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Smile after smile

Likes a good black comedy
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locks like voldermort from harry potter but on steroids!!
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Look like Voldemort ! You're a genius
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i followed a link to this and my first reaction was;
HOLY SH*T WHAT IS THAT!!! (no offense)
and then i was like lol, Voldemort's gf!
still freaks me out tho! :iconrunplz:
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You've been featured ->[link]
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I wonder what could've made Voldemort that happy...
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Fantastic work! Love it!! :clap:
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Just wanted to let you know I used this as a reference for a sketch I did :) [link] <-- Here it is if you're interested.
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Your work has been featured in my news article [link] If you want take a look;) Don't forget to click a heart on the article.Cheers:wave:
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I dont know whats more disturbing...the lack of the nose or that charming smile
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This is what would have happened if Voldermort ever got into the happy pills....
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It's like a happy Voldemort x3
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Resembles Lord Voldemort quite a bit....:giggle: (I just realized that a ton of other people said that already. Sorry. ^^; )

"Loves a good black comedy". :rofl:
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:onfire: Favorited XD
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lord voldemort. lmfao!
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i think im mentally starred for life now...

This is impressive ^__^
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oops,I meant scarred lol
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that remindes me of voldimot from Herry Potter o-o

with huge teeth :XD:
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I have to say when you type in smile I did not expect this I actually jumped and spoke profanity. Great picture and well done. However kinda creepy!
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