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Sisyphus painting

I painted it a bit more and now I getting closer to liking it. I still think the composition could be much better, but still, it's growing on me.

Terrible picture, but I am happy with the painting. It's oils and I keep working on it from time to time. A least it's out of my head and not pestering me anymore.
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Canon EOS 40D
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Mar 17, 2009, 9:49:59 AM
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This is such a beautiful painting.  Just letting you know that I put this to graphite.  I don't pretend to be very good but hey, I tried right? xP…

Also nice gallery O: ...allow me to explore :3
humblestudent's avatar
That is a huge honor and compliment. Thanks for showing me!  All the best!!!
MonsieurJack95's avatar
You're welcome!  And thank you
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The meanings of the subject are very deep, the vicious cycle we live, or the endless , aimless desires that are actually the unending essence of our lives. Nice Choice, and I like the interpretation,The red and yellow are very appropriate. I don't know if this is what you meant by it, but seeing the glow on Sisyphus's back and on the rock and the dark sky,.... the Contrast they create, somehow, (maybe in a remote way) completes the whole meaning.
Anyway, Very Nice Work :)
humblestudent's avatar
Thank you so much!
Gcs211's avatar
you're welcome! ;) and gr8 gallery :)
ForlornExistence's avatar
i can feel the weight of that rock!congrats!
humblestudent's avatar
You mean the meatball....LOL The more I look at the more I need to get a reference. Right now it looks like a meatball. ;-) Your work in fantastic. It really inspired me to work harder. Take care!
ForlornExistence's avatar
you were very humble! i can sense the passion looking at your paintings! thanks again..and good luck to us!:D
gerhardt's avatar
There is a story here and it is one with a passion, the use of the reds and warm colours is stirring. For me this is fantasy a story that is not of this world yet the mood and emotions are congruous. A pleasure to share., Cheers my friend, Gerhardt
humblestudent's avatar
Thank you. I don't think I ever received such a nice critique. May I say that your work inspires me and I also thank you for sharing.
gerhardt's avatar
A pleasure in all regards. Cheers my friend, Gerhardt
All I can say is wow!
RhysAngelos's avatar
This was my favorite myth.

I love the colors, the sky, the strange ground, that fuzzy piece of clothes. It looks very unforgiving.
humblestudent's avatar
Thanks. I am still debating on changing the colors a bit so that they are not so harsh. I want to do a series on Mythology.
RhysAngelos's avatar
That would be somehting to see.
humblestudent's avatar
Thanks everyone. I actually don't care fot the colors myself. I was thinking about killing the tone a bit in the back ground
obscurarts's avatar
Well, I love this mythologic topic, and you painted it very well...I do also like your using of colours!
justmeina's avatar
It certainly doesn't look "terrible" to me. You obviously really go on a "quest" with these, trying to reach your vision, but I think you are very talented, gifted, and skilled in your work.
Seiko-Harlequin's avatar
Wow, this is awesome! I really like the colours - I need to start using my oil paints :/
*claps* :D
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