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The Humanizations Club

Welcome to the Humanizations Club! We are a club dedicated to turning anything you can imagine into humans! Quite literally anything. Computers, pencils, the moon, animals, movie characters, apples, chairs, and more! Why? Because we can. It’s really fun to see people come up with creative designs and interpretations of non-human things, so we’ve created a place for people to submit their works and share in the joy that is humanization. Ready to join and submit? Please read our guidelines below!

:bulletred: The groups is always open and joining is automatic

:bulletred: You are only allowed to submit 4 pieces per day

:bulletred: No written works are allowed. The focus of the group is the design of humanizations so we only accept visual works.

:bulletred: Excessive gore and sexually explicit works may be rejected. If you are not sure about a submission, please contact the group and we'll gladly check it out.

:bulletred: Any other questions? Just let us know through the group notes.

When you make a submission you will be prompted to place it in one of the following folders. Please choose the appropriate one to prevent the potential rejection of your works.

:star: Landmasses and Cultures: This includes: countries, states, cities, provinces, cultures, clans, tribes, and the like. Characters must be actual representations of a place/culture, not just a character that lives in a place/culture. Hetalia fan-characters are not allowed in this folder or this group because they count as fan-art of Hetalia and not original humanizations of lands.

:star: Electronics and Technology: Things such as blenders, electric toothbrushes, speakers, phones, tablets, Xbox, PS3, and laptops, as well as browsers, websites, operating systems, and software.

:star: Food and Drinks: French fries, mac and cheese, steak, ravioli, fruit juice, smoothies, ice cream, corn on the cob, cake, cupcakes, pancakes, whipped cream, etc…

:star: Space and the Universe: Planets, stars, galaxies, super clusters, black holes, meteorites, and anything pertaining to space and the universe. This folder also encompasses Zodiac related humanizations.

:new::new::new: Chemistry, Math, and Physics: This folder is to contain artworks referring to scientific and mathematical concepts as well as particle physics and chemistry. Examples are elements, protons, quarks, compounds and solutions, radioactive decay, mathematical constants (pi, e, i), equations, electromagnetism, and so on.

:star: Inanimate Objects: Any physical thing that isn’t covered in one of the folders above. Cars, hair brushes, paintings, dog bowls, chimneys, and doors, for example.

:star: Television and Web Shows: Humanizations of characters from Cartoons, Anime, live-action TV and web series, such as Adventure Time, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, Hamtaro, Sailor Moon, Steven Universe, Dr. Who, etc... There's an Emphasis on humanization. A gijinka of Finn would be accepted, one of Jake would not.

:star: Traditional and Video Games: Any style of game characters are welcome here. Pokémon, Portal, Angry Birds, Nintendogs, Trivia Pursuit, Monopoly, Animal Crossing, Crash Bandicoot, and so on.

:star: Movies, Books, and Comics: Here are characters from movies (live-action of animated) as well as Books (including graphic novels) and comics (and web-comics).

:star: Cosplay: This folder can include humanizations of anything in the above or below folders, but it must be a cosplay. For that reason, it must be photography (or illustrated design of a cosplay) and it must be completed or near completion (no early WIPs).

:star: Other: If your work doesn’t fit into any of the above folders, please submit it here. A mod may choose to move your work to another folder if they feel it fits another criteria better. If you have any questions you can always message us!

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Thank you all! We have officially hit 2000 members!!!

Hello Everyone, it's me, reaper600, mod for humanizations-club. As you can see, the group has reached a total amount of members of 2000 since it's beginning. While I've only been a mod for the past 2 years, this group began 8 long years ago with its wonderful founder tobisempai. We thank you all for your loyalty, from the oldest long standing members to the newest one of you who joined us today.

Speaking of whom....

Congratulations Dawi-P for being our 2000th member

You will be contacted soon with details about your prize. Thank you so much for joining us!

As for everyone else, I wrote a while ago of possible contests or events in celebration of our milestone in member count. There will be 2 events from now until the end of the year, as part of this wonderful happening.

Humanization Fall Art Contest and Secret Santa!

The Secret Santa will occur during December, but the Fall Art Contest will be for November.
Stay tuned for it's announcement tomorrow
We have received several prize donation volunteer messages and we highly appreciate those, so thank you very much.

We are still accepting prize donations!!

If you would like to be one of the people in charge of drawing up prizes for the winners of the fall contest, message me or the group, and we'll get in touch. We want prizes such as sketches, full color full body, etc...

That is all for this journal, I'll talk to you all tomorrow.
Thanks again for making this group the great deviantArt community that it is!
Yours truly,
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Una pregunta, si yo tengo una humanizacion de un personaje de fnaf Los ojos de plata, va en la parte de juegos o de libros?
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Is this group still active? D: I still have some things pending since the 20th of August. 
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Is this group still active?
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Do you accept written works?
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