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Kazuki and the Cougars by Cyberboy7000
A Darling's Kiss by Cyberboy7000

Mature Content

A Swan's Suspended Subject (Censored) by Cyberboy7000

Mature Content

New Rumat's Manly Club Captivation by Cyberboy7000
Human and Anthropromorphic Romances
Please Don't Bother The Cook by Live4Love136
Christmas Kitsune Kiss by BloodAngelsCaptain1
Pictures on the wall by K-Zlovetch
Daddy's Girl by BloodAngelsCaptain1
Ninja Turtles
Apritello sketch - 6 by RoxyJoker
Apritello sketch - 5 by RoxyJoker

Mature Content

Apritello sketch - 8 by RoxyJoker
Apritello sketch - 7 by RoxyJoker
Mass Effect
ME:A : What should Ryder say to Jaal? by Padzi
Garrus and me - 3D version by AniaDawson
Chapter 9: An eye for an eye - Page 122 by iichna
Chapter 9: An eye for an eye - Page 123 by iichna
A Monster in Paris

Mature Content

Lamour by Dream-Angel-Artista
Pose for Emile by rat-patooty
UMAP - Lucille + Francoeur - La Seine et Nous P 1 by Chisako
UMAP - Lucille + Francoeur - La Seine et Nous P 2 by Chisako
Shadaria-Stars..... by FantasiaSaver
Modo Jeda and Sally Scene by hayakain by ModoJeda
Going out by SonicAngel948
Fluffy Boyfriend by SonicAngel948
My Little Pony
Pinkie and...someone by Jarntazecht

Mature Content

Umff wefcomphff by Sergiroth
DARLINGS by NoirEclisped
Wondering Moon: Return by weasselK

Mature Content

Mature Content

Miscellaneous Game Character Pairings
Its chilly  -Pink and Faust- by Kell0x
Let's Make a Deal: Page 40 by hopelessromantic721
Ori Monsters Crayon Children cover by Kell0x
UT: Just a Little Longer by hopelessromantic721
What's with the Grumpy Look? by KittyKyomi

Mature Content

1 - Pokelove by skyraptor
commission 4 kittykyomi by hikariangelove
The Apology by KittyKyomi
Doodles Sketches
Daily sketch 195 by QuakeBrothers
Ten Years on DA! CherryXDende: Nutcracker by Halowing
Love Has No Limits by RoseOfTheNight4444
Odd stuff that can't figure out???
Broken but still good. by brokencreation
Vanilla Hentai Mature Art

Mature Content

First approach by AllanNocte
Hentai Pron 19OLDER

Mature Content

Two Of a Kind by Bertman01

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Lightyears by TigerHawkmon Lightyears :icontigerhawkmon:TigerHawkmon 25 12 SDEZ: Missing You -complete- by ZandraSaiquies SDEZ: Missing You -complete- :iconzandrasaiquies:ZandraSaiquies 4 4 BoL R1 - 'Good People' by Jupeboxgal BoL R1 - 'Good People' :iconjupeboxgal:Jupeboxgal 13 18 Levelled by AngelTigress03 Levelled :iconangeltigress03:AngelTigress03 7 4 Daniel and Melody by rugdog Daniel and Melody :iconrugdog:rugdog 6 14 Norton and Cassy Chipmunk by WhippetWild Norton and Cassy Chipmunk :iconwhippetwild:WhippetWild 9 8 Nothing Left to Lose - Commish by Ulario Nothing Left to Lose - Commish :iconulario:Ulario 236 26 Enshohma's OC Sketches, Pt 1 by Enshohma Enshohma's OC Sketches, Pt 1 :iconenshohma:Enshohma 39 40 Teasing The Poor Lifeguard by Enshohma
Mature content
Teasing The Poor Lifeguard :iconenshohma:Enshohma 265 58
Under The Bed No More by Enshohma Under The Bed No More :iconenshohma:Enshohma 350 126 Overtly Sexy Hospital by Enshohma Overtly Sexy Hospital :iconenshohma:Enshohma 103 41 Under the Rain by Mowo64 Under the Rain :iconmowo64:Mowo64 8 5 Just a kiss by BlueSpirit1984 Just a kiss :iconbluespirit1984:BlueSpirit1984 19 41 Comfort by Mowo64 Comfort :iconmowo64:Mowo64 7 12 Neko and Lee by WaggonerCartoons Neko and Lee :iconwaggonercartoons:WaggonerCartoons 16 3 AsceXSable by Mage-Madisaur AsceXSable :iconmage-madisaur:Mage-Madisaur 3 20
The site calls this the "Favorites", but what it is really is the archives for all HumanxAnthro pairings on DeviantArt. If you know a drawing that we don't know about that you think would fit perfectly with the club, let us know ASAP! : )

HxA Romance in the media

Is there a HumanxAnthro (or even HumanxAlien)website? Or maybe a HxA music video on Youtube/Revver/etc, and/or a webcomic? Whatever HxA media you see outside of DA, please tell us about it, and we'll update it and show it on this list (Yes, 18+ content is acceptable, but we'll have to slap a warning on them of course.).

Thanks for your support, and show us some things we haven't seen!

YOUTUBE CHANNELS… SilverFurredKage 's Youtube channel with music videos for Wrongside.


Monster Garden

Plethora of web-comics here!

alternative text
The Beast & his Pet School Girl (A school girl is taken to a world where beasts are human & humans are pets. She is adopted by a huge wolf & the misadventures that follow.) or you can also order the comics on at…

The Monster Under The Bed by :iconjiveguru:
The Monster Under the Bed - 001 - Boo! by JiveGuru
XDRAGOON 01 - Page Cover by yuski
Mauri & Ryuu:…
Aeria Webcomic:
Aeria comic chapter 1 by arseniquez Aeria comic chapter 2 by arseniquez Aeria comic chapter 3 by arseniquez Aeria comic chapter 4 by arseniquez Aeria comic chapter 5 by arseniquez
Furthia High…
Sequential Art:…
Trying Human:…
The Fluffles:…
Alex and Llia:
Fur Will Fly:…
Coming Up Violet (Fur Will Fly sequel):…
Beyond Eternal:…
Roo'd Awakening (although just a brief couple):…
Accursed Dragon:
Alien Dice:
Sex, Demons, and Rock n' Roll
TwistedCupid_RockComix_Cvr by…
Dela the Hooda (?):…
Raven's Dohjo:
Backwater Planet:
Endtown:… +
Beyond Rapture: (written by Ben Spence and Sarah Sawyer. It began its run in May 2009 and, due to ongoing medical issues affecting Sawyer, shut down on September 18, 2011)
Book of Rone (?)…
Eaon Gate title page by…
Wolf's Rain (manga);…
Bone Comics (?)
Here,Wolf [IT GOT DELETED?!?!?]
Walking on Broken Glass [Gone for now]
Iguana No Musume…
The Great Suitor (Italian)… English…
SGT Frog aka Keroro Gunsou:…
Un Monstre à Paris FanComic "Fading Aria"
Un Monstre à Paris FanComic "Innocence" Innocence pg.1 by Bonka-chan:…
My Life with Fel:
The Spectre & Archangel (Mass Effect Fan-Comic): The Spectre and Archangel 01 by ErsbethShadowsong ersbethshadowsong.deviantart.c…
Mass Effect fan-comic "Citadel Wards"
ME CW: First Meeting 1 by…
Grimms Manga…
I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog by Leslie Braunstein, Joshua Brunet (Illustrator), (Performed by) Peter, Paul & Mary (Children's Book)

Dreamwork's LIZZIE on Go90 "Nerd Love"| Lizzie used to be an ordinary girl, and though a freak accident turned her into a lizard, she’s totally confident and cool in her new skin. Lizzie prepares for a dream date with a smolderingly hot middle school hipster.…

He-Man Season 1 Episode 60 The Return of Granamyr part.I(…) & part.II(…) Granamyr summons He-Man to Darksmoke to help Torm, the youngest of dragons, pass a test so that he may marry a human girl.

Moeyo Ken:…

Sands of Destruction (formerly World Destruction)…

Tonde Boorin/Buurin: (THere are full episodes in this link, but they are in languages other than ENglish, however.)…

Fire Breather on Cartoon Network […

Disney's "Gargoyles "

Comedy Central's "Futurama"

Nickelodeon's "Catscratch"…

Tank Girl (the movie & the comic)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

James Cameron's Avatar

Howard The Duck

The Secret of Kells

DreamWork's Shrek

DreamWork's Megamind

The Muppets Take Manhattan

Twilight (all of them)

Beauty and the Beast

DreamWork's "Bee Movie"

Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox

SGT Frog aka Kerero Gunsou;…

Un Monstre à Paris:

The tale of Despereaux

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Daft Punk's "Da Funk" & the sequel "Fresh"

Monkey Love by Jim Keeshen…

Gingitsune ( The manga is about Makoto Saeki, & the shrine's messenger, Gintaro who is a Spirit Fox.)

Octodad 'The Dadliest Catch octopus posing as a human man whose married to his human wife Scarlet & a normal, human family.
Morenatsu (漏れなつ。 "Summer break") is an adult-oriented Furry Bara Genre H-Game. The game takes place during summer vacation in Japan. The main character, Hiroyuki Nishimura (one of the few humans in the game), gets a letter from a friend in the village where he spent his childhood, Minasato village (水郷村 Minasato-mura). He moved away to the city five years ago. His grandparents currently live there, so he decides to return there.
With regard to gameplay, it's a gay Visual Novel. The player has one month to gain the affection of one of nine men. They are:
Torahiko Ooshima (the Tiger)
Tatsuki Midoriya (the Dragon)
Juuichi Mikazuki (the Bear)
Kounosuke Kuri (the Raccoon Dog)
Kouya Aotsuki (the Husky)
Kyouji Takahara (the Labrador)
Shin Kuroi (the Cat)
Shun Kodori (the Wolf)
Soutarou Touno (the Lion)
If the player makes the correct decisions, Hiroyuki and one of the characters will make love and establish a romantic…

"Creature to Koi Shiyo! for Otome"
or "Let's Date the Creatures!(for Otome ver)" In this game, a human being is only a heroine. Her friends, teachers, boyfriend candidates, everybody are scary creatures. One of the boyfriend candidates has a face such as Bathynomus giganteus and likes playing the electric guitar. On the other hand, another boyfriend candidate is like the creature of Cthulhu Mythos and has many eyes. However, he wears glasses and looks intellectual. Which do you like?

"Creature to Koi Shiyo! – Kokonoe Kokoro" ;What that means in regards to gameplay is, your a guy whose primary goal is to win the heart of your cute classmate: a giant cricket in a schoolgirl's outfit.

Jurassic Heart: A Dating Sim Adventure With a Ukulele-Playing T-Rex & a human student. Yes... you read right... it is a dating sim about a t-rex & a human.

Hatoful Boyfriend} Congratulations! You’ve been accepted as the only human student at the prestigious St. PigeoNation’s Institute, a school for talented birds! Roam the halls and find love in between classes as a sophomore student at the world’s greatest pigeon high school. ... yes this is a real DATING SIM!

Tales of Rebirth (Japan-Exclusive, but there's English subtitles starting on this link: )…

Disney Epic Mickey:…

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Mass Effect 1, 2, & 3

Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times…

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

YOUTUBE Videos of Human & Anthro Romance DIRTY PAWS
from Karina Farek .... What to do when your BF is a werewolf... & like to leave dead cats at your porch steps.... looks like someone needs to get a rolled up newspaper.
>This is Karina Farek's thesis film for SVA bfa animation
written/directed/animated by karina farek
original concept by karina farek and h. c. julia lin
sound design by brian perry
music by wallace stelzer
brian perry as aldo
tyler nolan as skelly/the wolf
isabelle "izzy" marbella as neighbor

MUSIC VIDEO! DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It…

Robot on the Road… Road trip story of a Winnebago... & the robot & girl that live in it.
alternative text

-… Orbits is the story of an impossible love which revolves around a planet at war. Alien girl meets human girl love story. Make love not war...

Sex With a Robot… A date with a robot & a safe alternative to smoking... makes this girl one happy camper.

Whitest Kids U'Know: Sex Robot… I am not sure if this counts as an H&A romance... but the tune is catchy... & he wants to get DOWN...

Monkey Rag - An Animated Short by Joanna Davidovich…

Korean Robt & Girl… A robot and a girl's touching love story from Korea...

"ABE" from Rob McLellan about a robot who has been programmed to an extreme to love... & he does not take rejection well...…

Reversal of the Heart (a twist to the princess & dragon tale)…

A Fox Tale (a vixen vs. 2 hunters)…

"Mechanical Creep" by Darren Wallace, Matthew Parsons and Rebecca Knight (Robot meets girl)…

StarShip the Musical! (An Alien Bug & a Star Ranger meet & sparx fly!)…

Love Miscontrued by Tsahi Reznick…

I'm a monster

Wrong Floor : Love at first scan…

"Red" - An Interesting take on Little Red Riding Hood

CGI Animated Short HD: "Meet Buck" by S.T.E.A.K Kollective…

Girl & Robot by An animated short film by: Mads Dam Jakobsen, Kenneth Haunstrup, Nils Henric Wallmark, Slaven Reese;…

Robot Monster (alien gorilla robot & confusing...just confusing)…

Ritterschlag A princess is being knighted...not everything is as it seems...…


Haukaiu Hero Part 2:

Huckleberry Ann:

The Fall of Little Red:

Art Lover:……

Kemono Girls Lover:…

Favourite Toy-Redux:…

Silk Elves2:…

Cats n' Cameras:

Dreamwalk Journal

Drakuun (manga) (Also someone gives heads up if they find the LAST chapter?)

Outlanders (manga)…

Warp Zone:…

DRA: (English)… & (Spanish)

Spring Fever (Hentai & Doujinshi of Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger)…

Jinxed Shadow (Hentai & Cross-Over Doujinshi of Teen Titans & Sonic)…

The Legendary Queen…

Koketsu Dining {WARNING YAOI & YIFF} A story of romance between a man & a man who has the face & tail of a tiger .... but can will romance blossom or crash & burn?…

TV Tropes article on interspecies romance:… (Some information on the article is not mentioned at all, so you can give me some mentions that didn't make it on that article if you want.)

A store with some HxA pic on there; be sure to drop by and take a look:…

Guirel's FurAffinity account:…
Cyberboy7000's Colorslive account:…
SO good news to you Mass Effect guys who like to give Andromeda another chance.... despite everything, you stay loyal to the sequel of Mass Effect (although this sequel feels like a Disney sequel that went straight to DVD). Seems that Mass Effect realized the car wreck they made and decided to try to save it desperately with every patch they can push online. Along with trying to make the faces less creepy and NOT seem like they hired the animators out of a backwater Eastern European studio (like they hired the guys who animated "Food Fight"). Mass Effect have also made Jaal BISEXUAL! So go ahead and romance your dude with that purple frog kitty  man... have fun!

More Journal Entries







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One Moment In Time by OMIT-Story
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And here's Aoiro_tango's drawings who has lots of art concerning human and anthro characters and some of which seems to have problems with the anthro characters' animal side's habits come out.…  Owl woman trying to get her husband to feed their kids the bird way, with grounding up bugs in his mouth.…  Not sure what happened there, looks like the cheetah girl hurt her boyfriend by accident and she's taking it in stride despite his annoyance at what she apparently did.… An anthro Nekomata seems annoyed at what this human has told her or did.… This should be the last link as this one just shows various pictures of humans and anthros hanging out together.
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