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While all you are so patient for your art comissions, here's something for lawlz.

I have lots of brawl pics back when my game USED to work. I need to get a new wii....

I think we were on a team and my partner landed on me (metaknight) and then I paused it seeing the wonderful glitch.

Who knew!
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Haha! That is so bizarre! :rofl:
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Yeah I could not fathom such a weird glitch xD
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Do you live in florida because there's a place there where they fix Your Wii for $60.
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Nope, Alaska, which our shipping is quite high because it's separated from the US.

60 bucks, that is a really good price!
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How much does the Wii cost in alaska?

[link] Click it! You know you want to!
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XD perfect timing! do you get them on here? it won't let me! D:
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How did I take the pic? Or get the pic from the wii on DA? I used a program.. but taking the pics from Da another way... you'd have to ask :iconbouncekdelemos:
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We have a newcomer. Metapuff!
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Jigglyknight! Or Metapuff lol XDD
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Metapuff is the best I've read yet XP
That's a good one!
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she like totally jacked MK's sword! whats up with that?!
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She used her sleeping powers and stole them while he was sleeping!
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It's a newcomer, Meta Jigglypuff! *shot*
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Or Metapuff XP Nintendragon8 came up w/ that one :3
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wow this is AWSOME,and werid at the same time :XD: J KNIGHT FTW!!!!!!!
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Or Metapuff as Nintendragon8 put it XP
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:lol: METAPUFF FTW!!!!!! and his ally could be like a Jumpluff with armor(and btw Jumpluff is also a pokemon C:
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