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Favourite Visual Artist
Greg Staples - Alex Ross - Kev Walker, etc.
Favourite Movies
The Dark Knight - Lord of the Rings Trilogy - The Godfather Trilogy - Grease - Inception
Favourite TV Shows
24 - Seinfeld - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Young Justice - South Park - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
David Bowie - Lacrimosa - U2 - Bon Jovi - R.E.M. - Apoptygma Berserk - Sonata Arctica - Red Hot Chili Peppers - VNV Nation - Ashbury Heights - Editors - Cage the Elephant - lots of bands
Favourite Books
Pedro Paramo
Favourite Writers
Grant Morrison - Neil Gaiman - China Mieville
Favourite Games
F Zero GX - Conker's Bad Fur Day - Death's Door
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
I Want Everything!
Well, you already saw the first two YCH templates I brought you this time. A kidnapping scenario: And a perilous escape attempt: Now here's the commission list: Hailtothechimp. 1 Picture. PrimeMinistine. 1 Picture. kanfol. 1 Picture. Bloomy118. 1 Picture. Carnisaur. 2 Pictures. sargebuckwheat. 1 Picture. Phoenixknight56. 1 Picture. GunarmDyne. 2 Pictures. TheLyricAinu. 1 Picture. AlyshaBound. 1 Picture. I guess I can still accept a few more if more people are interested. Remember, payment is via Paypal only. I'm going to start working on these commissions until monday. Thanks for your interest and I'll see you in the comments!
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Which of these group of girls do you like the most? (I'm totally not planning any kind of art-pack)

380 votes
The five main Sailor Senshi.
The Totally Spies (Sam, Alex and Clover)
Raven, Starfire, Jinx, Argent, Bumblebee from Teen Titans.
My Hero Academia's Class 1-A Girls (Ochako, Momo, Tsuyu, etc).
The girls from RWBY.
Smash Bros girls (Peach. Zelda, Samus Aran, Palutena, Rosalina, etc)
Other (propose a group of super powered and sexy girls).
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Hello one and all! Welcome to the second official commission opening of the year! The last batch took me quite a while to finish because some of my more frequent clients appeared suddenly and willing to ask for my artistic abilities once again. So, naturally I made some room on the list for them. But finally the list is coming to an end (save a couple pictures that will be finished next week), so the time is right to open new slots for more kinky and inventive bondage shenanigans. For that reason I open 10 new Commission Slots. As usual the prices and general rules can be found here: Remember, payments are via Paypal only. Contact me with a note or in the chat if you are interested in a commission. I can't contact you via Discord because it isn't allowing me to login. I'm not too worked up about it and I don't intend to create a new account. And the brand new commission list is finished.
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Can you link your pixiv?

Hi there, Do you still have a picture of Black maid outfit Cereza tied up with ballgag and four vibrators?

Hi. Are you the same person who asked for the same picture in my Patreon?

It took me some time, but I think I found what you were looking for.

Hi, what are your rules and prices for commissions.