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Juan Pool Fanart by HumbleMarty Juan Pool Fanart :iconhumblemarty:HumbleMarty 0 0 Anime Smug Face? by HumbleMarty Anime Smug Face? :iconhumblemarty:HumbleMarty 0 0 #Hashtagman by HumbleMarty #Hashtagman :iconhumblemarty:HumbleMarty 1 0 sketch for Cyberfrogs featuring Annie May mascot by HumbleMarty sketch for Cyberfrogs featuring Annie May mascot :iconhumblemarty:HumbleMarty 0 0 Robot Sketch: venue by HumbleMarty Robot Sketch: venue :iconhumblemarty:HumbleMarty 0 0 Tip Jar Meme by HumbleMarty Tip Jar Meme :iconhumblemarty:HumbleMarty 0 0 Inktober Day 2: Divide by HumbleMarty Inktober Day 2: Divide :iconhumblemarty:HumbleMarty 0 0 Inktober day 1: Swift by HumbleMarty Inktober day 1: Swift :iconhumblemarty:HumbleMarty 2 0 Rick and Morty by HumbleMarty Rick and Morty :iconhumblemarty:HumbleMarty 9 0 Mustache You to Be You by HumbleMarty Mustache You to Be You :iconhumblemarty:HumbleMarty 0 0


The Lulamoon Decree by RedApropos The Lulamoon Decree :iconredapropos:RedApropos 3,531 452 Comic 1147 by nellucnhoj Comic 1147 :iconnellucnhoj:nellucnhoj 113 9
Publishing Opportunity!
Have you ever participated in a writing event and wished you could get your story published?  Have you ever done it on DA?  Well, here's your chance.  LitConquistadores will be working with FlashFictionMonth during their FFM event this July and at the end, you may end up with your story published in a book.
How Does It All Work?
It's simple actually.  Every participant in Flash Fiction Month 2018 has the opportunity to be published in an anthology.  This is open to EVERY member of DeviantArt.  You don't even need to do any extra work aside from submitting to a second group.  How easy is that?
The anthology will contain 31 flash fiction stories.  One for every day of the month.  The goal is to have it available for digital and print purchase by mid-December.  Just in time for Christmas!  All of the proceeds from the book sales will be donated to a charity to be named at a later day. 
:iconwhiskeydreamer:WhiskeyDreamer 50 46
Report Entries and Diary Pages pt2 by pengosolvent Report Entries and Diary Pages pt2 :iconpengosolvent:pengosolvent 124 7 How to draw horses - part 1 by Darkness-Tears How to draw horses - part 1 :icondarkness-tears:Darkness-Tears 15 3 Horse Tutorial Part 1 (Anatomy) by Vanycat by VanyCat Horse Tutorial Part 1 (Anatomy) by Vanycat :iconvanycat:VanyCat 681 35 Your Horse Here - Animated Trot (closed) by Shotechi Your Horse Here - Animated Trot (closed) :iconshotechi:Shotechi 83 62 That Party Was a Blast by Underpable That Party Was a Blast :iconunderpable:Underpable 3,656 390 Pure Horror Movie by MonsterKingOfKarmen Pure Horror Movie :iconmonsterkingofkarmen:MonsterKingOfKarmen 113 37 Exercise 48 Results: Painting Blood Step by Step by CGCookie Exercise 48 Results: Painting Blood Step by Step :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 16,212 177 Acrocanthosaurus atokensis (NCSM 14345) skeletal by Franoys Acrocanthosaurus atokensis (NCSM 14345) skeletal :iconfranoys:Franoys 191 56 Guide to Movement1:Flexibility by Majnouna Guide to Movement1:Flexibility :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 10,240 625 Safety First by rufftoon Safety First :iconrufftoon:rufftoon 15,400 1,768 How to draw THE HORIZON tutorial by STUDIOBLINKTWICE How to draw THE HORIZON tutorial :iconstudioblinktwice:STUDIOBLINKTWICE 445 9
The hypocrisy of deviantArt
Edit #5
Well, I'll be damned
Staff reply here:…
And we WON! We did it!
and my comment here: stating why this is still up
Edit #4: Iran is geobanned too see here Imagine!
Bravo deviantart, bravo, I applaud you
Please share this, every bit of support counts. I am probably getting my account perma banned after this journal, but I am voicing this discrimination and I want as many people to see it as possible. 
I know people will have various opinions about this. Voice them as you please, but politics shouldn't meddle with art. This isn't fair. This isn't right. You can't deny me service because some politician says so.
Edit: feb 17th: There's a petition now too
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 1,933 4,635
Dupreeee by Blublen Dupreeee :iconblublen:Blublen 34 2


Juan Pool Fanart
Juan Pool is a great comic on comixcentral. I love his cel shading. I'd found out about his comic during a livestream and it's really good. I did get a few other requests and irl stuff but I hope this will do some sort of good.
Anime Smug Face?
I had found out my phone could create animated gifs. Cool process pieces in the future. Someone asked for an Anime Smug Face. I have some online Twitter acquaintances who liked Trump. All in all I ought to reference photos more often since facial muscles are pretty expressive especially around the cheeks and eyes.
This was fun but I will do better. I might have this anime girl do more expressions though I'll stick with my anatomy books. At the end of the day a good facial study. I could save the girl as a sticker in Redbubble.
I like her Chuck Jones-esque charm & big Moe eyes.
Photo from imgur but copyrights all go to original owners.
It's a T-Shirt design I did on the fly. It's the Superhero-est physique yet. Only problem I have with it is everytime redbubble does a thumbnail it loves Hashtag Man's underpants. Hashtag Man wants to copy his arch nemesis Clickbait Cad.
Please don't redistribute it out. I have the copyright registered on Hashtag Man & everything.
sketch for Cyberfrogs featuring Annie May mascot
These guys give magical girls & magical knights Anime superpowers to protect their research. I'm practicing a composition from memory. They aren't part of this comic they mention.…
Please do not post these guys anywhere else. They are part of an upcoming book.
Wabi Sabi Couple
Commission for the Animerican. He writes really good works. You can find them here.…

This piece is a cover for one of his stories. Premise I got was a guy asking his crush help get a present for his crush. She doesn't know she is the crush. The dynamic TheAnimerican put to it is really cute too. The dark green fellow went through lots of redesigns and little tweaks. I really like how he turned out. The next time I design a character I ought to get the designs finalized first before just jumping into the picture. It was tons of fun.
Has anyone ever been scared about something you put blood sweat and tears into getting stolen out from under them? My mind wanders when I'm walking from place to place and this thought looped on repeat where my brain kept getting scared things would get worse and worse. I've had things stolen from me. Lots of things. The paranoia never really goes away. It snatches you up in their clutches and makes it hard to feel . . . safe. If distance makes the heart grow fonder than I am so in love with the distance between the thief and I to the level of a security blankie to hide under.

Stealing is easy, too easy really. I met a shoplifter who had her shopping basket bulging with clothes and she was grabbing a backpack to put all the stuff she didn't want to pay for. Her mother was even in the getaway vehicle outside the store. One small problem, I volunteer at the thrift store and the front desk is in full view of the whole shop. My colleague told me to watch out for this girl. By then, she was stuffing toys down you don't want to know where. She was acting really weird, even for a regular. The backpack she was going to haul her stolen goodies was of course on sale and she was going to have to take it to the cashier to buy and haul off her booty. 

My colleague told me to keep an eye on her because she was acting suspicious. I didn't know what she looked like. Shoplifters can be ordinary people, so can customers. I didn't want to go up to random strangers asking if they'd seen this girl. I didn't want to accidentally ask her if she'd seen this "suspicious person." I went straight to my boss to ask where this young lady was.

Problem #2: I didn't know what she looked like and could only describe her by her actions right in front of the dressing room and the employees only door.

"Have you seen this woman who's been stuffing her basket like a thanksgiving day turkey and I don't know what to do with her," I blurted out, politely I might add but I can't always gauge how I come off to others, "Her basket's overflowing with goods, and clothes, to the point I think she'll break her back if she heaves any more crud."

Now mind you, our store is small with an open floor gift shop of Fair Trade imports leading to four rows of thrift store goods in isles twice as wide as a supermodel. This slip of a girl was a walking roadblock with her back breaking burden hanging off one arm. Money from our store gets donated to charity. Money not given to charity goes back to the store. People of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and what have yous love coming to our store with color coded discounts and the wide variety of stuff donated by charitable people. Robbing from this place is literally stealing from the church since it is run by the Mennonites, and staffed by loving members of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Not to mention until 2016 I was the youngest member of this program and still look like a college student in a nerdy shirt and sweatpants. The only place we hadn't checked yet was the dressing room.

In the end, our thief revealed herself in hen pecked huff. In my stupidity I thought, no wonder she needs so many clothes. Her bum and bust line was threatening to snap that spray painted on outfit of hers like a rubber band. If her girdle, squeezed in by spaghetti straps, hadn't been tucked in then her body was threatening to muffin top in a vain effort to breathe.

"You're rude," sassed the thief in a nasally Oh-no-you-didn't voice. She slammed the shopping basket on the cashier desk. You might as well drop the mic but it lost its impact because everyone already saw her and didn't give a flying fig. Even my boss was standing there watching her turn up her nose.

That's when I realized I talked about her behind her back, in front of everyone, by the dressing room, and I thought I was trying to be discreet. Ah-ha! So that's where she went! Then Ew! That's where she went! The back room, dressing room, and the swinging doors are attached to the same thin wall and my voice carries when I'm passionate about something even small things like being helpful. She left a mess.

"I'm never shopping here again!" she griped and stalked home to her mother who probably liked shopping there.  

The only thing squeaking in protest were her pants.

In the end, her "shopping" included one or two stolen pencil toys. Her jiggly endowments were the only things baggy enough to stuff them in and the kid she handed them to asked her why they were all salty and wet. Probably threw them away because they went down a crack. None of the sets were pulled apart. Her backpack was stuffed with expensive shopping goods. However her haul was small and she just worked 13x harder to be lazy instead of paying for the whole stinking pile. I felt much better knowing she was a jerk instead of nice which made it easier not to care.

Stealing is easy nowadays, from copy and paste to downloading another person's hard work and changing the author's title. Anyone can steal but the more effort you put into putting off working on your own skills the bigger the burden weighing down our hard work basket. It's hard to think that working hard actually takes less work but it's true. I mean bases take forever for me to use but I can make thumbs look like actual thumbs and not bloated chicken drumsticks with benefits. I can draw nudes better so that the clothes look right. I can actually draw stuff from memory. Okay real credit goes to the numerous How to Draw Manga Books, six years of college, and four years pouring over art books in the public library and I can't say I was never lazy but the hard work pays off and losing all that hard work is like losing the legs you worked on for years.

I know people didn't come here for a story but I want to make my content worth my viewers time and I can't do that if I don't take credit for my work. Same with a lot of people who worry about art theft, copyright theft or other stuff. Most of the accounts get shut down so here's some tips and pointers from people wiser than me.

 I have to keep mind finding my evidence, documenting what I can, and try not to spend all day stewing over it. It puts one in quite a funk and who knows one of my pieces probably has had a name change, a personality complex, and got put on a sock in a department store, run by the Oh-no-you-didn't people . . . And I've had physical art stolen, entire sketchbooks, jump drives, cameras, and destroyed paintings. I've gotten better at my drawing and I can always make more but the biggest fear I have is turning into something worse than the art thief and that nightmare has had my mind in an unproductive feedback loop enough I'd asked Dad for art advice. The closest thing my Dad has ever used for a paintbrush had been a mop and when we collabed I used to hammer his fingers by accident doing leathercraft when I was 6.

"If all else fails," Dad shrugged, "Take it up with God. When you've hit rock bottom the least you can do is float back uptop."

He got that advice from Dave Ramsey's YouTube.

"What?" Dad quips, "Accountants can be creative too."

  • I found the clip, from a cartoon, but it really shows how the Sugar and Honey approach beats salt and vinegar approach seven times out of ten. Credit goes to Miraculous Ladybug. Spoiler alert, they'll get to be superhero teammates in the next season of the show. Some people are wondering "What the Fudgies! why?!" Others are squeeing, especially chloe fans. I'm thinking the writing is going to be interesting. Especially since Chloe is both a ladybug fangirl and hates Miranette. It's like a chocolatier having a love/hate relationship with strawberry mouse.

Thank you for reading this long winded journal. I wanted to turn my deep funk into something creative and if it's going to be here for the whole world to look at, it ought to be useful. If any of this has just hit a copyright snag, stick it in the comments below or pm me. If anyone's work gets stolen maybe a link back to the original might help? Infringement is set in stinky cheese foundation at this point. Hopefully this was informative and entertaining.


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Martha Pearson
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I'm the just your average middle class artist. Check out my gallery. Comment, critique, and drop a line. That always makes me smile. :D

Current Residence: United States
Favourite style of art: Manga, Comic Book, I love cartoons
Wallpaper of choice: One of my own design.
Skin of choice: One of those see through ones that I can use to show off my drawings. :D
Favourite cartoon character: Wolverine just because he's awesome! :D
Personal Quote: "I'm alive at least."



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