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looks like he´s on the toilet in agony xD
Starfire612's avatar
it reminds me of a pimple with a face lol
mattuart's avatar
hahaha how amazing!! cool idea
lazyRAWR's avatar
talented & twisted
99DEEPBLACK's avatar
Wow, I love it! The colors are great! :D
Anime-Chibi-Fan's avatar
Is he constipated? lol

Awesome work!
Kotsuso's avatar
looks constipated.
pynipple's avatar
another amazing job ... this is just incredible talent
Wisdoom's avatar
reminds me the movie "thumb wars"...
XenosAstartes's avatar
This reminds me of something from Warhammer 40,000. The Chaos corrupted guys sometimes have bits of skin on their armor with human faces in it, which looks horrible. It also looks a bit like someone from Doctor Who.
TheTonberryGurl's avatar
Damn, that's bizarre. I love it!
Purgamentum's avatar
UUUU! I love your work!
incredible work
yet again
how did you do it ?
it is gorgeous.
love it love it love it
this is gonna be faved.

Laura x
That's pretty awesome. How did you make that? I thinks it's incredible.
FreakyLaurent's avatar
Oh gosh !

Could have sworn . . .

Intestinal yoga ?
Niko-Tin's avatar
impressive expression (omg what a wordgame)! ^_^
Babeh-Fli's avatar
HAHA he looks constipated *SNORTDIE* XD
stray-kat's avatar
That thing is CONSTIPATED!!!!!!! :XD:
CupricFox's avatar
this is awsome
scrud's avatar
this rocks.

so does all your stuff.
but this is fantastic.
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