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Lyriato's avatar
It lays eggs or nuts?
WolfGirl643's avatar
that's the coolest damn squierrel evar
glowworm56's avatar
That thing is badass--although I wouldn't offer it any nuts--looks like it could bite off a finger.
Roses-are-wilde's avatar
lmao omg that is sooo cool
partlycloudyholiday's avatar
That is the scariest animal I have ever seen!
MithriLady's avatar
Squirreldile? Crocodil?
Imthenats's avatar
Is that from the Animaniacs? Oh, no that's "Slappy."
Cool creation. So doez it eat nuts or just go nuts?
FrozenFenrir's avatar
hey thats almost like that "rattigator" ive mentioned before =O
but still nice one ;D
Clepty's avatar
haha wow i love it! xD
Taiyama's avatar
I think someone made this on Spore before. :iconimhappyplz:
flexdaw's avatar
don't know if you want a critique or not, so i will be nice, I like the color match-up, however it is hard for me to look past the transition once i saw this: There is a distinct line across the top of the mouth and a diagonal line on the white fur that pop out once you see them. I would use a low opacity stamp or something to soften the lines up so they disappear. or digi-paint, but that takes longer.

other than those lines i would say it is a good photomanip.

(was that to harsh, or did it help?)
FarQ4's avatar
look like that 1 make his home too close to nuclear power plant
Budule's avatar
Love squirrels. Love crocodiles. Love your work.
Arborix's avatar
So cute!
Grenhoth's avatar
See, this is what happens when people build a nuclear waste repository right next to a nature reserve. :x
HeatherWaller-Rivet's avatar
freaky and freakin scary well done
masterlink2002's avatar
LiquidAvocado's avatar
LMAO its so cute and evil looking :laughing:
Mikaboshi's avatar
I will never be able to look at squirrels the same way again! lol
CaptainDeviant's avatar
Let me know when the next litter is born, I'll take one.
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