not only was Leo exhausted, but when he moved his head too quickly, the world started to spin.
“Stick his ass in bed and don’t let him argue with ya’ about it,” Raph told his younger brother as the four turtles stood in the foyer.
“Come on, Leo. Up we go,” Mikey said, turning Leo towards the stairs.
Leo walked a couple of steps and then pulled back. “Donny’s arm . . . .”
“I’ll take care of it,” Raph said. “Lie down before ya’ fall down.”
Leo started to nod and then thought better of it. Everything was spinning enough without him jerking his head up and down.
Confident that Mikey would see to it that Leo was settled into bed, Raph touched Don’s shell to get him moving. When they were in the kitchen, he indicated that Don should hop up on the table.
After he gr
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 5 11
Castoff part 13
part 13
Leo started to embellish on the story of the gun when Raph put a finger to his lips. “Keep it down. Donnie just fell asleep.”
Lowering his voice, Leo said, “To be accurate, I have to say that Dad found the gun.”
Mikey hopped over the railing and into the kitchen. “Wasn’t it in the storm drain?” he asked as he began folding the towel Raph had used for changing Shilo.
“Street cleaners had been on that block between the time Guerra tossed the gun and when we discovered it,” Leo said. “The wash pushed the pile of junk the gun was sitting on farther down the drain. That’s why Casey couldn’t see it.”
“No wonder it was still there,” Raph said. “Guerra had to find a way into the sewers if he wanted to get the gun back. Even then he’d probably get lost.”
“We don’t have that problem,” Mikey said. “Was it hard to find?”
“I smel
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 8 18


The Seven Tenets of Bushido

1. Rectitude. Correct judgment or procedure for the resolution of righteousness. "To die when it is right to die, to strike when it is right to strike."
2. Courage. A virtue only in the cause of righteousness. Death for an unworthy cause was termed a dog's death. "It is true courage to live when it is right to live, and to die only when it is right to die."
3. Benevolence. Love, affection for others, sympathy, and nobility of feeling are regarded as the highest attributes of the soul. "Benevolence brings under it sway whatever hinders its power just as water subdues fire."
4. Politeness. A poor virtue if it is actuated only by a fear of offending good taste. Rather it should stem from a sympathetic regard for the feeling of others. "In its highest form politeness approaches love."
5. Veracity. "Truthfulness." Lying was deemed cowardly, and it was regarded as dishonorable. Indeed the word of a samurai guaranteed the truthfulness of an assertion. No oath is necessary. "Propriety carried beyond bounds becomes a lie."
6. Honor. A vivid consciousness of personal dignity and worth is implicit in the word honor. "Dishonor is like a scar on a tree which time, instead of effacing, only helps to enlarge."
7. Loyalty. Only in the code of chivalrous honor does loyalty assume importance. In the conflict between loyalty and affection the code never wavers from the choice of loyalty. "A samurai was obliged to appeal to the intelligence and conscience of his sovereign by demonstrating the sincerity of his words with the shedding of his own blood."

Way of the Warrior

Art inspired by or for fics, commissions and gift art

3rd Anniversary S-R-S: Leo by Sherenelle TMNT and TLC Ch4 5-10-18 by Nei-Ning

Mature Content

TMNT and TLC LxD 2 - 28-9-2018 by Nei-Ning
TMNT and TLC LxD 28-9-2018 by Nei-Ning TMNT and TLC - Ch2 26-9-2018 by Nei-Ning First Appearance 25-9-2018 by Nei-Ning Cuddly Sleepy Couple 24-9-2018 by Nei-Ning Donnie 17-9-2018 by Nei-Ning Untitled by AndromedaPrime1233

Mature Content

Bishop and Leo by Sherenelle
Castoff by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle Rise of the TMNT - Don by AlessandraDC Happy birthday hummerhouse! UNFINISHED VERSION by SometingVeirdGuy Happy B-Day, Hummerhouse! by TMNTLovingLeo

Mature Content

Without Illusions by HH by Sherenelle
Beck and Call Chp 22 by Sherenelle Commission for Breaking Boredom by Sherenelle Beck and Call Chapter 21 by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle Don snowman 24-12-2017 by Nei-Ning

Mature Content

Donatello 26-11-2017 by Nei-Ning
Summary: Don's brothers help him de-stress from being overworked
Living beneath the streets of New York was not an ideal scenario for the vast majority of people. In fact most people would be horrified by just the suggestion of doing something like that. Most people had other options at their disposal however. For a small family of mutants there were no other options if they wanted to remain safe and hidden from those that would do them harm just for the crime of being different from everyone else.
Being forced to live down in the sewers just to remain safe presented a whole list of challenges in regards to everyday life. Things that most humans took for granted like electricity and safe running water were all things that had to be constantly maintained at regular intervals.
While everyone in the Hamato family did their part to make sure that all of their needs were taken care of, it was no secret that the majority of that work fell on the shoulders of one individual.
My Light... by Sherenelle Hummerhouse Soul Doll by sampsonknight Inktober Commission: Hari Onago by AlessandraDC Horny Teenager... by Sherenelle Inktober Commission: Jubokko by AlessandraDC Cat n' Tot! by NeatTea Raph and the Firefighter by Sherenelle Natural by Sherenelle Need for speed! by NeatTea Deep in thought by AlessandraDC BD Gift to HH 2017 by Nei-Ning Subterranean Part 18 - Final by Sherenelle Happy Birthday Hummerhouse by AnimeFan4758 Mind over Body by MomoRawrr Don to HH 11-6-2017 by Nei-Ning A Span Of Time by MomoRawrr Rope by PowderAkaCaseyJones

Mature Content

Waiting up for him by Sherenelle
Crafty Donnie Saves the Day by KampieStarz New VisionSplinter looked at the worn book in his hands with disappointment. He had hoped his scavenging trip would be more successful but he had only managed to salvage one small book for beginning readers. Some of the pages were dog eared or stained but it was mostly in one piece.
Nearly a year ago his sons had reached the age where they were pointing at letters and trying to sound them out. The little family had managed to scavenge and assemble a deck of flashcards and the boys had learned the letters and sounds pretty well. Now they were at the point where they were beginning to read short words. The rodent father had decided he should support their efforts with some additional reading material.
His four mutant sons were smart, Splinter already knew this. Any doubt that he had held in their ability to learn had long since vanished. Raphael and Michelangelo had already shown significant artistic prowess. They both had created beautiful things out of wood, paper, or found objects around their
Shredder-Raph-Series: The Appointment by Sherenelle Dodomeki by AlessandraDC Beck and Call by Hummerhouse by Felhesznelenev Beck and Call Chapter 9 by Sherenelle STC Donny's fall by NeatTea Ensuring Discipline page 4 by Nei-Ning

Mature Content

Ensuring Discipline page 3 by Nei-Ning

Mature Content

Ensuring Discipline page 2 by Nei-Ning

Mature Content

Ensuring Discipline page 1 by Nei-Ning
Swirling SnowSwirling Snow
Summary: First snow of the season during a patrol
The first flakes of the season began flying while four ninjas ran across the rooftops of New York in one of the countless patrols of the city they put their lives on the line to protect. Tonight was fairly quiet with the most excitement so far had been stopping a mugging before the victim was attacked on their way home.
As the frozen particles of water hit their skin Mikey let out a whoop of joy and leapt off the edge of the roof, swinging on a nearby clothes line, and used it to swing himself up into the air and onto the next building. His brothers were right on his heels moving with the snow blowing wind at their backs.
The chill of the air stung the skin and froze their lungs as they breathed in deeply as the three older brothers chased after the youngest. It made them feel alive and energized and pushed them forward in their chase.
The cold flakes against their heated skin felt like pinpricks urging them onwards
The Many Faces of Blue and Orange by Sherenelle Soulcatcher Chp 14 by Sherenelle Spirit Of The Wado Kaichin by PowderAkaCaseyJones Donnie don't 13-11-16 by Nei-Ning Donnie 29-10-2016 by Nei-Ning He told you to ask me what? by NeatTea Subterranean by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle Soulcatcher by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle Ensuring Discipline by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle Beck and Call by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle Guess you found that person by Sherenelle

Mature Content

Suck it up! by NeatTea
Best Overall One Shot - 1st Place by Sherenelle I've always watched Don's back... by Sherenelle Broken Heart 5-7-16 by Nei-Ning Happy Birthday HH 5-7-16 by Nei-Ning

Mature Content

The Pain Game Chapter 16 censored by Sherenelle
Soulcatcher by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle Hummerhouse - Award by Sherenelle

Mature Content

What's under the towel? by BakaMeganekko
RelaxDisclaimer: I do not own TMNT sadly
Summary: A day to relax for four turtles
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Note: For Hummerhouse
Donatello shuffled into the kitchen one hand covering his mouth as he yawned. He vaguely registered the presence of Leonardo who was sat at the table as he headed over to the coffee pot and poured himself a drink.
Stirring in some sugar, Donatello raised it to his mouth inhaling the strong scent before taking a bracing sip. As he took a second sip he turned to face Leo and wish him a good morning, however the words died in his throat as he took in the food spread across the table.
“No offense Leo but if you made this I want it checked before it’s going into my tumtum,” Mikey stated from where he stood at the kitchen doorway.
From his seat at the table Leo rolled his eyes at the tease of his supposedly bad cooking. He was actually quite adept at cooking, but having burnt somethings as a young turtle, his brothers enjoyed teasing him about it.
Hummingbird by Felhesznelenev

Mature Content

Mature Content

Enjoying the view by FoxKids1302
Jealous by Sherenelle

Mature Content

Prey, Trap, Lure, Bait by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle
Farmhouse Friends by Sleepingseeker The Pain Game Comic 29-5-16 by Nei-Ning The Pain Game - Chapter 2 by Sherenelle

Mature Content

Bonding time by NeatTea
Raph and Nicco by Sherenelle

Mature Content

Needs by Hummerhouse - censored by Sherenelle

Mature Content

Bondage 1 Nicco x Don by Nei-Ning
You... by FoxKids1302

Mature Content

Raph VS Nicco 21-4-16 by Nei-Ning

Mature Content

J-F-Series The last chapter - censored by Sherenelle
J-F-Series by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle

Mature Content

The Pain Game by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle
The end justifies by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle Acceptance by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle

Mature Content

Big by Hummerhouse - censored by Sherenelle
Nicco x Donnie 19-3-16 by Nei-Ning

Mature Content

Glimmers I by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle

Mature Content

Answering the question by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle
The eternal dream by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle The Miscalculation by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle Lavinia (Hummerhouse`s OC) by LilithFullMoon The relaxation technique by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle

Mature Content

Pain Game: Bondage by FrostbiteBurn
Help me... Help us... by FoxKids1302 DecorationsDecorations
Summary: Mikey is determined to decorate everything in the lair
The holidays were just around the corner and the entire lair was decorated from top to bottom. Every nook and cranny had something sitting on it, tied to it, or had been wrapped, stuffed, or colored to be turned into one giant testament to the holiday season. When it came to decorating to show their spirit the Hamato clan went all out.
Of the five members of the small family there was one that couldn’t help but go above and beyond when it came to decorating. Michelangelo wasn’t satisfied with just the inanimate objects around him becoming all festive. The animate ones needed the same treatment as well.
Klunk already had his new red collar with a jingling bell attached to it. Master Splinter had his cane wrapped in red and white ribbon to make it look like a giant candy cane. For the rest of the turtles their own personal decorations were a bit more tricky to come up with.
They all wore such m
Donatello's Duffel - 10 years later... by Sherenelle Donatello's Duffel Page 1 by Sherenelle Donatello's Duffel Page 2 by Sherenelle Donatello's Duffel by hummerhouse by Sherenelle I don't need to hide anymore... by Sherenelle Snapshots of Time Part 2 by Sherenelle Snapshots of Time Part 1 by Sherenelle

Mature Content

Gone by Hummerhouse by Sherenelle
Research by hummerhouse by Sherenelle Commission: Bishop for Hummerhouse by Fulcrumisthebomb Happy Birthday Hummy by KaguriaKitsune The Pain Game by FrostbiteBurn Happy b-day Hummer by MsObscure Want to help me get cleaned? by BakaMeganekko Happy Birthday Hummer by FrostbiteBurn Present by Kyodai-kame-no-ai

Mature Content

A scene from The Containment Clause by NeatTea
TMNT TBT? - The Big H Question by Dragona15 A Compilation of the Senses by ashitarimai Happy Birthday Hummer! by xenelle055 Birthday Hummerhouse by Dragona15 Apple Pie and Humming birds by FrankenPup Tiz that time of year again by Teratophelia Trochilidae by ashitarimai TMNT Jonatello - It's you I like by Dragona15 TMNT Facade by Dragona15 tmnt Torn Between Two hunkies by Dragona15 Nicco and Don by BakaMeganekko TMNT TBT Raph and Ryan by Dragona15 terms of endearment by MomoRawrr tmnt Torn Between Two BishopRaph by Dragona15 tmnt Torn Between Two CaseyRaph by Dragona15 Crushing Croc-Hug by MomoRawrr TMNT - Hummerhouse N Donnie by Dragona15 Mech  by ashitarimai Get Well HH by unluckyduckie Jonatello by Elileo

Mature Content

CaseyxDonatello: Flowers. by Samantai
Hiding in the Sewers by MomoRawrr

Mature Content

tmnt Don and the puzzle box - Cuddles by Dragona15

Mature Content

tmnt Don and the puzzle box - the canteen by Dragona15
tmnt don and the puzzle box - Nicco by Dragona15 Hummers wet dream by MsObscure Donatello Plushie by TKreativeTanke Tmnt Jonatello - Havoc in the Shellraiser 2 by Dragona15 Tmnt Jonatello - Havoc in the Shellraiser by Dragona15 Donatello by ashitarimai Tmnt Bishop Vs Casey by Dragona15 tmnt so i herd u liek to do machines by Dragona15 Tmnt Jonatello - Feel my wrench by Dragona15 Tmnt Jonatello - Le wild Jeluz!Raph Appears! by Dragona15 Happy Hummerday Hummer! by Teratophelia TMNT: The Witchery Way by GwenIala T-cest - Montage by BacaWica T-cest - Montage by BacaWica Hummerhouse gift by SyoshoHiataki TMNT: LD for Hummerhouse by Fulcrumisthebomb Do you...? by AmeUchikina-Chan Comin Your Way by Teratophelia Four Hug by Hummerhouse RAAAAAAH! by MsObscure In to the adventure by MsObscure Immaginary Foot patrol by MomoRawrr TMNT Raptarr+Don JF93 by Hummerhouse Roof top talk- Quick sketch by MutantRumbler Caught in a bad BOmance by Teratophelia Tcest: The End Justifies by Fulcrumisthebomb TMNT - Mirage by NinjaTertel Immaginary Foot patrol by MomoRawrr

Mature Content

Poor Donnie... by rainbow-flyer
Claiming Him- Heart to Heart by ashitarimai Claiming Him- Rub Down by ashitarimai The End Justifies-- Wha? by ashitarimai Splish Splash for Hummerhouse by Teratophelia Feliz Feathers and Fixit for Hummer by Teratophelia Tcest Play: Mikey's epic Drawing by MessedUpEssy Come Ride With Me by Teratophelia Happy Birthday to Hummerhouse by Teratophelia TMNT Nano+Mikey JF3 by Hummerhouse TMNT Nobody+Leo JF10 by Hummerhouse TMNT Raptarr+Donatello JF12 by Hummerhouse TMNT Nano+Mikey JF8 by Hummerhouse TMNT Nobody+Leo JF6 by Hummerhouse TMNT Nano+Mikey JF1 by Hummerhouse

Fic Quotes

“Raph had decided to stay and draw them off of me so that I could escape,” Leo was saying. “He thought that I’d actually leave him. When I said I never would, he told me in his most severe voice that he thought I was smart enough to know that warriors are expendable but leaders aren’t.

“He was so furious at me for standing with him that he had tears in his eyes. That got to me; the depth of feeling that Raph was displaying, the concern. It wasn’t just about my being a brother to him.

“I wish I could properly describe the emotions that revelation brought on. They filled my chest and swelled my neck so that I was afraid I might burst. Powerful, hot headed, psycho Raphael – his whole universe is us. All of those years I spent believing him to be a self-centered, egotistical brute that occupied himself with body building just so he could show us up in a fight. It wasn’t anything like that at all. He just didn’t ever want to fail us; he was driven by the fear that he wouldn’t be strong enough for us.”

~~from "Claiming Him" part 12


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United States
Hummerhouse Soul Doll by sampsonknight

Mature Content

a satirical view on current events by MomoRawrr
Apple Pie and Humming birds by FrankenPup TMNT - Hummerhouse N Donnie by Dragona15 Birthday Hummerhouse by Dragona15 Tiz that time of year again by Teratophelia Trochilidae by ashitarimai tmnt don and the puzzle box - Nicco by Dragona15 Hummers wet dream by MsObscure Donatello by ashitarimai Watchers Are Awesome! by Hummerhouse Comin Your Way by Teratophelia

Mature Content

What's under the towel? by BakaMeganekko

"We were raised as brothers so that we could be family. We were raised as ninjas so that we could adapt. We learned to be a team so that we could survive. Now we are learning to strip away the last of the barriers between us so that we can live." Leonardo - from the fic "Claiming Him"

Greetings and Felicitations! Welcome to my humble homepage. :iconhummingbirdplz: TMNT Stamp: 2003 by Culinary-Alchemist

First off, let me say that I'm no artist. Most of what you will find in my gallery is fan fiction and almost all of it is based on my fandom of choice - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2k3 cartoon verse.

I write everything from brotherhood to brotherly love, including TCest. I like to write action and drama as well as some light comedy. I have TCest fics, Slash fics, and fics with a female OC - so be aware of what you're getting into. I do add warnings and summaries - so if something includes dubcon, noncon, bondage or any of a number of other kinks I enjoy, you'll know ahead of time.

I do not write death fics. I do not read death fics. It's just a personal preference and something I like my readers to be aware of. The only exception is the SAINW universe because any deaths there are canon.

I also don't write about the guys being mutilated in any way, shape, or form. I like 'em just the way they are!

I adore artists; I grew up with one and have always migrated towards talented people. I however can't draw a straight line with a ruler, therefore any original artwork in my gallery - either posted as art or as preview art - has been used with the express permission of the artist. I always ask first!

One last note - I don't do requests! Sorry folks, but I never run out of ideas of my own, so I haven't enough time to tackle other people's ideas. That's not to say that chatting with my pals won't birth a bunny; that's happened plenty of times! I just don't solicit for them.

As with my fellow writers, I say welcome, thanks for reading and remember - Don't like, don't look.

Peace! Immaginary Foot patrol by MomoRawrr Tcest: The End Justifies by Fulcrumisthebomb TMNT Nobody+Leo JF6 by Hummerhouse Feliz Feathers and Fixit for Hummer by Teratophelia

Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: Motown and Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: Landscape paintings, carved wood and welded metal
Favourite cartoon character: TMNT
Personal Quote: "I ride for the brand."


When writing starts to feel like a chore, it's time to take a little break.
Thank you to everyone who commented on my last status post.  You guys helped me feel much better and I appreciate it.  Fandom interaction is the main reason I post my work and get so involved in various other fandom activities.  I love talking to you! Don't ever doubt that.  
Clue by MomoRawrr

Why not attend our Comedy FRAE EVENT!

The Comedy FRAE will be hosted by Winnyverse

Saturday, November 24, at 2:00 PM Eastern time (to accommodate fans overseas)

As always, folks are welcome to participate actively or merely spectate (it means you can just listen). Those wishing to read will have multiple opportunities, so bring plenty of material! Imitating the voices of the characters is highly encouraged but not required. There are no length limitations, but people generally read one-shots, single chapters, or excerpts.

Head over to this TMNT-Discourse post for a link that will get you onto the TMNT Discord server! Feel free to message the tmntfanevents on Tumblr if you need additional help or have any questions.

You can connect via PC, mobile phone, or skip downloads altogether by using the web-based version from your browser. A bunch of us TMNT fans hang out there on the reg, so feel free to register early and get to know everyone!

Once you’re connected to Discord, head over to the Introductions channel and write up a quick intro that confirms your age (for adult verification purposes). This puts you in the queue to have your permissions upgraded by one of the staff. Try to do this prior to the start of FRAE so there is no last minute scrambling to get access to voice chat and the other restricted text channels.

Eager to participate but have no idea what to read? here are recs from the TMNTFanfictionHub


Art by Momorawrr

Which of these ongoing stories are you following and would most like to see updated? 

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22 deviants said Michelangelo's Kink
11 deviants said TMNT and the Legendary Creatures
9 deviants said Castoff
6 deviants said Walking in Daylight
4 deviants said Settling The Clan
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Oh my god you are still alive and kicking! You might not remember me at all but back in 2011, shit so long ago now, you wrote a tcest fic based on a idea I had which is named "Play", and wowie you are still posting and doing so damn well for yourself that makes me so damn happy to see <: keep up the amazing work pal, I might not be in the fandom at all anymore but its great to see you doing so well here!
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Skyrider-1 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
:)  Hi!  I recently found a youtube vid of a three finned loggerhead turtle that survived and even swam out to sea.  I immediately thought of you and all of the fun TMNT fics I've read on DA.  I thought it could be an interesting OC idea for someone.
(it was the Amputee Turtle's Epic Adventure, Wildest Animal Rescues)

..just a thought...^_^"

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OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE POINTS!!! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]
I wanna hug you and love you forever, you're amazing!!! Hug Attack Hug Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Glomp/Hug 

Though, I have to ask. I noticed that you donated the same aomunt twice. If you accidentally donated one extra time, I can send you back the extra points, no problem. :aww:
THANK YOU AGAIN!!!  Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1]  And have an amazing summer~Heart Love 
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oh, yay, you're still writing! This might not mean much to you, but I used to be apart of the TMNT community on DeviantArt YEARS ago and now that I've came back, it seems like either everyone's moved on to different sites or they're just not here anymore, so to see someone that I recognise it really just... it makes me happy! Also, I'm loving your fan fiction and I'm currently reading through them on Archive of Our Own. 
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Ack! Happy late birthday! I hope you had some great day! :party::cake::PizzaParty: 
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Happy (late) Birthday. Hope you were able to enjoy your day.
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luleiya Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2018
Happy birthday again~ :blowkiss:
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
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Happy birthday! 🎊
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