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Collaboration for IN9. with dyst.

:iconstrangeprogram: :iconstrangeprogram:
Check his beautiful gallery.

Check this one on Behance
It was really fun, check the rest of the pack here, a lot of awesome piece.
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I don't know if you already knew this, but
someone uses your art as stock/resource
to make other art... Maybe you allowed it,
idk, just want you to know. Bye! 

Picture: The Brightside

The Brightside by CroweV   The Brightside by CroweV   The Brightside by CroweV  
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i think that they dont care, since its made from 2011. The picture must have been archived..idk are they online tho?
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Just because some artist is unactive does not mean people can
use their art as resource, and without even giving credits nor
mentioning 'em. It's still theft, and unfair!
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Stunning colours! I could stare at it all day long!
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You should do a tutorial on how to get a similar effect to this. So beautiful!
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spaciba chto zhivoy!
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it means thank you for living.
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BOOOOOM! Too much man, too much! :) thanks
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if you never lived through your work i would have never been inspired.
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Great words man, thank you so much :) stay creative.
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Oh my goodness I super love it xD Did you ever make a wallpaper of this? Or....would you? :D
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i love the colors :D
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