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Sleeping Dowl

By HumanDescent
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Great Owl photo by: Nick Lawes

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The expression is priceless ^^
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zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............. -^-
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Love it! We have added you to our page, hope you don't mind! Yours is a litte different to ours in in's subject matter, however I wanted to include it as it is so cool!

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That my friend is bloody marvellous!
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I think this is one of my favourites of yours. The two animals look so perfectly spliced together. I could almost believe this is a real animal!
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your awsome at photo manipulation!!!
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Awesome stuff!
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You're the best!
cfauvel's avatar
awsome, I want one like that!!!!
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That's amazing!
fabodg69's avatar
genial!!!! me gusta!!!
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That is the saddest dowl I've ever seen!
MithriLady's avatar
maybe dowl sounds better :)
xetobyte's avatar
haha...i like these animal photomanipulations!^^
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